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Before you can be baptized into Orthodoxy you must see the exorcist! Yes..... that is right. You must be receive a triple exorcism against the devil and his demon hordes at work attacking your life to become a member of the Eastern Orthodox church. The humiliation and subjugation of the "laity" begins early, including the ridiculous practice of confirmation, found nowhere in Acts 8 for instance.

check out the two on the left! They look like a witch and a wizard out of Harry Potter!

The Orthodox priest in this picture rides on a mans back as if the man is a donkey, as he says he is "possessed". When the man collapses the priest stands on his head.

​see the video on YouTube:

quote: "this is an orthodox priest performing an exorcism ritual in Transnistria, a region of Moldova. The priest is actually riding on a man and then stepping on him in order to remove the evil spirits."


Isnt it a contradiction to "use" a crucifix in an exorcism? As it is an idol.

​A kind of Exorcism even happens before baptism

​ Here are the 3 prayers of exorcism from a baptism


Priest: Let us pray to the Lord 
People: Lord, have mercy 
Priest: The Lord rebukes you, O Devil, for he came into the world and dwelt among men in order to shatter your tyranny and free mankind; hanging on the Cross, he triumphed over all the hostile powers, when the sun was darkened and the earth was shaken, when the graves were opened and the bodies of the Saints rose; he destroyed death by death and conquered you, O Devil, who had the power of death. I adjure you in the name of God who revealed the tree of life and appointed the Cherubim and the fiery sword that turns each way to guard it. Be rebuked and depart; for I adjure you in the name of him who walked on the water as if it were dry land, and calmed the tempest whose look dries up the abyss and whose threatening makes the mountains melt away. It is this same Lord who now commands you, through us. Fear, come out and depart from this human being(these human beings), and never return, not hide in him(her/them), neither meet nor act upon him(her/them), not by night or by day, not at dawn or at noontime, but depart to your own darkness until the appointed day of judgment. Fear God who sits upon the Cherubim and looks down into the abyss; before whom tremble Angels, Archangels, Thrones, Dominions, Principalities, Authorities, Powers, the many-eyed Cherubim and the six-winged Seraphim; before whom tremble the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them. Come out and depart from this soldier(these soldiers) or Christ our God, for he(she) has (they have) been marked with the sign of the Cross and newly enlisted. For it is in His name that I adjure you, the name of the Lord who walks upon the wings of the wind, who makes his Angels spirits and his ministers a flaming fire. Come out and depart from this human being (these human beings), with all your power and your angels. For the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit is glorified, now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen 



Priest: Let us pray to the Lord 
People: Lord, have mercy 
Priest: God the holy, the fearful, the glorious, incomprehensible and inscrutable in all his works and all his might, who ordained for you, O Devil, the punishment of eternal torment, through us his unworthy servants, orders you, and all the powers that work with you, to depart from him(her/them) who has(have) been newly sealed in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, our true God. Therefore, I adjure you, most wicked, impure, abominable, loathsome and alien spirit: Come out of the man and never again enter into him. Depart, admit the vanity of your power which could not even control the swine. Remember him who, at your own request, commanded you to enter into the herd of the swine. Fear God, by whose command the earth was made firm upon the waters; who made the heaven, who weighted the mountains in a balance and the valleys on a pair of scales (Is 40,12) who placed the sand as a boundary to the sea and a safe path in the raging waters; who makes the mountains smoke at his touch; who clothes himself with light as a garment; who covers over his lofty dwellings with waters; who laid the foundations of the earth so secure that it should never be shaken from them; who lifts up the water and the sea and returns it as rain upon the face of all the earth. Come out and depart from him (her/them) who is (are) now preparing for holy illumination. I adjure you by the saving Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ and his sacred Body and Blood and his awesome return; for he shall come without delay to judge all the earth, and shall assign you, and all the powers working with you, to the fire of hell, having deliver you to the outer darkness, where the worm constantly devours, and the fire is never extinguished. For the power belongs to Christ our God, together with the Father and the Holy Spirit, now and ever unto the ages of ages Amen. 


Priest: Let us pray to the Lord 
People: Lord, mercy 

Priest: O Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, who heal every illness every infirmity, look upon your servant(s) (N); seek out examine and expel from him (her/them) all the workings of the Devil. Rebuke the impure spirits and banish them, and cleanse the work(s) of your hands; by your swift action crush Satan under his (her/their) feet, and grant to him (her/them) victory over the Devil and his impure spirits; so that, having received your mercy, he (she/they) may become worthy of your immortal and heavenly mysteries and may give glory to you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and ever, and to ages of ages. Amen.


It's a controversial question but...... can it be blasphemy of the Holy Spirit when a false priest of Orthodoxy goes against scripture, and insultingly performs an exorcism of an Evangelical, or a person who has a true simple Faith in Jesus. These men are NOT imparting the Holy Spirit into people, they act as if they are used by God to clean people out of demons before you can be saved. It is blasphemy.

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