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Does mankind have free will ?

As far as my research goes less than 10% of Protestants (thankfully) believe in the heresy of Calvinism, that denies human free will. Of all the heresies in the entire world, Calvinism is probably the one I personally find the most obnoxious, foul and disgusting. If Calvinism was true the whole Universe is one big utter nightmare. It describes God as a person worse than the demon Baal. Baal wanted children burnt in sacrifices to him, in utter and complete agony, but the fictitious God of Calvinism goes one step further, he supposedly creates the vast majority of the human race with no means, hope or opportunity of ever being saved - but there is one extra abomination to add to this "It is all for his glory!"


Yes that is right, they say if you end up in Hell, you had no chance to go anywhere else, as they say God did not draw you, as they foolishly surmise that if God draws you and you fail to respond, then God somehow failed, as if this drawing power must be irresistible if performed by God, which is not the case. Do not forget that every soul in Hell was one a beautiful baby, or a cute toddler with a teddy bear or a dolly, and as such were born to burn in Hell according to the heretic Calvin. What is especially frightening about the beliefs of Calvinists, extressed in the acronym T.U.L.I.P., is that we all agree God is almighty, all seeing and all knowing, and is thus unopposable if he had an agenda like the Calvinists accuse him of, and anyone anywhere that believed in what we know (in the real world) to be justice, her or she would be the epicenter of his ire, for daring to oppose him. Thus many Calvinists, having created this illusion of God in their own minds, spend the rest of their lives on the run from and fawning to an image of God that is entirely fictitious and obnoxiously false. 

The root of the heresy of Calvinism comes from misunderstanding Romans 9, without first reading Romans 8:29 which says "For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren." Here the word "predestinate" represents God manipulating people's lives and events in their lives to steer them toward his chosen place for them in the body of Christ the church, which church is only and entirely only those who have been born again by belief in Christ (an act of acceptance and free will). You cannot predestinate a person who is an unbeliever to a ministry, as they will never have one, but if by all knowing foreknowledge you can see through the passage of time, you can both isolate those who by free will shall believe, and, by a divine authority possessed only by God, choose out who to give bigger ministries like Apostles and Evangelists, and smaller ministries, like that of "helps" (1 Cor 12:28), however I would like to point out about the ministry of helpers, that the word of God says "if you want to be great in God's kingdom learn to be the servant of all!" .

As a Christian with the ministry of teacher and a theologist I have very great admiration if another teacher can refute such a vile heresy in only a few words. Once in a FaceBook group I read an ultra powerful one line refutation by another Evangelical, who, like me, believes in Free Will. Here is his marvellous 4 word refutation of Calvinism:

"Foreknowledge is not causation!"

Please take a moment to appreciate that saying. It is astonishing that in only 4 words the person conveys that he understands the essence of the subject, and produces the answer to the misconceptions in so few words. Bravo! The fact is that almost all people who call themselves Christians, whether they are Protestant, Catholic, Evangelical, Anabaptist or Orthodox, all understand that if a person is not saved, it is because they failed, not the love or the mercy of God. Indeed the love of God in offering a person like St Paul mercy for a life entirely gone off the rails, who violently persecuted the church, can in a moment of belief (and true belief is always characterized by repentance) be in an immediate state of salvation,


What I have said so far is so serious, in terms of just how caustic and evil Calvinism is, you might think it could not get worse, but perhaps it can. Here are two other wicked blasphemies of the Calvinist atrocity of so called theology .

1) Insulting the character of the Holy Ghost for money.

2) Attacking the free will gospel as a false gospel, because it does not fit the Calvinist agenda,

The works of the Reformation were not complete.

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