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TOP 140 Eastern Orthodox Heresies.


TOP 140. various (authority issues).


131) Orthodoxy is the most oxymoronic faith in the world -


​​132) The Heresy of swearing oaths . ​​

133) Ruled over by Pharisees .

​​134) The Forgery of History .

​​135) Incense thuribles -

​​136) Fake miracles - holy fire is just one

​​137) Bogus hierarchy / pyramid system

138) Orthodox false prophets ​(Pseudo-Pentecostalism) .

​​139) Ecumenicalism -

​​140) Their version of the Talmud . The corporate Traditions, rituals, inventions of men.

​​​TOP 140.

The 7 Sins of Rome (Rev 18:1-24):

141) The fruits that thy soul lusted after  - world wide trade in artefacts, and dainty and goodly things.

142) pretentious religious music, in the case of Orthodoxy (a daughter of Rome) this takes the form of chanting heresy etc.

143) craftsman - idols, church finery etc

​144) millstone - the mass bread

145) candle burning rituals 

146) bride and groom - marriage falsely termed a sacrament

147) thy sorceries - the witchcraft of her heresies and practices.

Angel heresies: x3.

148) That angels are superior in nature and intelligence to man - wrong as we are the sons of God, they are not.

149) Unprovable Angelic order (tagmata)

150) In the Orthodox worship, every Monday is dedicated to the angels.

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