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The inheritance of Israel, and the Greeks, has been given to Great Britain and the USA.

How? Why?


1) Both Greece and Israel had the bible written in their languages. Jesus said the blessings of Israel would be given instead to the Gentiles "Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof." (Matt 21:43).



2) The Greeks failed in their mission in an almost identical way to Israel, deceived by racism, and the Pharisees of Eastern Orthodoxy.

In Genesis 38 Jacob (Israel) crosses his hands over, forming the cross of Jesus Christ. These two nations - Ephraim and Manasseh - are Great Britain and the USA, and it is they who inherit the blessing of Joseph, together they are the greatest two gospel preaching nations on Earth. The proof is that JOSEPH is broken into two tribes in the book of Revelation, and the double portion inheritance goes to the Tribe(s) of Joseph, and Dan is removed. 

And no I am not in the British Israel cult, a silly cult that has added all sorts of absurdities to this simple explanation of Genesis 38. If it's not true, I challenge you to show me who the two nations are that came out of the seed of Joseph.


A small minority of contemporary writers argue that Homeric Troy was not at the Hisarlik site, but elsewhere in Anatolia or outside it—e.g. in England, [72] Pergamum, [73] Scandinavia, [74] or Herzegovina. [75] These proposals have not been accepted by mainstream scholarship.

ENGLAND = Wilkens, Iman Jacobs (1990). Where Troy Once Stood: The Mystery of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey revealed. Groningen: Rider & Co. p. 68. ISBN 0-7126-2463-5.

If Homeric Troy was in fact in England (perhaps Norfolk), it would be exceptionally significant in the interpretation of Genesis 38, and the blessing of Joseph's two sons, when the prophet Jacob prophesied (under the sign of the cross - crossing his arms over each other) that the younger son, Ephraim, would be the Father of a nation born first, Britain, who would later take the blessing from the Greeks of being the nation God wanted to be the foremost witness of the Faith (Greek being the New Testament language), as the Greeks failed just as the Tribe of Judah did before them.


However one of the defilements of the simple interpretation of Genesis 38 as representing Great Britain and America are the fancifull not to say foolish add-ons added to this by the so called "British Israel Cult", and the writer of this article does not wish to fall into the same trap, thus.... the idea and theory that Troy was in England is not positively believed by me, it is just mentioned as an anecdote.

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