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Catholic Divorce and Annulments


Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments.......
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.

William Shakespear Sonnet 116

Catholic Divorce and Annulments.

The modern Catholic religion is very lax about divorce and remarriage because of the annulment sophism. There has always been compromise by offering annulments to rulers, monarchs, the rich and the famous ion the past, but  in modern times this compromise has grown like bacteria dividing into a disease of annulments across the globe. People are getting married and taking the vows that make it plain marriage is for life, but along the way decide to selfishly go back on the life long vow made before God and man, and want second and third chances at other marriages. Divorce is now so prevalent the Catholics know that if they stand firm that marriage is for life, they will lose people to the Protestant religion who are often lax themselves about the life long character of marriage, and so once a secular divorce has been obtained the catholic clergy immediately dive in and offer to annul just about all of those marriages, on the heretical grounds they were "not sacramental". In contradiction of this the Catholic bibles and scholars rightly interpret "porneia" in Matthew 5:32 as "fornication" (premarital sin), but then add a whole host of reasons to end marriages by the sophist use of the concept of annulments, rendering the words of Christ of no effect. This means that the modern Catholic religion is also a sex cult, in just the same way as  Eastern Orthodoxy, but for different reasons.

These 3 videos should suffice to prove the Catholic heresies:

heresy is a contradiction of new testament foundation theology or serious issues of doctrine, for instance "the works of the flesh"

Breaking In The Habit

Casey Cole, OFM

Youtube - Catholic Teaching on Divorce


Saint Philip Neri Parish, Linthicum

so called father Andrew Aaron

Youtube - Can the Divorced Remarry?

Link -

Fr. Scott VanDerveer

Fr. Scott VanDerveer

Youtube - Divorce & The Catholic Church

link -

Catholic Annulments.


1 month ago

Father. I just applied for an annulment. There happens to be a fee. It is stated on the forms downloaded from the NY Archdiocese. $650 plus $700 more if they feel a psychological exam needs to be included in the investigation.


Divorce (breaking of a valid marriage) for

Ensuring legal rights

Protection of Children

Protection of Inheritance

but cannot remarry only reconciile 

incidents of (3 examples given only)



or abuse

make conjugal living impossible, or at the very least unreasonable

but only physical separation is the recognised solution

the concept of "a sacramentally valid marriage" brings up the issue of the Orthodox saying (and Catholics) that only people married through the power of their priests are really married?? In which case all the children in the world as illegitimate except in Catholic  marriages, and all those marriages would be unsacramental. 

6 month lead up to marriage meeting with priests - how many people would forgo this? Could missing this immediately qualify the catholic for annulment under the premise of "They knew what they were getting into" ? catholics advise those wanting an annulment to get a therapist first as well as a lawyer, hinting at an exploitable loophole in decision making

Annulment (by a church tribunal) declares it was never a legal marriage in the first place, it does not declare it "never existed" rather "it was non sacramental."

essential elements for a binding union:

1) Free - to marry

2) Capable - of giving their consent to marry

3) Exchange Consent - freely

4) Lifelong Vows - they have the intention to be married for life, to be faithful to one another, and be open to having and raising children, 

5) Good - they intend the good of each other

6) A valid minister - in the presence of two witnesses, by a properly authorized church minister. (does this mean annul marriages in registry office or other churches/cults religions?)


They knew what they were getting into, entered freely, and made a good faith declaration of their will, 

if any part of this was unfulfilled, the marriage is said not to have existed in the first place, quote "it was not a real covenant" even if recognized by the Government. Was not breaking a contract, it simply was not legally binding in the first place. They are free to marry, as they are not, nor have they ever been married.

CIVIL ASPECTS - because the marriage was annulled by the catholic religion, does not mean 

1) Automatic civil divorce

2) Their children are illegitimate

3) All civil responsibilities remain (alimony?)

is this saying the government does not recognise the divorce? And that religiously the children are illegitimate?? 

Where does the heresy of Catholic annulments spring from?

The teaching of Jesus is that there is only one reason for divorce and remarriage, and that is in context "fornication" not adultery. However does Jesus really have to say that if something is clearly not a marriage before God and man in the first instance, like an incestuous marriage (whether accidental or deliberate),  the word divorce is therefore not appropriate as the couple were not really wed, but equally if paperwork exists it must be nullified, as simply saying "you were never really married" may seem not enough, thus an annulment it can reasonably argued should happen. The Catholics have seen this is an "understood principle" in the teachings of Christ, and that Jesus credits humanity with common sense, and does not mention this obvious situation. The Catholics have seized on this and have added a plethora of other unbiblical reasons to annul marriages, grouped under the umbrella term "unsacramental".

Why should Jesus mention annulling or otherwise cancelling the paperwork for absurd marriages. For examples see this link... which people "married" not a sibling, but married themselves, the Eiffel Tower, a Computer Game, The Berlin Wall, a pillow, a fairground ride, a dolphin, a dying cat, a doll, a snake, a goat, etc etc etc. Can humanity not be credited by Christ with the common sense to see what a marriage is not from the start? Apparently the Catholic Church is so corrupt they cannot be trusted not to warp this understood principle in the teachings of Jesus,  without disguising dozens of covert ways to end real marriages. The real reason behind all this compromise is that the Roman Catholic religion wants to keep people in their churches for the donations. so they annul legal marriages to keep their numbers up.  

This use of the soul destroying term "non sacramental marriage" shows just how serious the apparently tame heresy of the Catholics making marriage into a sacrament actually is, along with the real sacraments of baptism and holy communion.


Ratum Ex Consummatum - A valid marriage between the baptized is called ;  ratum et consummatum if the spouses have performed between themselves in a human fashion a conjugal act which is suitable in itself for the procreation of offspring.

It is called ratum tantum if it has not been consummated.


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