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The wrong new testament!
   A new Orthodox heresy!

The wrong new testament - a new Orthodox heresy!

The Roman Catholics have for a long time made many versions of the entire bible, and the new testament in modern English. largely from Latin ms. To my knowledge the Eastern Orthodox have not made one single example (correct me if I am wrong!) The Eastern Orthodox have so little regard for the word of God, in comparison to their multitude of writings of their spurious saints, pillarists, hermits, holy fools and the like (that if compiled into one tome would constitute the Orthodox Talmud) that they have never produced an English translation of the new testament, or the old.

In modern times their solution has been instead to choose one of several Protestant "modern versions" based on the heretical Alexandrian School of the Greek manuscripts. This constitutes a new modern heresy on their part. These manuscripts completely contradict all the manuscripts the Orthodox and Catholics have used to quote the bible for over 1,000 years. There are temptations they might justify this with - the Alexandrian Greek (considered now forgeries by many) has added to it (as if the inspired word of God, as far as I am aware) the "Epistle of Clement of Rome to the Corinthians". Perhaps another reason is the Orthodox feel trapped by siding with the Catholics or Protestants over the fact the Catholics missed out half the verse of Romans 11:6, that defines the meaning of the word "grace"? 

To these heretical Protestant bibles they then add their own heretical footnotes, explaining away why there are no priests in the list of ministries, etc. 


1)  The missing library of Iona (looted)

2)  The Book of Kells  (4 Gospels) written in insular script . Traditionally, the book was thought to have been created in the time of Columba,[7] possibly even as the work of his own hands. This tradition has long been discredited on paleographic and stylistic grounds: most evidence points to a composition date c. 800,[8] long after St. Columba's death in 597. Another example of tradition debunked by science.

3)  Vestus Latina

4)  Cathach of St. Columba .

5)  The Cathach of St. Columba,

6) The Ambrosiana Orosiusfragmentary Gospel .

7)  The Echternach Gospels,   

8)  The Lindisfarne Gospels .

9). The Lichfield Gospels. .

10) The St. Gall Gospel Book .

11) The Book of Armagh (dated to 807–809) .

12) The St Cuthbert Gospel, .

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