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More than one Titular Head?

More than one person saying they are the Titular Head of Orthodoxy?

Contrary to the usual mantra of the Eastern Orthodox, there are many denominations claiming to be the "true Orthodox" and spurning other churches. I am presently researching whether these denominations, that causticly denounce other Orthodox believers, have their own separate Titular Head of Orthodoxy, and therefore a different genealogy of the Titular Head of Orthodoxy up until the present day. However they may be similar to Sedevacantism who claim there is no Pope, but they are still Catholics.

RELATED = Sedevacantism. ... Sedevacantism is the position, held by some traditionalist Catholics, that the present occupier of the Holy See is not truly pope due to the mainstream church's espousal of the heresy of modernism and that, for lack of a valid pope, the see has been vacant since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958.

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