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Other Orthodox Fake Saints.


Other Orthodox Fake Saints.

under construction

(see list Saints Equal-to-the-Apostles also)

under construction


If you can pray to thousands of saints now, in heaven, when the Day of Judgement has not yet occurred, then you can be in a state of salvation before that. Right? Some would sway that very belief proves that is it the Evangelical belief that you are in a state of salvation now, because of Christ, before the Day of Judgement, and the Orthodox view that you cannot be is therefore false. The same people would argue the same thing with Aerial Toll Houses - is some people are being escorted to heaven by angels, and are tempted along the way, they are in a state of salvation before heaven, and before the Day of Judgement, but need to not throw away that salvation.

Killer saints

and bogus saints

and clearly religion infested saints

will me my topic here.

1) Saints -  can be prayed to, invoked, answer prayers, and act as intercessors between God and Man. This includes praying to Mary.

2) Saints who were simply evil (hope to give a list).
Alexander Perevest, - monk (evil monks next)
​3) The canonization of saints - when Romans chapter 1 says Christians are all called to be saints.


This long list of fake saints is just being started. It will consist of:

1) Real saints, like Mary, John, Peter, Paul etc.

2) Real people from the bible, given a fake profile, like Onesimus and Stachys.

3) Fake people inserted into the bible times, like St. Veronica and Tobit.

4) Real and fake people contemporaneous with new testament times, falsely attributed with Orthodox doctrine.

5) Real and fake people outside post new testament era, falsely attributed with Orthodox doctrine.

6) People who were likely early examples of heretics who believed in sacerdotalism. 

7) Evil people who did exist, but whose lives were full of evil (falsely called saints) .

8) Various people who never even existed, but the story of whom is full of sin and forgery of history. (falsely called saints)

Many stories are modified to please or appease each generation, yet sometimes advertised as traditions that cannot be in error.

1) St Christopher (died 251) - fake miracle 9th May feast day.

Fake Saint who supposedly carried a child, who was unknown to him, across a river, before the child revealed himself as Jesus Christ. 

2) St Lucy (of Syracuse 283–304) fake miracle - who pulled her own eyeballs out in order to discourage a persistent suitor who admired them. When her body was prepared for burial in the family mausoleum it was discovered that God had put her eyes back in.


3) Saint Mercius -  fake miracle calendar day 25th November - the Archangel Michael gave him a second sword to fight battles, serving in the army under a pagan Emperor Decius (ruled 249-251). When the Berbers attacked Rome after several days of fighting, the Archangel Michael appeared to Mercurius holding a shining sword. The saint took the sword from the archangel, hence the name Abu-Seifein - "the holder of two swords": a military sword and a divine sword.[5] He conquered the Berbers. When Decius heard news of the triumphant victory, he named Mercurius as a prince.

4) Saint Rasputin - there is a division in Orthodoxy about whether Rasputin was a sinful saint. mass fornication, adultery (with royalty?) profiteering

5) Saint Ivan the Terrible - also proposed by many in Orthodoxy as a saint.  mass murder

6) Empress Irene - Greek Orthodox saint, gouged out her own sons eyes to reign. Killer.

7) Empress Theodora One of Orthodoxy's many "killer saints" she was involved in much bloodshed, such as "The Battle of Mauropotamos 844" and war with Arabs 842, when Arab forces under the rule of Muhammad Abul Abbas took MessinaSicily.

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