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Orthodox teachers often boast that one of the things that distinguishes Orthodoxy from Evangelicals is holy places and holy objects. Here I hope to create a list of their holy frauds. The Holy Frauds of Orthodoxy are often accompanied by a triple repeat of it, as if doing something three times makes it three times more holy, an obvious facet of man made rituals to emphasize their bogus powers.


1)  The miracle of holy fire - fraud! how anyone can be so dull witted as to gamble their eternity and that of their whole family on such a transparently obvious fraud is beyond me. If this long term tradition is false (and it clearly is) the whole lie of basing your Faith on Orthodox church traditions as well as holy writ crumbles into powder. Evangelicals are thunderstruck about how dim people are to believe this quote "lying wonder" that God calls "strong delusion" that falls upon those who love to believe lies.
2) The holy mass, and holy cannibalism - fraud! blasphemously attributed to the Holy Ghost. The Whore of Babylon, the Mother of Harlots (and her daughters) holds out a cup, with quote "the filthiness of her fornication" Rev 17:4, filthiness because they say they eat and digest in their guts God incarnate (Acts 2:27) fornication because it is idolatry to call a piece of bread God. note: when Israel worshipped stocks and stones under trees in the Old Testament it was called "adultery" by God, as Israel was married to God,  but Orthodoxy and Catholicism commit "fornication" proving they are not the bride of Christ.
3)  Holy myrrh dripping icons - fraud!
4)  Holy water - fraud! 
5)  Holy bishop's golden crowns - fraud!
6)  Holy funeral racket - fraud! they rob the Greek people of millions by threatening to dig up the bodies of their dead relatives if they dont pay up.
7)  Holy thuribles - fraud!
8)  Holy incense - fraud! - sometimes referred to as "the smells and bells deception"
9)  Holy uniforms - fraud! designed by who?
10) Holy beards - fraud!  the entire Old Testament law was nailed to the cross, see Galatians 6:2 & Matt 7:24. By the way, did all the bishops of Rome and so called Popes have beards before the great schism? Yes or no?
11)  Holy long hair on men - fraud!  "if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him" 1 Cor 11:14
12) Holy Freemasonry style secret society - fraud!  how do you think the phony is chosen to fake the so called "miracle of holy fire"? They have a secret society within Orthodoxy of frauds and cynical liars.
13) Holy revamped heathen temples - fraud!  historians point out early heretics did not build churches, they simply revamped heathen temples, and called things like a statue of Zeus "St Peter"! There are no church buildings anywhere in the new testament! Modern Orthodox churches are based on heathen temples! They are like warehouses full of idols renamed "icons"!
14) Holy adultery - fraud! the Orthodox church allows adulterous second marriages.
15) Holy Abortive Contraception - fraud! did you know the modern pill was changed and is based on progesterone, an abortifacient chemical? That is right! It is a chemical abortion! 
16) Holy giving wine to toddlers - fraud? I don't think many if any Evangelicals would allow alcoholic wine to pass the lips of toddlers and young children. However it must be said that in the middle ages the poor were so likely to die of waterborne disease almost everyone drank weak solutions of beer. The desperate climate of the middle ages however does not justify giving infants diluted wine. 
17) Holy icons of Mary - fraud! it is completely laughable. The Orthodox claim at least about a dozen icons of Mary were painted by St Luke himself. Not only would carbon radiation dating prove that bunk, the faces of her are all different! and the painterly styles are all different! It is by the means of these type of deceptions Orthodoxy seeks to forge a link between their false church and the early church. 

YouTube videos claiming the Orthodox preach the same gospel as Evangelicals -This video is about Orthodox's house of cards falling apart. IT IS EVANGELICAL THEOLOGY to say we are entirely saved by Jesus, but that our works are the FRUIT not a ROOT of salvation. The person in this video is jumping in and out of Orthodox theology and Evangelical theology because he is ASHAMED of how Orthodox teachings are falling apart in the bright sparkling light of the true Evangelical Jesus saves gospel. It is priestcraft salvation to say you are only born again through Chrismation by an Orthodox priest, as 1 Cor 1:17 says plainly, baptism is not part of the salvation gospel at all, neither is "you must eat Jesus flesh and only an Orthodox priest can do the hocus pocus ritual". That brings a man into their salvation. They say also their works are part of a quote "process of salvation", which is heretical terminology, works are just one quality indicator of living Faith, that is you TRULY are "trusting in and relying upon Jesus" for salvation, not using his finished work as some certificate to sin the rest of your life and never repent. Orthodoxy is falling into the sand it is built on. Its crumbling before everyone's eyes. This video is an example of them falling apart at the seams. If they really had preached the Evangelical gospel they would have sided with Protestants not Rome over the issue in the reformation. They openly keep quoting the Epistle of James over and over and over again "A man is justified by works" now want to do a u-turn as people decide to instead believe the bible, not their dumb bishops dressed up in crowns with their own thrones in churches!!! wow...... talk about Pharisees! 

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