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According to Catholicism huge numbers of early bishops all wore fish head miters, but (as far as I presently understand) according to Orthodoxy they never. I will try to prove that here, and show how, if the Orthodox say it is false, how huge amounts of bogus "historical evidence" is shown to be false even according to their own views. 

One of the ironic defences used by Catholicism, is to say things like "Both the Latin mitre and the greek mitra come from the mitre of the high priest in the Torah". Thus their defence is after the Jews were taken Captive in Babylon and Assyria, and were corrupted by the cultures, they stepped outside of the bible, and used these pagan designs. That is just admitting their corruption, by putting in middle men (the people who murdered Jesus - the Pharisees).

St Augustine of Hippo (354-430), in a fish head miter. 


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