As I have debated with and spoken to Catholics and Orthodox believers I have become convinced that the doctrine of Apostolic Succession is the most deceptive and destructive heresy ever invented, and is the main heresy that prevents them from obeying God through the bible, when the bible is declared infallible by God, I therefore intend to examine the false doctrine of apostolic succession in depth. 


The origin of the doctrine of Apostolic Succession, in my opinion, is that the first person recorded to have believed in it was Simon the Sorcerer, who said, quote

"And when Simon saw that through laying on of the apostles' hands the Holy Ghost was given, he offered them money, Saying, Give me also this power, that on whomsoever I lay hands, he may receive the Holy Ghost." Acts 8: 18-19.

Here Simon thought powers can be passed on from person to person, when powers are manifested through men by individual grace, not some power of transfer man to man, like a baton in a relay race. 



The satanic goals of the heresy of apostolic succession are:

1) The early church described in the bible was identical to the modern day Evangelical House Group movement. In one fell swoop of biblical logic this pin points the true purest form of church we have today.


To disguise the fact that their false church is nothing whatsoever like the first church described in the bible, with their rites, rituals, man made traditions, idols, uniforms and crowns etc Orthodoxy and Catholicism have needed to invent an heresy that gets people away from the sure foundation of sticking to scripture (that God declares actually infallible and the foundation of doctrine) into a man made maze of priestcraft and churchianity, the rules of which are openly declared by Orthodoxy as created after the new testament.

2) To snatch away the Word of God:

In the parable of the Sower Jesus warned us, quote:


"Hearken; Behold, there went out a sower to sow:

And it came to pass, as he sowed, some fell by the way side, and the fowls of the air came and devoured it up.....

The sower soweth the word. 

And these are they by the way side, where the word is sown; but when they have heard, Satan cometh immediately, and taketh away the word that was sown in their hearts." (Mark 4)

Apostolic Succession is a doctrinal device to achieve the objective of Satan in the Parable of the Sower to quote "take away" the word of God out of people's hearts and replace it with traditions and heresies similar to those found in the Talmud.

3) Empire Building:

Having taken people away from the purity, surety, infallibility and stability of the Holy Word of God, into a man made world of churchianity and authority figures, religion is used to take over whole nations by a process of indoctrination, conversion of religious power into political power, and land acquisition, dominate people's lives on (frankly) power trips, dress up in crowns, and lord  it over "the laity". 



apostolic succession:


(in Christian thought) the uninterrupted transmission of spiritual authority from the Apostles through successive popes and bishops, taught by the Roman Catholic Church but denied by most Protestants.


Apostolic succession,

in Christianity, the teaching that bishops represent a direct, uninterrupted line of continuity from the Apostles of Jesus Christ. According to this teaching, bishops possess certain special powers handed down to them from the Apostles; these consist primarily of the right to confirm church members, to ordain priests, to consecrate other bishops, and to rule over the clergy and church members in their diocese (an area made up of several congregations).

Some Protestant churches and Evangelical churches believe there are Apostles today, but not in the concept of Apostolic Succession which is the belief power is handed down from person to person. This would be of two types:

1) The power is given though God


2) The power is in the bishop to transfer

which amounts to two different heresies

Among small number of Evangelicals who believe in present day Apostles the definition is usually "a church planter". That is someone who goes about from Country to Country, State to State (USA), county to county (UK) city to city, or even within one city or province, leaving new churches started behind his visits. The founding church might go for decades before they believe a person is specially anointed from God with this "special gift" without it being transferred by laying on of hands, it is said to be an anointing out of the blue by God, resulting from perhaps the dynamic growth by the person also fuelled by God's blessings. 


The root of this heresy is in the Pharisees of the Old Testament. In the gainsaying of Core (Jude 1: 11) Core jealously imagined he was a man with the same kind of chosen ministry as Moses, and was proven wrong when both he and his family were swallowed into a crevice in the Earth. Like the Apostles Moses had a special gift from God, that of writing Holy Scripture by inspiration, and as such God used both to lay down law.


The gainsaying of Core was not the end of this lust for power. A further corrupting of the same heresy developed when the 40 elders thought they had such power also, after Moses died. As the centuries went by, and Israel and the Jews were both corrupted by the two captivities in Babylon and Assyria, the Pharisees began an oral tradition of law, in effect laying down laws themselves by way of traditions, and this was repudiated by Jesus.

200 years after Jesus ascended into heaven the Jews finally wrote out these traditions in the Talmud. To this day the base foundation heresy of Judaism is a type of succession of false authority passed down through their 70 elders, who they think can establish new law by way of tradition.

So we see that the concept of apostolic succession is rooted in the false religion of Judaism and the gainsaying of Core. Not long after the Jews sat down and wrote the Talmud, the newly evolving Christian heretics began to create their own traditions, rites, and rituals. A pseudo Christian form of Talmudic rebellion against the word of God that resulted in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox religions had begun, replacing the 40 elders with apostles, indeed the Orthodox name 70 Apostles to try to draw a parallel between the two, when whereas the existence of 70 elders was biblical, the heretical teaching that they had powers similar to that of Moses was not biblical - it was the poison of the rebellion of Core.


The core centre of Apostolic succession is rooted in another separate heresy - that there are 8 living Orthodox patriarchs who oversee clusters of specific countries. As one of the biggest refutations of Apostolic Succession is the collapse of the Patriarchy ruled from Italy by the Pope, we have to look at the 5 Patriarchs as existed in the year of the Great Schism. 


This is because the Orthodox themselves agree with Protestants that completely false Patriarchy's exist, one being the present day Catholic Patriarchy ruled over by the Pope, all of whose Popes they have at some point in history to the present day declared as false, even anathema,

Secondly the Oriental Orthodox church see themselves as Patriarchs overlapping with countries who the Orthodox see themselves as Patriarchs over. Thus we have two countries with two patriarchs who singularly are said by these two opposing religions to have only one Patriarch, their own, meaning they both also confirm with and agree with Protestants that this is another form of bogus Patriarchy where people declaring themselves overseeing bishops across entire countries are pretenders.

As the Orthodox themselves therefore declare Roman Catholic and Oriental Patriarchs as false patriarchs, we are already halfway to proving the concept doctrinal error, and now only need to convince the Orthodox their own patriarchs are as just as false to complete the refutation. That is they already say themselves that millions of people are being tricked into thinking certain men have authority they do not have through lying apostolic succession. 


The Orthodox say the Pope is a complete fake as he is an heretic multiple times over to them. So when the great schism happened in 1054 his "apostolic line" ended, and all the countries he had authority in had no patriarch. So what has happened since? 


1) All those countries continually therein after have had no patriarch, just a fake one.

2) The countries involved have been shared out and transferred to other so called real patriarchs.

I hope you are beginning to see how the entire bogus concept of apostolic succession is so tied into the equally heretical idea there are patriarchs it is already crumbling into powder.


There is a belief among Protestants that to be an Apostle you must be a witness to the resurrected Christ. There belief is that appointing Matthias "using lots" (almost like dip dip dip - are out) was just a notion of Peter and not from the Holy Spirit, and that in fact the Apostle Paul was the God appointed 12th Apostle. I think this is a very credible theory. Paul saw the resurrected Christ on the Road to Damascus and he spoke directly to him. If so the so called "infallible church of Orthodoxy" do not even know who the 12 apostles were! 


St. Dismas and Gestas