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             Old Testament Verses in the New Testament:
comparing the LXX to Textus Receptus and the Alexandrian Greek

Old Testament Verses in the New Testament

In order to check out if it is really true that the Holy Spirit of God, was using the LXX to quote Old Testament scriptures in The New Testament throughout, we will look into the huge number of times such quotations occur, and see if it is really true. But as the Eastern Orthodox church heretically use the Alexandrian Text in their English new testament, unless the verses are identical to the Byzantine Greek of the Textus Receptus kind, what is the significance of this?

note: If you believe John 8:1-11 is the Word of God, and the end of Mark 16, containing the resurrection of Jesus and the gifts, you automatically think the Orthodox bible has flunked about LXX quotations, as there are hundreds of text omissions from their new testaments because they use the phoney modern bible versions based on the heretical Alexandrian Greek.

The Gospel of Matthew: 96

The Gospel of Mark: 34

The Gospel of Luke :58

The Gospel of John :40

Acts of the Apostles :57

Romans :74

1 Corinthians :41

2 Corinthians :13

Galatians: 16

Ephesians: 11

Philippians: 3

Colossians: 3

1 Thessalonians: 2

2 Thessalonians: 2

1 Timothy: 6

2 Timothy: 2

Hebrews: 86

James: 16

1 Peter: 20

2 Peter: 10

1 John: 6

Revelation: 249

Total: 855 quotations. *

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