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this page will now eventually list specifically anachronisms (which are different from oxymorons and sophisms)


 Where the Catholic theologian might be compared to a man who will stand on a doctrinal manure heap, and defend it as if it is a box of treasure, the Orthodox are like a frog jumping around on a circle of wet slimy stones, continually resorting to calling everything a mystery, and trying to meld one subject into another, thus constantly refusing to have their views analysed, as they simply do not bear scrutiny. 

The Liar Paradox (or Epimenides)

This is a well known paradox written by the great stoical logician Chrysippos. The poet, grammarian and critic Philetus of Cos was said to have died of exhaustion attempting to resolve it.

  1. A Cretan sails to Greece and says to some Greek men who are standing upon the shore: "All Cretans are liars." Did he speak the truth, or did he lie?

  2. A week later, the Cretan sailed to Greece again and said: "All Cretans are liars and all I say is the truth." Although the Greeks on the shore weren't aware of what he had said the first time, they were truly puzzled.

If someone says "I always lie", are they telling the truth? Or are they lying?



One of the biggest embarrassments to the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Faith, is that their churches, and clergy, and theology are full to the brim with things that are not found in scripture at all, or the early church, making their claim to be identical to the first church one long embarrassing cascade of anachronisms. 


The Evangelical house group movement, also called born again Christian house group movement, is almost if not exactly like the early church, described in the bible itself, One thing that Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant and Evangelicals all agree on is, that the second generation the early church onward, for a few hundred years, were being persecuted, murdered, thrown to lions, burnt alive, imprisoned and therefore many of them hid under the Ichthus Symbol. What the Eastern Orthodox religion fail to emphasise is there is no evidence whatever these early Christians did what David, Jonathan, Samson, Gideon, and Joshua did in the old Mosaic covenant, and that is form armies and fight back. They were real, genuine "Love and Peace" Christians, nothing like the warlike murderous duo of Romanism and Orthodoxy.


This is such an embarrassment to Romanism and Orthodoxy I feel confident they will never stop waging a war of counter accusations of anachronisms that are simply not germane, equitable, logical or fair. They simply must do it, or the embarrassment of their own anachronistic claim to be like the first church, when they are totally nothing like it at all, will leave their thesis in pieces. Frankly these contrived anachronisms are so unjust they are more like simple mockery, and being a mocker according to the bible is a work of the flesh, it is evil. Jesus derided sin by using fair comparisons, with vipers, straining out gnats, swallowing camels, washing the outside of cups and leaving the inside filthy etc, but a spirit of mocking truth is the diametric opposite.


example of Orthodox unfair anachronistic low life mockery:

The first person to put the bible in English was the converted Roman Catholic John Wycliffe. His followers were burnt alive well before the so called Reformation.  but he could only do it from Latin. The English martyr William Tyndale was determined to translate the bible out of the original languages, Old testament Hebrew (and a little Aramaic) and new testament Greek. He was eventually strangled, recovered consciousness and then burnt alive, without finishing his bible translation. They also slowly cooked alive his best friend John Frith.


Fortunately Tyndale witnessed the Faith to a Roman Catholic called John Rogers, who was converted to Protestantism, It was in fact this converted former Catholic, John Rogers, who finished the very first complete bible translated from the original Greek and Hebrew, called The Matthew Bible. Eventually the Catholics caught up with John Rogers and threatened to burn him alive too unless he "repented" (repented of what? Giving the word of God to the common people of England?), John Rogers refused. Before they burnt him alive they showed him his family and told him he had a choice to repent and go home to them, or chose instead to be burnt alive.  By repent they meant he should believe the mass bread was Jesus flesh, he had no life in him unless he ate Jesus, he should accept Jesus as his semi Saviour like the Pope does, and be sorry he gave the bible to the people. John Rogers the former Roman Catholic never gave in, and was willingly burnt alive for the Faith.


Later on the John Roger's bible was perfected by King James of England, bringing together all the greatest Greek and Hebrew scholars in the land, to form the Authorised Bible, a bible without copyright, given to the people of the world. This entire struggle was to present the nearest thing in the English tongue to the original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts of the Holy Bible.

You would think that with such a history of godly living, gravitas, self sacrifice, holiness and martyrdom that the Eastern Orthodox Christians would have some respect for martyrs like William Tyndale, John Frith, John Rogers, and women like Joan Waste, a 22 year old blind girl who was burnt alive by Bloody Mary just for paying people to read the bible to her. But no. Some of these Orthodox Christians make up mocking sophisticated inverted anachronisms about the King James Bible, or the Tyndale new testament, or Matthew Bible, such as:


"And Saint Paul opened up his King James Bible in his Protestant church in Jerusalem".


Thus they are supposed to "prove" with this puerile kind of inverted anachronism it is Protestants and Evangelicals who are chronologically out of sequence. However, given the history of what we are talking about here, their comments are just cheap, gutterish jibes about men they do not even hold a candle to. It is a sophist inversion of their own embarrassment, and an insult to the intelligence of those they wish to deceive. It is mind manipulation and quote "cunning craftiness wherein they lie in wait to deceive" Eph 4:14.


What is almost laughable however is that the Greek Orthodox church only gave their people bibles relatively late after the Reformation, and they translated the old testament from the LXX Greek instead of Hebrew, consequently putting into their bible bogus books like Bel and the Dragon, that the Jews had never accepted as Holy Scripture.


Concerning the anachronistic character of Orthodoxy, (drawing pseudo authority from wearing clothes and using items, calendar, etc, of a design used in the Roman Empire) comparisons can be made with Islam. At first drinking coffee was considered a sin in Islam because they were drinking a substance "not consumed or known by Mohammed". etc

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