Apostolic Succession .

The subject of Apostolic Succession is inextricably linked to the history of

1) Titular Heads

2) Popes

3) Other so called Bishops and saints (saints who were often said to be bishops)

Thus this page has links to those pages within this website

1) Apostolic Succession Explained . (or hand-me-down power)

2) Lists of Titular Heads (supposed to be hand-me-down power)

3) Lists of Popes (supposed to be hand me-down-power)

The Episcopal Church in the USA claims apostolic succession too:


question :

If Orthodox bishops are "in the Spirit" passing down powers from the Apostles, how do they explain Archbishop Valerian Trifa, who lied his way all the way up to becoming an Archbishop, was ordained "through apostolic succession" but went into voluntary exile when his fingerprint was discovered proving he was a serious Nazi war criminal.

Big problems with Apostolic Succession .

The Roman Catholics have massive problems with Apostolic Succession, ironically that spring from their own success at deceiving people. Catholics have a so called Apostolic line of Succession for the Pope in Rome. But the Catholics are often more numerous in countries across the globe where the Eastern Orthodox have various other Apostolic Lines. So where is the Catholic Apostolic line of bishops in those countries? See the problem? The Orthodox might try to lay a claim this proves Catholicism false and them true, as the Catholics have bishops but no apostolic line of descent, or it causes froction with Eastern Orthodoxy.

In a similar way where is the Eastern Orthodox line of descent in the Latin area? It's not there, yet they claim to have churches and bishops in those countries.

Then there is the Oriental Orthodox anomaly of having an entire separated church with bishops, but where is the list of their Apostolic line of descent that supposedly "proves them right" and with authority but Orthodoxy wrong.


See the problems? Looked at as a whole Apostolic Succession falls apart.