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Julius Caesar and many others deliberately twisted the facts about war to suit there own plans. Which begs the question - Can you really trust history books? The Orthodoxy are always quoting Origen to "prove" certain things, when even they say Origen was an heretic. Most of that which is called history that the Orthodox quote is tradition, about as reliable as superstitions and old wives tales. What is more, when a tradition becomes embarrassing, they can always but always "prove" that it was not really a tradition, because some obscure hermit, pillarist or fake saint somewhere said the opposite, nullifying the effect of the smashing of the idea their church is :infallible".


The belief that the Eastern Orthodox religion, its churches and its practices are like the early church is a total farce. It is a religious fantasy, it is a totally anachronistic and and an oxymoronic belief that bears no resemblance whatever to the reality of the description of the early congregations and practices and doctrines. 

This page is not supposed to be funny.
They actually believe nonsense like this.
Otherwise their church is, in actual fact, totally nothing like the early church. right?

*) Jesus gave the sermon on the mount, where he told a joke he never really meant about not repeating prayers like the heathen do.

1) Jesus called his 12 disciples, who all immediately put on golden mitres, like crowns, and dressed up in gold braid encrusted uniforms, in a new style, directly revealed to the tailors who made them from heaven.  None of the mitres the disciples wore were the traditional fish head mitres of the Popes, they were all Orthodox style mitres, and as the Catholics therefore have a bogus tradition, this proves Catholicism is false, as one of its traditions failed, and so Orthodoxy not Catholicism is the true Faith, as the traditions of Orthodoxy are on a par with holy scripture.    

*) Jesus rebuked the pharisees, as they were far too much like modern day Orthodox priests and bishops, and thus they were giving them a bad name before they had even arrived.

2) St. Luke made an icon of Mary. He kneeled in front of it but was was not worshipping it.

*) The disciples said the Jesus prayer 1,000 times each evening before going fishing. 

3) At Pentecost 3,000 people were saved in one day, and passed their catechumen tests immediately by a miracle, all believing that the Filioque doctrine is wrong. They were all triple baptized, triple exorcised, and chrismated with oil by the Apostles, who were dressed in their heaven inspired uniforms. 

4) St Mark and St James wrote long boring liturgies,  and the people and the Apostles repeated their part of the script as scripts were handed out.

*) The disciples discussed together who should be "The First Among Equals". (note: The Pope many years later decided he was even more equal than "the first among equals" was.) 

"Christendom" or the

2nd Babylonian Captivity

The Crusades remade Europe by uniting it as the concept of "Christendom", or "United Churchianity" to resist Islam, despite the differences between Rome and her daughters, the various Orthodox religions. Not only did they fight Islam, but killed any true Christians, or any heretics, they could find. This is the second phase of the development of the 2nd Babylonian Captivity, that was mainly started by Constantine, who began its power structure as a political, as well as a religious force, adding Purple to Scarlet. The Scarlet priestcraft heresies may have had many roots, one the "doctrine of the Nicolaitanes". 

a "united militant civilization" where warlike Crusades were a religious duty, to fight Arabs and Muslims, baltic pagans, and to destroy Albigensians and other sects (like any Evangelicals they found), as they did not represent a "common heritage within a pseudo Christian definition of it". The GREEKS were later conquered by the Ottoman Empire, and so it is no surprise they still to this day have no repentance for this militaristic definition of "Christendom" and have totally forsaken the pacifism Jesus preached. It was to them a re-run of the battle of the 300 hundred Spartans In the Battle of Thermopylae of 480 BC. 

THE ORIGINAL CHURCH - the identifying issues.

Orthodoxy claims:

Orthodox angle

The Holy Bible

1) Icons:
St. Luke supposedly made the very first icon of Jesus, beginning an avalanche of icons in the original church. This is justified as Jesus was the image of God the Father, and as God made that image it is now permissible to make images of God in the flesh because God made one - that is Jesus was a walking talking icon. Where were these icons in the old testament? The kind of idols for which Israel was punished!

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