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         FOOLS GOLD


         FOOLS GOLD!


For centuries the Orthodox have kept the common people away from the bible, and have viewed them as serfs, peasants, peons. underlings and "the laity". The Orthodox have kept them deliberately uneducated and have presented them with fools gold "proofs" that Orthodoxy is the real way to heaven. Now some Orthodox heretics want to deny the tricks they have used, saying things like "we never said the proto church had liturgies!". Next they will be saying "the church has never said the miracle of holy fire is a miracle!" Let us start looking at the long list of now clearly bogus, phoney, fishy, fake, false, fraudulent, concocted, cooked-up. counterfeit, deceiving, delusional, half-baked "proofs" that Orthodoxy is true, that they have used to pull the wool over the eyes of the public, and now want to do a u-turn and find get out clauses for:

(list under construction)

1)  The Miracle of Holy Fire. 

2)  The Apostles and disciples used liturgies.

3)  Jesus was a walking talking icon.

4)  Jesus made the first icon (image of Edessa)

5)  Jesus made the Shroud of Turin to justify icons.

6)  St Luke and Jesus made the first Mary icon.

7)  Myrrh dripping icons.

8)  The Orthodox church keeps safe the actual tomb where Jesus was resurrected.

9)  The Orthodox church keeps safe the very spot Jesus was born.

10) The Orthodox church keeps safe to this day the actual place Jesus was crucified.

11)  Goofy relics. 

12) You are not a real Christian unless you pray into your belly.

13) The church councils taught infallible heresy.

14) Mary floated up to heaven body, soul and spirit.

15) The apostles did chrismation ceremonies, and the oil is like the formula for modern oil, and contains a vestige of the original oil used nearly 2,000 years ago,

16) The bread and wine look, smell and taste like bread and wine, but are the actual body and blood of Jesus, and only Orthodox priests can perform the rite to bring about the change.

17) I know the peasants are starving to death, but it is the will of God and St Peter that we use solid gold and silver artifacts, chalices, uniforms and crowns in church! (Acts 3:6)

18)  It is God's will that we rob so much money from struggling and poor Greek families in our mafia style Orthodox funeral racket, they could buy a new house with the money. Amen.

19) People who are cremated cannot be resurrected (thus you must pay the Orthodox church hundreds of thousands of pounds over the generations to keep just a few people buried - cremation being out of the question.)

(list in progress)

in order to keep the public believing these type of frauds, as they no longer can keep them from the bible, or an education, or growing up mentally, they must resort to keeping them "drunk on religion" as indicated in Revelation 17.

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