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Byzantine Battles.


1st century

The Roman Empire under Augustus: The Republic in 31 BC (yellow) and Augustus's conquests (shades of green). Client states are in pink.


2nd century

The extent of the Roman Empire under Trajan (117) The Empire is in red and dependencies are in pink.[1]

  • Kitos War (115-117)

  • Second Jewish Revolt (132-135)

  • Marcomannic Wars (166-180) 

    • 170 – Battle of Carnuntum – Marcomannic King Ballomar defeats the Roman Army and invade Italy.

    • 178-179 – Praetorian Prefect Teratenius Paternus defeats the Quadi.

    • 179 or 180 – Battle of Laugaricio – Marcus Valerius Maximianus defeats the Quadi in Slovakia.


3rd century

The Empires of Gaul (green), Rome (red), and Palmyra (yellow) in 271.

See Crisis of the Third Century


4th century

The Roman Empire under the Tetrarchy, with the territory of Constantius (yellow), Maximian (green), Galerius (pink), and Diocletian (purple)

The Roman Empire in 337, showing the Empire under Constantine (shaded purple) and other Roman dependencies (light purple).

The 4th century begins with civil war resulting in the ascendancy of Constantine I, then, after his death, wars with Persia and Germanic tribes, punctuated frequently with more civil wars.


5th century

Map showing the paths of invasion by various groups into Eastern and Western Roman territory

The 5th century involves the final fall of the Western Roman Empire to GothsVandalsAlansHuns, and Franks.


The following is a list of battles fought by the Eastern Roman or Byzantine Empire, from the 6th century AD until its dissolution in the mid-15th century, organized by date. The list is not exhaustive. For battles fought by the Byzantine Empire's Roman predecessors, see List of Roman battles.


6th century


7th century


8th century


9th century


10th century


11th century


12th century


13th century


14th century


15th century




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