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This Entire section is largely research to prove the bloody history of the Orthodox so called church, which largely remains unexposed to the world as the history of bloodshed of Catholicism is so much more well known. It will later be compiled to prove the unique murderous sins of Orthodoxy, as rock so9lid proof they disobey the commands of Jesus, who banned war and killing in his new teachings.

1) Jesus versus war!

2) Killing is forbidden in the new covenant.

3) The Law of Moses and War.

4) Orthodoxy and war.

5) List of evil Orthodox pseudo saints.

4) PRE SCHISM - wars and battles (some Byzantine/Orthodox).

6) POST  SCHISM - wars and battles (some Byzantine/Orthodox).

7) Pacifist Orthodoxy?

8) Orthodox killer kings. queens and royals,

9) Murderers "Equal to the Apostles"

10) Famous Killer priests.

11)  List of Byzantine Emperors.

12) OCA and War.

13) Byzantine Battles.

13) 40x40 - Russian Orthodox thuggery!

under construction......

10) List of Roman emperors

11)  List of Trapezuntine emperors

12)  List of Roman usurpers

13)  List of Byzantine usurpers

14)  List of Roman and Byzantine empresses

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