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Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Christianity

It is about time the Evangelical Church world wide recognized that perhaps the biggest religious deception on Planet Earth, that is destroying millions of souls who think they are Christians across the world, is the dark and devious deception that the early church can be traced back to a united form of what are now the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Faiths. However a fundamental flaw in that deception is that both Orthodoxy and Catholicism both claim that all the historical evidence shows that their own specific doctrinal stances are supported by that evidence, even though their doctrinal stances are both very very different. This almost farcical anomaly in that flimsy heresy does not deter the millions of souls trapped in both religions, because it was from small children they were indoctrinated. in fact from their infancy, and God's description of the result is they are "drunk on the wine of her fornication" too numb to spiritual reality to break free from the chains of religion that bind them up.  We need to get our historical scholars into action to examine the so called "proof" of the purported interface between the Apostles and the next generation of believers and disprove the lies told by Orthodoxy. I have seen almost laughable anachronisms in the quotations they offer as "proof" of this connection between the spurious litany of saints they insist had views identical to them, many of whom in fact probably never even existed in the first place, in the same way Peter was supposed to be "proven" to be the bishop of Rome, when their is no evidence whatsoever he even went there. They insist for instance a liturgy exists that is that is used by them linked directly to St Mark, the author of the Gospel of Mark, a long rambling religious rite confirming St Mark believed in transubstantiation or metousiosis, which is as credible as icons that miraculously drip myrrh and the miracle of holy fire. The only real thing to find out is when it was forged. The indoctrinated Orthodox believer, drunk on the wine of religion, looks on in awe and wonder at the long clockwork rambling Liturgy of Mark as if it was as authentic as the holy bible itself, but the Evangelical Faith look at the bogus documents as if they are as real as the Roman Catholic claim to have the relic of the umbilical cord of Jesus Christ, or 13 bodies of Saint Peter. The Liturgy of Mark is such a religious fake I do not know how anyone in their right mind could for 10 seconds be dumb enough to believe St Mark had a thing to do with it. It is a totally preposterous fake. Yet the Orthodox believer would rather gamble his salvation on such forged documents and forged links between spurious saints, the Apostles and the Apostate Church under Constantine than Sola Scriptura. Big mistake by them.

The liturgy of St Mark, supposedly used by St Mark himself, writer of the Gospel of Mark, is a clear and complete and utter forgery. It is of farce proportions. Only someone "drunk on the wine of the wrath of her fornication" would believe such a totally obvious FORGERY!

The Eastern Orthodox religion​ has not had much criticism from Evangelicals and Protestants over the centuries in the way that Catholicism has. The Orthodox Faith has put itself outside the familiar doctrinal jargon used in famous tomes such as The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, and to engage them in theological debate you must master a whole new world of jargon they have adopted for themselves to hide behind. They invented this jargon, it is not a universally held theological jargon used as a platform for doctrinal debating, and thus they will continually say you have fundamentally misunderstood every word in their mystified theology rhetoric. When their theology lies in tatters in the dust, people can get bored with such lame excuses.  Now however they are trying to prey on Evangelicals on Youtube and are spoiling for a theological tussle with our best theologists. I believe Orthodoxy can fall apart in a way Catholicism has not, because the Orthodox religion hides behind the phrase "it's a mystery" much more. The Catholics give absurd answers to doctrinal debates, then try to hold their ground, but the Orthodox Faith does not do this, it comes out with a swarm of oxymoronic doctrines just like Catholics do, but they keep saying it is all a mystery, and I believe because of this a giant victory can be won against it, as people will get tired of them ducking and diving out of the real issues in question. There is no substance to the things they say.

Millions of lost souls are trapped in this fake form of the Christian Faith. This site aims to help people to see that the Eastern Orthodox Christian Faith is not "the way" to the eternal Kingdom of God, because Jesus said he is the way, and Orthodoxy does not accept Jesus as their one and only Saviour! Adding the sacraments and their own works to their salvation, and thus preaching a different "good news" or gospel than is found in the bible.

An example of this is the mass or as they say "The Holy Eucharist". The very idea of eating Jesus is unholy, and this is why the cup of the Whore of Babylon is called "the filthiness of her fornication" or the idolatry of saying wine and bread are God in the flesh. The Catholics make plain statements about what the bread and wine become. The Greeks say their word "Metousiosis" is not the same as transubstantiation. When examined theologically, logically and scientifically the lie of transubstantiation falls apart, but at least the populous have something real to understand and believe with the Catholics. The Greeks however are masters of sophistry and try to muddy the waters by saying there is a difference between changing the "substance" than there is in changing "the inner reality" or the "essence". When you debate this and the whole twisted lie that they are eating the body and blood of Christ falls apart, they simply say it is impossible for an unsaved, unspiritual non Orthodox person such as yourself to ever grasp what Metousiosis really means, neither is it possible for them to define it, as it is too spiritual to define. How convenient. If you buy that kind of lie your Faith just becomes credulity. Why don't they adopt a policy of honesty then, and say when they give out the holy eucharist to their flock "not the body of Christ" as they give them the bread and "not the blood of Christ" as they give them the wine?

Until I started to look more deeply into this religion, I did not realise how staggeringly full of a plethora of rituals, bogus traditions, and idols in disguise it is. It is stuffed to the brim with them. Anyone who can sit there week after week watching it all happen, and not realise it is not from God, simply is not walking in the Spirit, and must be insincere. They say things like "The book of Hebrews does not tell us who the author was...... traditionally it was Luke....... tradition exists therefore even among Protestants...... therefore this stifling avalanche of traditions of ours are not only true, but were practiced by the original church and first apostles!" They find a gnat, and build it into a camel. For instance, I have known that their teachings on baptism were wrong for many years, but It was jaw dropping for me to recently discover the absolute landslide of rituals and traditions of human origin that are practiced alongside it. When seeing a responsibility from God in the scriptures, the Pharisees of this religion egotistically turn it into a fantastic fiasco of phony procedures designed to endue them with fake powers, and draw attention to them and not God, like a legion of theatrical exhibitionist imposters.

Simple Dignity
What the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church is missing is the simple dignity with which Jesus lived his life. A King born in a stable, the sublimity of whose teachings rested in a heart toward heaven, and the use of simple, nobel natural images in his parables. He never dressed in the soft ostentatious robes found in kings palaces, except when the Romans were tormenting and torturing him in his passion, and arrayed him in a scarlet coloured robe, and even then his crown was made of thorns. Contrast this with their churches and shrines, saturated with idols dressed-up as icons, covered in gold leaf, the wardrobe of opulent and extravagant outfits, crowns and tiaras worn by their pseudo bishops,  and their Cathedrals and churches encrusted and bedecked in elaborate grandiose ornamentation to the point of gaudiness. Far from the simple dignity of the first church, who met in houses, or went down to the river to pray in the Book of Acts. Orthodoxy is the spirit of Babylonian religion, described in Revelation chapter 17, and chapter 18, and their shops are more likely to sell you an idol than a bible. This trade in idols and artifacts is mentioned in the two chapters of the Book of Revelation mentioned above.

Are Orthodox Churches the same as Eastern Orthodox Churches?
Not all Orthodox Churches are 'Eastern Orthodox'. The 'Oriental Orthodox Churches' have theological differences with the Eastern Orthodox and form a separate group, while a few Orthodox Churches are not 'in communion' with the others. Not all Churches in the Eastern tradition are Orthodox - Eastern Churches that are not included in the Orthodox group include the Eastern Catholic Churches. Yet each of these churches claim their differing doctrines, traditions and practices can be traced back to the original church.  

One shocking thing I found out by chatting to Orthodox believers, is that there has been more than one big schism in their history. The Great Schism of 1054 with the Roman Catholics is well known. However what might be called "The Old Calendarist Schism of the1920's" had a catastrophic impact on their church. Casual Evangelical or Protestant onlookers may think the Eastern Orthodox Religion is one big harmonious faith, but in fact a kind of "inner core" of their religion calling themselves True Orthodoxy spurns a huge percentage of their churches, bishops, clergy and flock as compromisers, to such an extent as to deny their bishops are real. What the percentage among them are in the two divided halves is not clear at all.
​This division is over a number of issues, not just the calendar change to "the new calendar" or "Revised Julian Calendar" (I need to research this, I thought at first it was the Gregorian Calendar, and they suspected a Papist plot to take over Orthodoxy)  , which is seen by the old school as the thin end of the wedge to make radical new changes. Another divisive issue is bishops allowing inter faith marriages (such as Orthodox and Evangelical), as marriage. To them dont forget marriage is elevated to a sacrament, thus I have even heard the so called True Orthodox clergy calling an inter faith marriage between Orthodox and Evangelical a "pretense-marriage" which is very heretical, more astray than having such a marriage in the first instance, as it would be declaring their children illegitimate.  This effectively means Eastern Orthodoxy is two churches not one, and if the majority in one church say and practice certain things, the minority self-styled True Orthodoxy say "Orthodoxy does not teach or do that" when in fact thats only what they say, presupposing most people in the world see them as "the real deal" Orthodox church.

And if they are embarrassed by their history, doctrines, traditions, false church, false doctrines or icons, they can always produce some annecdotal quote from the writings of some obscure sage, hermit, saint, stylite, pillarist, proselyte or cave dweller from Timbuktu to the north pole that somehow is supposed to sweep it all under the carpet. This especially relates to the subject of works salvation and the sacraments, where the light of the bible is now being shone upon them from the Evangelical church with such overwhelming power, they are embarrassed to the bones that they have included these things into salvation, and they want to find a poltice to put over the gaping wound of their theological idiocy, to try to trick their congregations into staying in their false Faith. Sorry but it doesn't wash. Their gospel is not and never was the Evangelical Good News.

The Greek Orthodox believer (presently) loves to debate scripture with Evangelical believers like me, because they see Evangelicals as heterodox 

  1. not conforming with accepted or orthodox standards or beliefs.
    "heterodox views"
    synonyms:unorthodox, heretical, dissenting, dissident, blasphemous, nonconformist, apostate, freethinking, iconoclastic, schismatic, rebellious, renegade, separatist, sectarian, revisionist;

And the pharisees in their Faith, the bishops and priests, usually like to allow their flock to engage Evangelicals in spiritual battles, like FaceBook or YouTube discussions, where they perceive themselves as "defenders of the Faith against the heterodox". The sad truth is however, if the Evangelical is in the Spirit, and knows his foundation teachings, the heretics of Orthodoxy will soon be exposed as not only not the church - but those who have throughout the centuries persecuted, imprisoned and murdered the true church. Be the Good Lord willing, the Evangelical Church will soon be so well informed about the sins of Orthodoxy the priests and bishops of Orthodoxy will sound the trumpet of retreat, and tell their flock to hide under the nearest flat stone, and not engage in debates with Evangelicals, because all the lies of Orthodoxy will otherwise be busted. 

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