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Why Eastern Orthodoxy is a Sex Cult!



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10 proofs that Eastern Orthodoxy is a Sex Cult.

1) They commit Adultery: by divorce and remarriage

("porneia" misinterpreted).

They heretically say this word includes post marital adultery, but as the Catholics rightly say, the context negates all possibility of that. Jesus said that if you divorce your wife and remarry, you are continuously committing adultery, as is confirmed by Romans 7. Thus in the presence of both divorce and remarriage papers adultery is not breaking the marriage bond (the only way you can commit adultery is if God still sees the first marriage as intact). Thus the word porneia simply cannot include post marital adultery, it means fornication as the KJV rightly says. Therefore the Orthodox Church is teaching adulterous second marriage, as adultery does not break the first marriage bond. 

2) "He causes her to commit adultery". A separate sin from adultery by divorce and remarriage, is that Jesus said if you simply divorce another person (even without remarrying yourself) you quote "causes them to commit adultery". You are provoking them into sin.

3) No marriage vows - this is heretical because equating marriage vows with "swearing oaths" is only superficially spiritual, it is in fact off piste, the bible says marriage is quote "a covenant" and to make a covenant you are agreeing to some things, one of which is "what God has joined together let not man tear asunder" .

4) Adultery justified under Antinomianist principles (admitting the remarriage is adultery but the priest declaring it allowed thus not a ticket to Hell on his bogus authority) .

5) They falsify Marriage as a sacrament.

When early sacerdotalist heretics saw that  supposedly administering grace to the soul by priestcraft through communion and baptism increased their power over people, they began to falsely say other things were sacraments to increase priestly powers and thus their "power over the laity" (probably the Nicolaitan heresy)

6) Invested Authority to marry a couple: doctrinally rendering all other children in non Orthodox marriages bastards. It goes further - Matthewite Eastern Orthodox will often say "ordinary" Eastern Orthodox clergy administer graceless sacraments, and all their children are bastards - as only Matthewite clergy have power to marry two people. This is very heretical as some would then say their former marriage/marriages were therefore fornication and on conversion to being a Matthewite can marry (as they say its not remarriage).

7) They believe in committing Polygamy (or bigamy) - adulterous second marriage is either polygyny, polyandry, or both, or can be variously described as bigamy. They allow this. It was Jesus himself who banned polygamy in the Sermon on the Mount.

8) Celibacy of the clergy: but not identical to Roman Catholicism, Married clergy cannot remarry after death of  the spouse: a further heresy, and the widow of a priest cannot remarry but becomes a celibate , Clergy Widow and widowers cannot remarry.

9) Banning women from the entire Mount Athos Peninsula: 

that is horrible sexism and thus doctrinal error. No one in the entire Christian Faith is commanded in scripture in the first instance to be a celibate, except those who can no longer marry such as a divorcee who first spouse is still alive, and even if you had an island full of divorcees it would not be right to ban women from the entire island or peninsula etc. It is as discriminatory as trying to ban all men from the Island of Lesbos, 

10) Unbiblical annulments (like Catholicism).

11) They do not properly teach to keep your virginity before marriage.

By heretically interpreting "porneia" in Matthew 5:32 as including post marital adultery (and not fornication as the KJV interprets) they are not laying proper emphasis on the fact that Jesus is clearly teaching here to retain your virginity before you marry by muddying the waters on what the teaching partly means to encourage. This theme is repeated in Acts 15:20 by the Holy Spirit as he reveals that in the new and better covenant the teaching of Jesus is that avoiding fornication is far more important than him laying down food laws.


The Greeks are destroyed by reducing God in the flesh to a Semi Saviour, but, like other nations, are destroyed also by the sins of murder and adultery. They practically worship Alexander the Great, and that idolatry made them follow the murderer and fake Christian Emperor Constantine, just as the Jews desired Barabbas. The Greeks do not speak much either about the morality of two nations fighting over Helen of Troy, when Paris stole away another man's wife. That is because Greece, the God blessed nation whose language the new testament is written in forever, have been bewitched by Pharisees who allow divorce and remarriage as if it is nothing,


The Orthodox religion hides the number of divorces they have by separating the secular divorce rates (divorces via state law courts)  from the "ecclesiastical divorce rates" (divorces given by their church) which usually alway occur after the secular divorce court stage is over.  The statistics become "the Orthodox faithful"  and the adding of the word "faithful" might be in itself a way of ditching huge numbers of Orthodox people from the stats. It is very useful however that they have some kind of database providing evidence that Orthodoxy is granting ecclesiastical divorce for a list of "reasons" thus proving they have the heresy (for instance) that the word "porneia" in Matthew 5:32 includes post marital adultery, something the Roman Catholic religion rightly recognises as pure heresy. In addition statistics would be very useful for how many of those divorcees remarry, which is when the sin "causes her to commit adultery" becomes the even more serious sin "he commits adultery" himself.

Orthodox DOUBLE Law Breakers .

In Acts 15 the old covenant law restrictions were discussed, and proven to be "done away" yet again. When the new covenant law on restrictions was given it said

"It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us not to burden you with anything beyond these essential requirements: You must abstain from food sacrificed to idols, from blood, from the meat of strangled animals, and from sexual immorality. You will do well to avoid these things." Acts 15:28-29 .

The Orthodox church breaks the two biggest directives for new covenant law, by involving themselves in idols, and by teaching adulterous remarriage, as well as failing to emphasize keeping virginity before marriage, by warping the word porneia in Matt 3:32 to include post marital adultery (impossible in the context) thus neglecting the teaching of Jesus to preserve virginity. 

Always the same teaching .

If the lax teachings of the Orthodox church are the true teachings of Jesus about marriage, can you tell me now the exact day the Roman Catholics injected the "heresy" of totally contradicting Orthodoxy by insisting marriage is "for life" without a clause for adultery ending it? You cannot do it can you? Name the early teachers in the 1054 year period before the schism that taught remarriage for adultery. If you do you will only uncover the fact that it was impossible they were "all one big united church in agreement" before the Great Schism.

issues included are:

1) Divorce and remarriage.

2) Virginity issues

3) Fasting from sex in marriage, on Sunday, or after communion, before fast days, and feast days etc, and the label "living a life of debauchery" if you do not comply.

4) Celibacy of clergy (of a kind)

5) Rules forbidding remarriage for widows/widowers.

6) covert Antinomianist heresy.

7) Contraception. and sterilization

8) Abortion.

9) Lack of moral guidance on exceptionally important moral issues, no clear teachings, yet clear teachings on silly peripheral issues - proof they are not really a church (absurd man-made doctrinal priorities). 

10) Whether sex is allowed in marriage after the wife has past child bearing age (I think Orthodoxy allows this and are not prudes on the subject).


1) Adultery: by divorce and remarriage ("porneia" misinterpreted). They heretically say this word includes post marital adultery, but as the Catholics rightly say, the context negates all possibility of that.

2) Adultery justified under Antinomianist principles.

3) Marriage as a sacrament.

4) Invested Authority to marry a couple: doctrinally rendering all other children in non Orthodox marriages bastards. It goes further - Matthewite Eastern Orthodox will often say "ordinary" Eastern Orthodox clergy administer graceless sacraments, and all their children are bastards - as only Matthewite clergy have power to marry two people. This is very heretical as some would then say their former marriage/marriages were therefore fornication and on conversion to being a Matthewite can marry (as they say its not remarriage).

5) Heretical definition of Bigamy. 

6) Hiding how it was Jesus himself banned polygyny (to justify adulterous remarriage).

7) Celibacy of the clergy: but not identical to Roman Catholicism, Married clergy cannot remarry after death of  the spouse: a further heresy, and the widow of a priest cannot remarry but becomes a celibate 

8) Clergy Widow and widowers cannot remarry.

9) Unbiblical annulments (like Catholicism?)

10) "Causing the other person to commit adultery". A separate sin from adultery by divorce and remarriage, is that Jesus said if you simply divorce another person (without remarrying yourself" you quote "causes them to commit adultery". You are provoking them into sin.

etc..... more



Steven Christoforou 1 year ago

This conversation also misses an important point: the Church sets up a single marriage as the ideal, and strongly insists upon that ideal at least with clergy. Divorce is nothing to take lightly, certainly not for "trivial reasons" as you suggest. Yet, it's allowed in certain cases as a concession to human weakness.


One of the greatest theological embarrassments of all time, is that the Greeks, who of all people on Planet Earth should have known what Jesus meant when he gave the exception clause "porneia" in divorce cases, flunked their theology and got it totally and completely wrong. 

The Greek Orthodox interpretation of the word "porneia" in Matthew 5:32 to include post marital adultery is total and complete heresy. It is in fact completely impossible for the Greek word "porneia" in Matthew 5:32 and Matthew 19:9 to include post marital adultery (called "the Matthean clause). The Roman Catholic religion correctly interprets this word as "fornication", as does the King James Bible, as the context of the use of the word negates any possibility it can mean adultery committed after the marriage vows.
The reason is as follows, Jesus said

"And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery." Matthew 19:9.
"But I tell you, everyone who divorces his wife, except in a case of sexual immorality, causes her to commit adultery. And whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery." Matthew 5:32.

Here Jesus says that a person divorcing for some frivolous reason (for instance) and marrying another is committing adultery. The person is in an adulterous marriage, committing adultery over and over again (see Romans 7:1-4). Therefore adultery is not breaking the marriage bond. It is clear God sees the firs marriage as in tact, despite all the legal divorce paperwork, and all the legal remarriage paperwork. Therefore porneia simply cannot include post marital adultery. Normally the word porneia would include adultery, but in context here it must mean fornication. Another example of the word porneia being qualified by its context not to include adultery is in Revelation 17, where the Whore of Babylon, who is not married to God, is committing fornication, thus she is not committing adultery. 

An example of the real meaning of "except it be for fornication" that is a premarital sin, not a post marital sin, as once married you are married for life, is if a man marries a woman who said she is a maiden, but before he consummates the marriage he can see from her physical anatomy on the marriage bed she has had a baby already. Suppose she admits this immediately, to make the example easy. He can divorce her and remarry. He was already married to her despite not having sex with her yet, as it says in Malachi marriage is a covenant. If you say two people are not married after taking the wedding vows, and to be a marriage it must be consummated, it is a heresy as you say (for a start) Jesus was born out of wedlock. Thus a woman lying about her chastity and being discovered in this way would mean her husband could divorce her. She might be pregnant with another mans child for all he knows for instance, or she might have one of many venereal diseases. Do not forget these disease were deadly in those days before the discovery of modern day antibiotics. 

For this reason the Eastern Orthodox Church, which has a very long history of allowing divorces, is heretical. Frankly let me make it very plain. Just as Jezebel, who taught fornication and eating food sacrificed to idols, started a sex cult, the Eastern Orthodox Church is also an heretical sex cult for sanctioning adulterous remarriage in this way. And it is one of the great proofs that the never ending claim of Orthodoxy that "all the historical evidence shows our church dates back to Jesus" is a big fraud. As the Catholics claim the same thing about their own teachings about marriage, but on this occasion the Roman Catholics are definitely right. Jesus did not teach that two Christians can divorce and the innocent party can remarry, if adultery is committed. They are calling him a liar in the synoptic gospels of Luke and Mark. Christian marriage is for life is the teaching of Jesus. Adultery does not break the marriage bond.




In the Mosaic covenant time period a man was permitted to have polygynous marriages (but polyandry was forbidden). King David for instance had 9 wives. Alexander the Great had 3 wives, Roxana (m. 328 BC–324 BC), Stateira II (m. 325 BC–324 BC), Parysatis II (m. 325 BC–324 BC).

I mention Alexander the Great as he was Greek, and I wish to refute the lax view of marriage in Eastern Orthodoxy. The Orthodox do not take marriage vows as if they did it would serve to underline their adulterous teachings. If Alexander the Great was alive today, could he have 3 wives and not be committing adultery? It is against secular law in Britain, the USA, Russia and Europe. But as it is clearly against new testament law, if Jesus taught a new law, where did he ban polygamy? This is seldom discussed by the Eastern Orthodox bishops, as it would show that they are teachers of adultery with their lax divorce and remarriage practices and allowances. Jesus banned polygamy in Matt 5:32 and Matthew 19:9 by saying it is adultery to divorce your one wife and marry any other. It is never adultery to marry another woman when you divorce if you can commit polygamy. Thus Jesus banned polygamy in his new covenant law, sealed on calvary with his blood.

So...... the answer is Alexander could not commit polygamy if he lived today (and expect to be saved) because the teaching of Jesus is one wife for life, that is until you are parted by death (Rom 7), but proving that would prove their own utter hypocrisy, so the Orthodox priests and bishops "say nowt" on the subject' like the Pharisees who replied "we cannot tell". The "porneia" clause is a strengthening of the marriage for life doctrine, as its true interpretation is it means "fornication" directing believers to keep their virginity before marriage, and allowing a person who discovers lies about this before consummation of a marriage to divorce their deceitful new spouse.


Apparently in Orthodoxy divorce and remarriage issues are reviewed and "granted" on a case-by-case basis by a bishop. The law of God s therefore being set aside and divorce and remarriage is granted on what amounts to an arbitrary basis. That is yet another heresy of Orthodoxy.
It has occurred to me recently that the Eastern Orthodox religion may be even more heretical on the subject of divorce than I have so far been able to prove. I have heard all sorts of mutterings from the Orthodox about such staggering heresies as a penance being given, and saying "the good behaviour in the second marriage will be your penance for the mistakes of the first marriage!!!". If so that is the pinnacle in seriousness of error, and underlines the foolishness of confession to men and the whole idea of confessional.
But I have also heard them say "there is only one unforgivable sin, you say there are two - divorce and remarriage!". This idea of unrepentant divorce and remarriage (that is carrying on in the second marriage) being a so called forgivable sin by the priest or bishop is quite staggeringly heretical. It is jaw dropping in its utter falsity - the idea that a man could think to say "your divorce and remarriage is forgiven!" as if he is empowered to forgive the sin. Of course its 99% sure they will say "No we are simply announcing God's forgiveness!"..... to whom? Unrepentant adulterers carrying on in an adulterous remarriage, while their first spouse is still alive? Such a thing really amounts to a false prophecy by the Orthodox clergy. It may even be construed as blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, giving so called divine revelations that the Holy Ghost is justifying adulterous remarriage. Complete blasphemy!
It is beyond all doubt as serious as the sin of Jezebel in Revelation, who taught Christians to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed to idols. Indeed the similarity between Jezebel and Orthodoxy is glaringly obvious, both justified adultery, both are deeply involved with idols.

Quite frankly when I hear the Orthodox believers talking about unrepentant sin not leading to damnation, so long as a priest is overseeing the situation and applying some bogus and illusionary poultice of forgiveness, they sound Antinomianist in character. In fact I now suspect that the origin of Rasputin's Antimonian heresy was the Orthodox belief that things like adulterous remarriage do not lead to damnation. This is of course a moot point in my own beliefs, as I already see them as unsaved because of their tri-synergist belief of basic salvation. However it is still heretical on their part.


I think they may try to erase this proof link, so let me quote the official Orthodox website:


QUOTE: "Of course I am aware that Christ’s scriptural injunction admits adultery as the only reason for divorce."




The Orthodox


The Eastern Orthodox religion teaches adultery by allowing divorce and remarriage and on that evidence alone is simply just a sect or cult, and, what makes this worse, it happens in both the so called "True Orthodoxy" or "old calendar Orthodoxy" half of their church, and the perhaps bigger half  who accept the Julian Calendar. Orthodoxy is therefore not true Christianity morally, as well as in its false salvation agenda. Without doubt one of the biggest doctrinal differences between the Roman Catholic religion and Eastern Orthodox religion is the subject of the reasons divorce and remarriage may be allowed. It is as far as I know not mentioned in the Great Schism of 1054, which is strange, as both churches claim to be the original church in doctrine, and their beliefs on this are vastly different.  If you get this wrong, after all, your so called "church" will be preaching adultery, and such teachers would therefore be little better than Jezebel in the Book of Revelation. One of the tricks cults like the Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and Hebrew Roots heretics etc get up to, is to fill your mind with many controversies, and blind your eyes to the more simple fact that they all preach adultery by divorce and remarriage for bogus reasons, and are thus in effect sex cults. It is not too different with the Eastern Orthodox Church, who openly allow divorce and remarriage by misinterpreting the Greek word "porneia" to include post marital adultery, when the word in context is to be translated "fornication", and it is in fact impossible for it to include post marital adultery. Of course the Roman Catholics have their own compromises on the subject, most notably they are afraid that the human weakness to desire divorce and remarriage (adultery) is so prevalent in their religion (as many Catholics are nominal by their disdain of the actual beliefs of Catholicism) that in order to keep them in the Pope's religion (and thus breed more catholics by indoctrination from youth) they hypocritically allow divorce and remarriage by the false premise of annulment of the first marriage. True evangelical churches do not allow this however, and even the church of England after Henry VIIIth have a long history of forbidding divorce and remarriage.


There is however in Evangelicalism a great divide over the interpretation of 1 Corinthians 7, and whether "pre salvation marriages" count as binding, which very ironically (very very very ironically) means certain of the Evangelicals, who see the Orthodox and Catholics as not presently born again - because believing a false gospel that adds works and sacerdotalism to salvation, are in fact therefore able to carry on in what would otherwise be thought to be adultery. It is perhaps greatly significant that the first theological discussions of this subject, in its modern context, as far as I can detect, go back to Erasmus, who added desertion as a second reason for divorce and remarriage by reference to an unbelieving spouse deserting a Christian convert. However the scripture he quotes conspicuously does not mention remarriage (1 Cor 7:15). This later morphed over the centuries by extending the premise to marriages before salvation, and whether they are similar in supposedly being exceptions. I wish to firmly assert here the simple truth that Christian to Christian marriage is for life, that post marital adultery does not allow for divorce and remarriage, and neither does desertion. It is hardly surprising many remain confused over divorce and remarriage with the vast complications extrapolated from 1 Corinthians 7, by many modern teachers. The basic premise seems to be..... "real Christian to Christian marriage is for life, BUT fake Christians and unbelievers get a second marriage exemption clause." What seems to make the foundations drop out of their theology is a so called "mixed marriage" of a true and fake Christian (or indeed to an unbeliever). The Christian who could only marry a Christian for life is, in this fake modern theology not required to be married for life here, because the unbeliever they marry is not bound to them in this theology (remember). Its a contradiction after all for the unbeliever to marry again, and be free to be, and the Christian to say "I cannot remarry its adultery". It is only adultery after all if you are still married for life, thus the unbeliever cannot really remarry at all. This absurdly means Jesus was supposed to be saying in the Sermon on the Mount, "Two Christians are married for life, but you can get yourself a free other marriage if you marry an unbeliever first". Such are the twists and turns of heretical modern Evangelical theology in false Evangelical churches.

The complications of all this make many give up on purity in marriage, and they become complacent to how serious adulterous second marriage is. It is in fact certain damnation according to Revelation 21:8, and therefore so is teaching people to commit adultery via divorce and remarriage. If it is really true the great avalanche of theology, affecting millions of lives, that flows from theories surrounding the one verse 1 Corinthians 7:15 is true, I find it strange the verse is so entirely ambiguous, not even mentioning remarriage, and I can only be filled with doubt God would direct the lives of millions upon millions of people with such a tiny, miniscule, nearly microscopic reference. 

for an in depth analysis see my essay on

If there is one nation on Earth that should have taught Christian marriage is for life it is Greece. If there is one nation on Planet Earth that should have understood that the Greek word "porneia" in context meant fornication, it is the Greeks. It is clear to me God had great plans for the Greek people, but they failed in their mission, and their nation needs revival to unchain themselves lie Samson or Paul breaking free of his chains. Satan's plan to deceive the Greeks is plain. The Devil deceived Israel, whose Hebrew language was used to write the Old Testament scriptures using the Pharisees, and he has used a western form of Pharisees, Orthodox bishops and priests, who look identical to the pharisees, even down to the unkempt beards, who base their bogus religion on and OLD testament instead of a NEW testament idea of priesthood. These theologically and doctrinally inept men have either completely missed what Jesus obviously meant by porneia, or have deliberately preached adulterous second marriage to appease the masses and keep them in their bogus church, in a similar way to Catholics using the disannulling of marriage to achieve the same objective.




The Greeks claim to be a moral nation, almost 100% Christian, but the Eurovision Song Contest songs they vote for as a nation, Like Shake Shake Shake, betray a different reality of sexual debauchery, fornication and adultery. In eternity they will be remembered as the nation that forsook God to preach adultery, misinterpreting "porneia" in Matthew 5:32 to include post marital adultery (which is in fact impossible in its context) and thus their 50% divorce rate.

Divorce - they heretically say a Christian can divorce a Christian for adultery, and remarry. They also allow divorce for other reasons. 

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