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TOP 10 Eastern Orthodox Heresies.


TOP 10.

1) They deny the Holy Trinity - Theosis adds to the Trinity.

Theosis denies the Trinity, they have a different God. Theosis involves becoming united with God himself, not in a metaphor, but in reality, and their theological excuses that it is unity with God in energia (not in ousia) does not negate the blasphemy.  

You will see later that I say Orthodox Theology is far more movable and indistinct in doctrine than Catholicism, and this topic is becoming such a total embarrassment to Orthodoxy they are starting to "manoeuvre" the concept of Theosis away from unity with God himself. Once we get them swapping and changing like that their whole house of cards will eventually fall over.

Theosis heresy 2 -the other evil doctrine regarding Theosis is in effect making sanctification and spiritual growth into part of a process that contributes to actual salvation. (see later in the list of salvation errors) and is therefore also turning a fruit of salvation into a root of salvation, this time this time not so much works, rather Christian maturity and sanctification.


2) A false gospel by which we are saved.

- that adds works, and acts of priestcraft, and is a quote "process of salvation" or synergy - but in reality is far more complex than just that, including works of Mary, dead saints, passing tests in Aerial Toll houses etc. (later in this list I give dozens of examples of these heresies of salvation by works and priestcraft).

3) A fake bible & A fake canon of scripture. The Eastern Orthodox bible is heretical as it translates the Old testament from the Greek LXX, which in effect calls Matthew  4:4 a lie, as the Hebrew OT has been perfectly preserved and they deny that by absurdly translating out of the corrupted Greek. By choosing these OT corrupted ms to translate and use, they have also added heretical books to the OT canon, such as the clearly bogus book "Bel and the Dragon". Thus they also have a fake canon of well as a fake text of scripture. Can you imagine how stupid it is to translate the Old Testament from Greek? Absurd! 

(Another more modern heresy is that some Orthodox websites in order to be "more trendy and modern" have started to use and quote the corrupt Alexandrian modern bibles such as the NIV.)

4) Apostolic Succession 1 - (hand-me-down power)

- the heresy of hand me-down-power and the faking of historical "proof" to so called prove it. It has a massive influence in the damnation of Orthodox souls who buy the lie. It should be dealt with far more by Protestants and Evangelicals. There is another heresy involved with it (dealt with later) which is that salvation can only be acquired by these hand-me-down powers that don't even exist in the first place.

5) That Orthodoxy is a church .

6) That the Orthodox Church is Infallible .

​​​7) The Titular Head - the Orthodox Pope .

8) They deny literal Everlasting Hell fire . The belief in Everlasting Hell is tied into the very definition of the "gospel by which we are saved" (1 Cor 15: 1-4) and is thus fundamental to the Faith. Saved from what? Saved from eternal Hell fire, and saved from the wrath of God against sin. The Orthodox deny God has any wrath, and say "Hell" is God loving you. Preposterous. They cannot even get Heaven and Hell right. They are doctrinal dunces and dwarfs masquerading as spiritual giants, and know nothing about anything. Ther priest, bishops and Titular Hea of the church will all go into the same Hell fir they deny exists.

9) Murder and violence. They believe in killing in wars. Yet pretend to be pacifist .

They believe in killing in wars. Yet pretend to be pacifist .  

In the new and better covenant it is murder to kill in wars. if the Orthodox are pacifist, why do they give communion to the hundreds of thousands of soldiers in their churches? In fact  why don't they excommunicate them for believing in murder? Orthodoxy is the most oxymoronic Faith in the world. They have dozens of such complete oxymoronic doctrines. (as I believe the 3 main heresies of modern Protestantism are war, adultery by second marriage {it was not always the case} and fake Alexandrian modern bibles, I feel it necessary to put murder in the Top 10 of Orthodoxy). This includes Historical proof of capital punishment, and mutilation of "heretics" and "sinners", yet claim to be pacifist. Also assaults on those "possessed by devils" or "the devil".   

The relationship between "church and state" in Orthodoxy is so intermingled it is a certain heresy, as the state is always so corrupt in itself. and results in their church making saints out of murdering monarchs. 

10) Traditions of men .

The great identifying characteristic of the fake religion called Judaism, that resulted in the Talmud, the multiplying of man made ideas has results in an Orthodox Talmud of  human Traditions usurping authority over The Word of God, declare infallible by God himself. It results also in the "strange fire" heresy of the sons of Aaron.

TOP 10.


    meaning: They have a different God.

    They deny the Holy Trinity

The doctrine of Theosis states that God is made up of essence (ousia) and energies (energeia), and that the believers who are eventually saved will become one with God in his energies. This heresy doctrinally merges millions of other beings into God, theologically defiling the Holy Trinity, Theosis also blasphemously feminizes God. as women are also supposed to go through the process of Theosis.

The doctrine of Theosis is not the Protestant and Evangelical doctrine of sanctification, neither is it the doctrine of the imitation of Christ, that is to become more Christlike, it clearly states they will become one with God himself.  This is becoming a complete embarrassment to the Orthodox church, as born again theologians and teachers take the heresy apart and prove them a false church, and so, after hundreds of years of deception, some Orthodox writers are now trying to disguise the true meaning of the doctrine as  "a process whose aim is likeness to or union with God" and by inferring both statements are synonymous and that Catholics have taught the former but not the latter, this means. Orthodoxy has never taught the union with God heresy as "likeness" is identical to what they meant by "union". Do not be deceived by the u-turn by some of their teachers, the doctrine of Theosis is pure blasphemy.  

metaphors in the bible like "ye are gods" are precisely that, just similes. As Shakespeare said, "What a piece of work is a man!...... in action how like an angel! in apprehension how like a god!" We are not gods and will never unite into God. It is blasphemy to say so. The devil tempted Eve by saying "ye shall be as gods" and in Isaiah 14 Lucifer said he wanted to be God. The doctrine of Orthodoxy that man is deified is for those vain enough to believe it.

2) A false "gospel by which we are saved".

The gospel is "salvation by belief in Jesus Christ, crucified, buried and resurrected," (see 1 Cor 15: 1-4, Luke 24: 44-48, and John 3:16) they add works and priestcraft as a root (not the fruit) of salvation, relegating Jesus into a semi-Saviour, and making sinners and priests into co-saviours.

3) A fake bible:

The Orthodox Bible is fake. Translating the Old Testament out of the Greek Septuagint borders on farce and racism also. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew (and a small amount of Aramaic) and should be translated directly out of it into whatever other language is chosen. Their fake bible includes also many clearly bogus books such as Bel and the Dragon, and apocryphal old testament, books not to be considered scripture. False Books they include into the bible have never been accepted as scripture by the Jews. 


4) Apostolic Succession

The heretical belief in hand-me-down spiritual power from person to person.  

The root of this heresy goes all the way back to the Gainsaying of Core (mentioned in the Epistle of Jude), who was jealous of Moses and challenged him for power, but was swallowed up into a fissure that opened up in the earth.


This heretical lust for power on a level with Moses persisted among the Jews, and the 70 elders began to create hundreds of man made traditions over the centuries, laying down an oral law that was partly inspired by the corrupt practices they had witnessed in the Babylonian and Assyrian captivities.


Throughout his ministry Jesus challenged these man made traditions that often directly contradicted the word of God. After the resurrection, and the death of the apostles, the true extent of this corruption became apparent after the Jews wrote down these oral laws in what became the  Babylonian Talmud and the Palestinian Talmud.

It is no coincidence that the Orthodox doctrine of the Synaxis of the 70 Apostles says Jesus chose 70 other apostles beside the 12, the apostles appointing other apostles later on.



This was a deliberate ploy to forge a counterfeit connection between the 70 elders in each generation of the old testament, and a similar concept of repeating apostolic bishops throughout the last 2,000 years.

However by the very act of doing this they have inadvertently proven the connection between themselves and the rebellion among the Jews that led to the oral law of the Talmud in the first, it was all heresy from the very beginning, from the old testament to the modern day equivalent, a kind of pseudo Christian Talmud, which is the avalanche of Orthodox literature created to distract people away from the law of God found in the new testament, declared infallible by God, and profitable for doctrine. 


This created the necessity for a pseudo ancestral line of apostlic bishops to be created, which therefore resulted in the forging of historical "proof" of the concept in order to invent an unbroken lineage back to the apostles,


example one -  the "fact" that Onesimus from the Epistle of Philemon is supposed to have  become a bishop (when in fact there is no evidence whatsoever that he did),


example 2 - that Stachys, a name they simply lifted and cynically used from Romans 16 also became an early bishop and martyr.

and that Onesimus and Stachys were both similar in teachings to modern day Orthodox pharisees, putting golden crowns on their heads, wearing God inspired whited sephulcre uniforms, reading liturgies of bits of parchment and praying to Mary in front of icons of her etc.

oh by the way, the early church was in fact identical to the modern day evangelical born again christian house group movement.



It is  at the level of a religious farce that the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholics have variously declared each other anathema, false bishops, and without sacramental power, after the Great Schism of 1054, and by doing this the Orthodox themselves point to a fake line of Roman Catholic apostolic bishops. Well...... It therefore only remains for them to see that their own bishops are just as false and heretical and the job of defending the Faith is completed.

Apostolic succession you see is the belief that heretic bishops are somehow holy, passing down their corruption from one pseudo bishop to another like infectious disease is spread from person to person, with zero emphasis on the purity of a bishops beliefs in comparison to new testament and new covenant law. 

The Catholics say that  all the historical evidence points to the fact that all these characters and pseudo bishops were Catholic in their beliefs. and the Orthodox say that all of these men, all of them, were provably Orthodox in their beliefs from the historical evidence, proving them liars - just check out the long list of contradictions between their two religions, and as they both say all the evidence shows the early church was like them you will soon see that both sides are experts at falsifying historical evidence and ignoring real evidence, like the evidence that shows that the bible description matches the Evangelicals.

5) They are not part of the new covenant.

by altering the belief in how we are "born again" and denying the laws written on our hearts, by substituting them with man made laws, they have altered, and therefore have not entered into, the new and better covenant described in Jeremiah 31: 31-32.

6) Metousiosis - or "holy cannibalism".

The Orthodox form of transubstantiation, identical to the belief of Roman Catholics, but not seeking to explain as precisely how this imaginary process happens, and thus they also believe they eat the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

7) Chrismation.

Chrismation is the belief that the Apostles replaced the laying on of hands for the receipt of the Holy Spirit, resulting in the born again experience, with a rite of anointing with special consecrated oil to achieve the same result, when in fact the born again experience happens the moment you have faith in Christ, without the laying on of hands in the first place, meaning that in reality true salvation is between a person and God alone, without a human "middle man".  It amounts to a "magic potion" that is only in the hands of the Orthodox, empowering them to minister grace for salvation, and is an example of the sin in the heart of Simon the Sorcerer in Acts chapter 8.

8) Triple Baptism.

1) That belief is not required

2) It is triple (to emphasize their priestcraft) singular in bible.

3) Baptism helps save (as part of a process of salvation).

4) As they say the water in John 3:5 is baptism, and you cannot enter or see the kingdom of God without it, this act of priestcraft has a man involved in your actual salvation, a co-saviour.

5) You become a co-saviour by your obedience.

6) It makes you part of the church. 

important: this means all triple baptized babies in Eastern Orthodoxy are considered full members of the church (through the work of a man) but in Roman Catholicism everyone (not just adult proselytes) go through confirmation before being considered "full" church members.

7) A plethora or rites and other bogus ceremonies are attached to the baptismal service (to emphasize bogus priestly powers)

8) With adults it only proceeds after a long indoctrination catechumen that amounts to an exam."exam".

9) It is connected in adults with a lot of superfluous beliefs, an oxymoronic fact if you baptize babies!  

10) Connected to the man made rite of Chrismation.

11) You cannot become born again without the priest.

9) They deny Everlasting Hell fire.

The classic interpretation of everlasting Hell, or the Lake of Fire (as distinct from Hades - in that Hades is not eternal, as it is emptied into the Lake of Fire or Hell), is that it is a literal lake of fire, burning sulphur and smoke, where the people physically suffer in physical bodies, with worms in their bodies. and dry tongues in their mouths from thirst etc - for everlasting time. The Orthodox version of Hell is a watered down, effete, extenuated, enfeebled, downplayed scenario, crippled of all proper threat and warning, changed and warped into simply being tormented torment by God's loving presence,  


"Thus it is the Church’s spiritual teaching that God does not punish man by some material fire or physical torment. God simply reveals Himself in the risen Lord Jesus in such a glorious way that no man can fail to behold His glory. It is the presence of God’s splendid glory and love that is the scourge of those who reject its radiant power and light."

Such an effete watered down doctrine encourages sinners to continue in sin.   

10) Mariolatry.

       They say Mary has the attributes of God.

       This leads to both the overt and the covert worship of Mary, and multiple       

       Mary heresies.

There are so many heresies about Mary to prove this, but I will give here just 10 which should suffice:

1) Mary gives grace to believers for salvation. Saving grace comes from God alone.

2) Mary is a mediator between God and man. The bible says "there is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus".

3) They Pray to Mary (an act of worship).

4) They say Mary can hear millions of prayers and answer them, something only God can do, giving her superhuman powers, 

5) The Dormition - that is Mary Floated up to heaven after she died, 

6) Theotokos means "God bearer" and to be fair does not mean the identical same thing as the RC heresy of calling her "Mother of God", but some, especially  ecumenical Orthodox believers, do call her the mother of God,

7) They make icons of Mary, which become objects of idolatry., and they pray toward icons of Mary.

8) Mary never had "original sin", and was sinless. -  another superhuman attribute.

9) The perpetual virginity of Mary. Jesus had brothers and sisters.

10) That Mary is the Queen of Heaven. They sometimes say she was Crowned "Queen of Heaven" in Revelation 12. (an heretical interpretation). This is sometimes called "Mary Regina".


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