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Forgeries - overview


The forgery of the interface between the new testament church and Orthodoxy.

If you are going to create fishy forgeries to "prove" that the Early church was Orthodox, you had better do a good job on the forgeries, because if you do not, if your forgeries are exposed later on as shockingly naive fakes, they will prove the complete opposite, that Orthodoxy is one big lying counterfeit.

Of course running parallel with these deceptive forgeries are bogus historical sites meant to "prove" the Christian Faith in a more generalised way. Like "the shrine of the birth place of Jesus". The resurrection tomb of Jesus, etc etc etc, indeed that is part of the whole deception process. If you can be tricked into believing, with no evidence, a place is where something happened related to bible history, then phase 2 can be put into motion, fooling you they have proofs the early church agreed with Orthodoxy on all counts, while simultaneously the Roman Catholics insist all the historical proof shows the early church agreed with Roman Catholicism, and both churches are very different in doctrine in many places.

One trap for Orthodoxy to fall into by faking a history of their religious agenda, that supposedly goes back to the early church,  is that it did not take much to fool uneducated medieval peasants, and worse uneducated peasants who had been pre-programmed from their early childhood to submit to Orthodox traditions and identifying man made add-ons. In our present day highly educated society ("many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased" Daniel 12:4,) the frankly gormless level of deceit used to forge an interface between the spurious second generation of "saints" and the early church, is enough to turn the face of any educated modern Greek or Russian citizen beetroot red with pure embarrassment.   

Let us see some prime examples.

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