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Holy Orders:

Not sure yet id so called "holy orders" are seen as a sacrament in Eastern Orthodoxy in the same was it is in Catholicism.

Although the Church is a self-governing community the Church recognises the diaconate, the presbyterate or priesthood and the episcopate (bishops).
The Bishops in the Orthodox Church are considered to be the direct successors of the original Apostles and they are very much a unifying focus in the Church. Priests in the Orthodox Church are permitted to be married but may not marry after ordination. Bishops must always be celibate. 

Orthodox priests normally do not shave their beards, in accordance with the Bible. The use of scriptures like "You shall not round off the hair on your temples or mar the edges of your beard."
​Leviticus 19:27 to justify their tradition of unkempt beards borders oon a farce, as the entire old covenant law was nailed to the cross.

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