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The Catholics and the Orthodox have forged the history of the church, and much of history in general. If this seems hard to believe take evolutionism as an example. Multi millions of Protestants, Evangelicals, Anabaptists, Catholics, Orthodox, not to mention even those in Judaism and Islam, all believe in Noah's flood, that dinosaurs were wiped out by it, and that modern science is entirely forging history. Right?


Evolutionism forging history,

The way this is done is by science totally ignoring the fact that Christians believe that God pre-aged the Earth. This is proven by the very fact there were trees in Eden, or even that Adam and Eve were not babies. The presence of rocks, diamonds, coal, rubies, etc proves the pre-aging of Planet Earth. The very fact we can see stars further way that 6,000 years shows God pre-aged the entire universe. Thus much of evolutionism is based on ignoring this obvious fact. Evolutionism is fake history.

Catholic versus Orthodox history.

Laughably one of the strongest proofs the Catholics and the Orthodox make up history at will, by the means of traditional stories, etc, comes from the fact the6y have two entirely different versions of history that contradict each other. The Orthodox helped smash the lie that there has always been a Pope, for instance, by smashing into shivers the authenticity of the Pseudo-Isidorian Decretals. 

Secular historians.

Secular historians admit that many historical figures like Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great made up statistics, and the events surrounding their battles. One female historian in Britain recently presented evidence the "battles" that "happened" at the time  when King Arthur supposedly reigned in Britain never occurred, and foreign invaders simply settled in Britain without fighting battles.

The word of God or secular history?

Yet the Orthodox prefer to believe the lies of their religion about early bishops that all supposedly had their beliefs, where Catholics often say it was different bishops and they had their beliefs. The farce that 

.St. Stachys the Apostle (38–54).

St. Onesimus (54–68).

are supposed to have been bishops, for instance is presented as if historical fact, when it is closer to an old wives tale. 


​Acts 2 - the merchant men at Pentecost disperse across the globe, to go back to their homelands, where there is no church full of icons, no bishops dressed up like gold plated Pharisees, and no priests who are going to "save their souls" with transubstantiation (Metousiosis) and the other sacraments day by day, week by week, month by month, feeding them Jesus to "top up their salvation". This proves Evangelical Christian beliefs were the beliefs of the first church, not Orthodox or Catholic ones which were completely incongruous with the situation. 

One of the proofs the Orthodox religion rewrites and distorts history. to trick and deceive the masses, is the tactic they adopt od trying to temporarily persuade people in their church on the verge of leaving, and becoming born again Christians, hat Orthodoxy has in fact always, and does now, preach the Evangelical "Jesus Saves" gospel. 

The fall of the Leopard (Greece) at the hands of the "beast diverse from the rest) Rome. God had allowed the Greek language under Alexandar to spread across the globe, then the Romans took power. All in Daniel 7.​

1) Jesus founds the church:
He preached the Evangelical gospel in Luke 24:44-48

2) Apostle period:
1 Corinthians 15:1-4

3) The Ichthus Persecution Period:

4) Constantine starts the Babylonian System (the scarlet and purple heresy):

5) The 2nd Babylonian Captivity under Romanism:

6) The Reformation:
Martin Luther did not start the Reformation Period, perhaps it was Wycliffe.  The word "Protestant" means "For a Testimony". What I am about to say may surprise some of you a lot. I do not believe you must always die for the Faith and stand your ground. Sometimes the Holy Spirit makes it plain to die for the Faith, but at other times you can simply flee persecution. Jesus told his followers to "flee to the mountains" (Luke 21:21) and that was an order from above!!! He did not give the option to stay and become a martyr, when Jerusalem was to be attacked by the Romans in 70 AD. Our Jerusalem is above (Galatians 4), we are not called to kill to defend cities. Jesus did not call them to wage war to defend their capital city, as King David, Gideon or Samson would have done.
​Paul escaped persecution in a basket lowered from the wall. Many Protestants in the Reformation were simply "for a testimony" against the most terrible persecution by the Catholics imaginable, burning people alive. There is another option when people threaten to torture and kill you - move. But some chose bravely to die for the Faith. Sometimes it is brave to resist dying and to escape to keep preaching the gospel. Depends on how the Holy Spirit moves you, quote......
"others were tortured, not accepting deliverance; that they might obtain a better resurrection: And others had trial of cruel mockings and scourgings, yea, moreover of bonds and imprisonment: They were stoned, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword: they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented; (Of whom the world was not worthy:) they wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth." Hebrews 11:35-38
If such was so under the old covenant, how much more in the new covenant?

7) The Philadelphia Period:

​Perhaps one of the best proofs that evangelical Christians were the first true believers, is found in the Greek ICHTHUS symbol, that declares Jesus in its acrostic to be God, Son and Saviour.  It is the evangelicals and Protestants who accept and declare that Jesus is the one and only Saviour, the Roman Catholics say Jesus is only a Semi Saviour, who helps to save your soul. How ironic therefore it is this Greek acrostic that declared the right theology of the true early church, that proves the Greek Eastern Orthodox religion is not the first Faith, the first Faith were born again Christians preaching the Jesus Saves Gospel of 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, Luke 24:44-48, and the great John 3:16.

These persecuted believers were hiding from the most terrible deaths imaginable, including being eaten by lions and being smeared with animal fat and used as human torches to light the arenas, but there is no historical record of them forming armies and ever fighting back, as old testament saints like David, Jonathan and Samson would have done. This is also proof they followed the "Peace and Love" teachings of Jesus Christ, not the violent beliefs of Greek and Russian Orthodoxy, who have made into saints a whole host of butchers of other people. They even have a special category of saints who are "Equal-to-the-Apostles" the list of which has about half a dozen warlike killers, and users of capital punishment, such as so called Saint Constantine the Great. The true way is therefore far narrower than even the Evangelicals and the Protestants believe. The true believer loves his enemies, and follows in the footsteps of Jesus, just as the peaceful Saint Stephen did, loving his murderers, yet standing firmly for the Faith. 



The Eastern Orthodox Church likes nothing better than to call everyone else "Protestants" as this, to them, is their way of asserting that they are the original church as an object of attack, in order for you to "Protest" against her in the first place. Therefore the Catholics and the Orthodox both accuse each other of being the first Protestants. When applied to the born again Christians burnt alive by the Popes in Foxes Book of Martyrs, this is especially unjust as the word Protestant actually does not mean a negative "Protest" it means a positive "For a Testimony" PRO = For....... TESTANT = testimony, this being because the world was clearly prophesied to go under a second Babylonian Captivity, and they were "for a testimony" of the true Faith even under peril of death.
The true clearly predicted course of human history was that a great harlot would arise, decked in scarlet and purple (secular and religous power) who would murder the true saints. She is called the MOTHER of Harlots, because she has daughters, and her rebel daughters are the several Eastern Orthodox so called Churches, who are almost identical to her, down to her one greatest identifiable feature, "having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication" Rev 17:4. This golden cup is the cup of the Catholic mass, that is fornication. the blasphemy of considering a piece of bread God in the flesh "body, blood, soul and divinity" which is then chewed up, swallowed and digested. The fact that the Orthodox church names the mass the Holy Eucharist and says the correct term is metousiosis not transubstantiation makes little difference to the situation. The blind notion is then added to this heresy that somehow "eating Jesus" is saving your soul, and the transmitters of that salvation are the evil priests of Rome, and her rebel daughters the Eastern Orthodox priests and churches. 

 called "double-sense" in

 Biblical Hermeneutics


There is a very credible interpretation of the 7 churches in the Book of Revelation, tha says it had an earthly literal fulfilment at the time, and was also a prophecy of 7 ages of church history that runs as follows:

1) Ephesus gives the general state at the date of the writing; that is had "works, labour, patience, stood against false Apostles," but had "lost their first love"

2) Smyrna, the period of the great persecutions; "stood against false Jews, satanic synagogues, and were imprisoned and murdered".

3) Pergamos, the church settled down in the world, "where Satan's throne is," after the conversion of Constantine, say A.D. 316.

4) Thyatira the Papacy and Eastern Orthodoxy, developed out of the Pergamos state: Balaamism (worldliness) and Nicolaitanism (priestly assumption) having conquered. As Jezebel brought idolatry into Israel, So the Mother of Harlots Rome and Orthodoxy her rebel daughters wed Christian doctrine to pagan ceremonies. The catastrophic influence of (so called "saint") Constantine the Great..

5) Sardis is the Protestant Reformation, whose works were not "fulfilled." 

6) Philadelphia is whatever bears clear testimony to the Word and the Name, Latter Days - Present Day.

7) Laodicea - the Time of the End,  with Apostates enjoying self-satisfied profession 

This idea of history being expressed through the 7 Churches would see the Orthodox Christian view of the chart as having their "glory Days" in the time of Baalism, Jezebel and Nicolaitanism.

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