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Eastern Orthodox "denominations".


Eastern Orthodox:

The Orthodox church claim to be "the one true church all the way back to Jesus" and that they are (very unlike Protestants) one church united in doctrine. Here I will refute that ridiculous belief they have. check out

1)  The long lists of different Orthodox churches all different in some way in teachings, and their subdivisions that amount very often to "denominations".

2)  The long list of schisms within their singular denominations.

3) They have a special word for your beliefs not based on church councils, which amount to the reality that millions of Orthodox believers - just like Protestants - have different beliefs about the bible.

4) That parents and godparents are the theology teachers of Orthodox children and teens, the reality of which is that they teach them hundreds of different nuances and teachings. 

5) Their attacks on Protestants and Evangelicals is based on the underpinning lie that they do not believe in "one church" but they do, that is "all the born again believers" what is more they generally match the bible description of the proto church far better than the Orthodox with their plethora of rites, ritualism uniforms and traditions, and some, like the Evangelical born again Christian house group movement, match it perfectly. 

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The Eastern Orthodox Church consists of jurisdictions in communion with each other. The church has over 250 million members, making it the second largest church.[25]Some of them have a disputed administrative status (i.e. their autonomy or autocephaly is only partially recognized), but all remain in communion with each other as one church. The Orthodox claim continuity (based upon apostolic succession) with the early Church, and consider themselves pre-denominational, being the original Church of Christ before 1054.[26][2].

This list is provided in the official order of precedence. Indentation indicates autonomy rather than autocephaly, and autonomous and semi-autonomous churches are listed under their respective autocephalous mother church.

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