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please see the long list of "holy sites" and "holy relics" of Orthodoxy as well, just about all of which are a kind of forgeries, as are their miracles. "John the Baptist's finger" "wood off the cross" etc. They have whole museums full of forgeries.


People forge history to suit their agenda. Want proof? Sure. You and I probably have one thing in common as you are here on this website. We both agree modern science has forged the history of man, and that of the whole planet. They discounted the bible, but the bible proves God pre-aged the Earth. The fact that he put trees in Eden is proof, as they take many years to grow. The fact the animals were not all baby ones proves he pre-aged the Earth also. That God created, coal proves it, or diamonds - they both take much time to create but Creationists know he did. Thus the premise science bases its rejection of scripture on is false. Evolutionism is bogus and so is the so called "science" of the history of the planet. Well it is the same with Apostolic succession and the forgery of history. The Catholics and the Orthodox have an agenda too, and by the use of traditional stories and anecdotes (that are on the same level of historical proof as old wives tales) they invent bishops that were no bishops, and transform almost all the early fathers and other people into sacerdotalist heretics like they are. Ironically Protestants could not give a hoot if it was all true (which it most certainly is not) as to them all it would mean is the Apostasy was even quicker for the Romans and Greeks than it was for the Jews before them.

The Romans and Greeks both exaggerated the numbers in their battles, lied about how wars started, lied about just about everything. Constantine tried to erase the memory of people he disliked from history - and its likely that may have included his the real Christians who were pacifists and thought he was an imposter and no Christian from the beginning. 

Orthodox and Catholic forgery really begins with fake details added to the Life of Jesus, and indeed his disciples and Apostles after the ascension. The "laity" is tricked into accepting all sorts of legends, tales and traditional stories and "add-ons" about the 12 Disciples, paving the way to later invent the almost 100% fiction life stories of the early fake bishops in the line of "apostolic succession" in the 2nd and 3rd Centuries, thus "proving" a line of decent. The forgery of junk history actually involves also falsifying Luke making the first icon, and other disciples writing and using liturgies. Tradition and forgery therefore go hand in hand.

1) Famous forgery

Pseudo-Isidorian Decretals - Proving they do indeed dorge documents. This one was attributed to St Clement 99 AD. This forgery is known as the "Pseudo-Isidorian Decretals," written around 845 A.D.  The "Decretals" are a complete fabrication of Church history.  They set forth precedents for the exercise of sovereign authority of the popes over the universal Church prior to the fourth century and make it appear that the popes had always exercised sovereign dominion and had ultimate authority even over Church Councils.


please understand that this is a large number of forgeries, not just one ms. 

2) Emperor Constantine the Great - it is proven he set out to erase people's memory from history!!!

3) Many famous Romans set out to falsify historical facts about battles and politics. Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great booth did the same. And YOU want to trust your families eternal salvation over lying accounts of history by huge numbers of Romans over the inspired word of God (declared to be infallible!).

4) The codices of the Alexandrian Text - are now on the brink of being proven forgeries. 

5) The Decretum - In the middle of the twelfth century, a monk named Gratian wrote the "Decretum," which became the basis for Canon Law (the legal system for running the Roman Catholic Church).  It contained numerous quotations from forged documents.  Gratian drew many of his conclusions from those quotations.  Gratian quoted 324 passages which were supposedly written by popes of the first four centuries.  Of those passages, only eleven are genuine.  The other 313 quotations are forgeries. [Note 8]

6) Old Testament Books not accepted by the Jews were forgeries - such as the absurd "Bel and the Dragon".

7) A large number of forgeries that are supposedly liturgies going back to the Apostles.

8) Tradition and forgery . When you look at the lives of simply huge numbers of so called "saints" and "bishops" you will see that simply massive amounts of the story of their lives are traditional stories, with no evidence, that amounts to "old wives tales history" that is forgery, not history at all. Take a look at all the things St Nicholas (who lived at the time of "St Constantine the Emperor" who was so called equal to the Apostles"). After over 1,000 years of tricking ignorant uneducated peasants (the laity) into Hell with all these lying stories of obviously fake miracles and "signs from God", the modern day Orthodox and Catholic churches try to rationalise away their FORGERY of HISTORY. So the next time you accept the name of "Noah's wife was.... such and such" and "the names of the 3 wise men were....such and such" just remember you are being roped into the forgery of history at the thin end of the wedge by Catholics and the Orthodox. Stop falling for their tricks! 

If you are going to create forgeries to "prove" that the Early church was Orthodox, you had better do a good job on the forgeries, because if you do not, if your forgeries are exposed later on as shockingly naive fakes, they will prove the complete opposite, that Orthodoxy is one big lying counterfeit.

9) Bogus historical sites (all lying history)

Of course running parallel with these deceptive forgeries are bogus historical sites meant to "prove" the Christian Faith in a more generalised way. Like "the shrine of the birth place of Jesus". The resurrection tomb of Jesus, etc etc etc, indeed that is part of the whole deception process. If you can be tricked into believing, with no evidence, a place is where something happened related to bible history, then phase 2 can be put into motion, fooling you they have proofs the early church agreed with Orthodoxy on all counts, while simultaneously the Roman Catholics insist all the historical proof shows the early church agreed with Roman Catholicism, and both churches are very different in doctrine in many places.

One trap for Orthodoxy to fall into by faking a history of their religious agenda, that supposedly goes back to the early church,  is that it did not take much to fool uneducated medieval peasants, and worse uneducated peasants who had been pre-programmed from their early childhood to submit to Orthodox traditions and identifying man made add-ons. In our present day highly educated society ("many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased" Daniel 12:4,) the frankly gormless level of deceit used to forge an interface between the spurious second generation of "saints" and the early church, is enough to turn the face of any educated modern Greek or Russian citizen beetroot red with pure embarrassment.   

Let us see some prime examples.

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