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TOP 20 Eastern Orthodox Heresies.


TOP 30:

21) The Orthodox Church is nothing like the original church .


​​22) Ridden with religious rites and rituals .


The Divine Liturgy - Clockwork "worship" by rote  (not in the Spirit worship. (Liturgy) - The classic excuse of Protestant Pentecostal churches who are doctrinally immature and frankly often poisoned by heresy is they centre on worship. With Orthodoxy (who also claim to be Pentecostals) the excuse becomes especially lame for their heresy, when the clockwork pseudo worship they offer is so claustrophobically religious in what amounts to reading off cards "in the Spirit". It is a warped version of the Song of Solomon, were the part of Christ (the groom) is hijacked by the priests, and the dialogue warped into sacerdotalist blasphemy.


24) Heathen Calendars are part of the Faith (worse than Catholics on this): Like the Hebrew roots movement, who say the Babylonian Tammuz Calendar is part of the Faith, the Orthodox conversely say the old Roman Calendar, that is full of months representing false gods and also Caesar worship, is actually part of the faith itself. It is defilement by idols. 


​25) Shrines (at home)


​26) Icons, and other idols (yes this includes high relief and statues) .


27) Idolizing or worshipping of the Nicene Creed : This entirely man made Creed, that does not even specify the "Gospel by which we are saved" is used as the epicenter of theology in Orthodoxy, instead of the new testament. It is idolatry to do that, and worse is the idolizing of a piece if 3rd rate theology that does not complete the fundamentals of the Faith properly. This becomes even more true if you believe the canons of the Creed were written at around the same time.


28) They have a sacreligious attitude toward the Holy Ghost.


29) MASSIVE numbers of Schisms, divisions and even sects (repeated) TOP 100 Schisms .


30) They deny Sola Scriptura .

they are also - Universalists! called by them Apokatastasis 

TOP 30:

10 proofs that Eastern Orthodoxy is a Sex Cult.

31) They commit Adultery: by divorce and remarriage

("porneia" misinterpreted).

They heretically say this word includes post marital adultery, but as the Catholics rightly say, the context negates all possibility of that. Jesus said that if you divorce your wife and remarry, you are continuously committing adultery, as is confirmed by Romans 7. Thus in the presence of both divorce and remarriage papers adultery is not breaking the marriage bond (the only way you can commit adultery is if God still sees the first marriage as intact). Thus the word porneia simply cannot include post marital adultery, it means fornication as the KJV rightly says. Therefore the Orthodox Church is teaching adulterous second marriage, as adultery does not break the first marriage bond. 

32) "He causes her to commit adultery". A separate sin from adultery by divorce and remarriage, is that Jesus said if you simply divorce another person (even without remarrying yourself) you quote "causes them to commit adultery". You are provoking them into sin.

33) No marriage vows - this is heretical because equating marriage vows with "swearing oaths" is only superficially spiritual, it is in fact off piste, the bible says marriage is quote "a covenant" and to make a covenant you are agreeing to some things, one of which is "what God has joined together let not man tear asunder" .

34) Adultery justified under Antinomianist principles (admitting the remarriage is adultery but the priest declaring it allowed thus not a ticket to Hell on his bogus authority) .

35) They falsify Marriage as a sacrament.

When early sacerdotalist heretics saw that  supposedly administering grace to the soul by priestcraft through communion and baptism increased their power over people, they began to falsely say other things were sacraments to increase priestly powers and thus their "power over the laity" (probably the Nicolaitan heresy)

36) Invested Authority to marry a couple: doctrinally rendering all other children in non Orthodox marriages bastards. It goes further - Matthewite Eastern Orthodox will often say "ordinary" Eastern Orthodox clergy administer graceless sacraments, and all their children are bastards - as only Matthewite clergy have power to marry two people. This is very heretical as some would then say their former marriage/marriages were therefore fornication and on conversion to being a Matthewite can marry (as they say its not remarriage).

37) They believe in committing Polygamy (or bigamy) - adulterous second marriage is either polygyny, polyandry, or both, or can be variously described as bigamy. They allow this. It was Jesus himself who banned polygamy in the Sermon on the Mount.

38) Celibacy of the clergy: but not identical to Roman Catholicism, Married clergy cannot remarry after death of  the spouse: a further heresy, and the widow of a priest cannot remarry but becomes a celibate , Clergy Widow and widowers cannot remarry.

39) Banning women from the entire Mount Athos Peninsula: 

that is horrible sexism and thus doctrinal error. No one in the entire Christian Faith is commanded in scripture in the first instance to be a celibate, except those who can no longer marry such as a divorcee who first spouse is still alive, and even if you had an island full of divorcees it would not be right to ban women from the entire island or peninsula etc. It is as discriminatory as trying to ban all men from the Island of Lesbos, 

40) Unbiblical annulments (like Catholicism).

41) They do not properly teach to keep your virginity before marriage.

By heretically interpreting "porneia" in Matthew 5:32 as including post marital adultery (and not fornication as the KJV interprets) they are not laying proper emphasis on the fact that Jesus is clearly teaching here to retain your virginity before you marry by muddying the waters on what the teaching partly means to encourage. This theme is repeated in Acts 15:20 by the Holy Spirit as he reveals that in the new and better covenant the teaching of Jesus is that avoiding fornication is far more important than him laying down food laws.

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