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Here i wish to post in the future a long list of the evil pseudo saints of Orthodoxy, and those they share with Catholicism. Not all those called saints in Orthodoxy are not saints, as some of them are simply bible characters we all believe are saints. However being "made into a sain" through the church is a heresy in itself. Romans 1 says Christians are all called to be saints. Making people saints is just another bogus power claimed by the pharisees of Orthodoxy, along with their litany of man made rituals. 

include Emperors like Justinian (massacre of the chariots rebellion) wars etc

QUOTE: "Bishop Odo of Bayeux, William's (the Bastard or Conquerer) half-brother and second in command. fought in the Battle of Hastings using a mace in order to prevent the spilling of Christian blood."

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