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Top 100 worst knock-on effects of Covd-19

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                           Top 100 worst knock-on effects of Covd-19 .


Before Covid-19 there were many flu outbreaks across the world, and people simply accepted the death rates as part of the inevitable weave of life. Then the W.H.O. strongly pushed the ill conceived plan on the nations that in order to try to save the lives of already sick and elderly people (perhaps at best extending their lives by only a few years) society should be locked down, and the fat cats of Big Pharma should be made rich from inaccurate tests and weird new unproven vaccines, shattering the entire world economy by what Michaéla C. Schippers called "a sheer one sided focus" on Covid, and not on the catastrophic knock on effects of the plans to deal with it. In his documentary series "The Power of Nightmares" Adam Curtis explains that politicians have realised that instead of offering the public things they need in order to take or keep political power, saving them from nightmares increases their power further, whether the threat is real or exaggerated. This political agenda, along with the more sincere politicians finding it tough to argue they have medical expertise to make the best plan for dealing with a pandemic, caused the nations to fall into the grip of an impractical and ill conceived agenda to deal with Covid-19, The super rich became even richer by controlling the world media,  and crushed personal freedom and the world economy.