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Mary Mother of God


warning! - the entire subject of Nestorianism is riddled with pedantic nuances that effectively have multiple variations of the belief, is so much as you might as well invent new names for each different dogma. A lot of twisting and turning and interplay of different subjects goes on by the Orthodox concerning this, in order to resist the simple fact that it is blasphemous to call Mary "The Mother of God" because it implies he is not eternal, but she is, or that she pre-existed him, concerning his Godhead, even though Protestants all believe that when she gave birth she had been carrying a person who was fully God and fully man.

The belief that Mary should be called "The Mother of God" may be more prevalent among the Orthodox than I first thought, perhaps because of a Roman Catholic Jesuit style plot to infect Orthodoxy with it by a spirit of accusation almost akin the the Inquisition. The strong arm way this is being forced upon the Orthodox is as follows......

An Accusation you are Nestorian

if you do not say Mary is "The Mother of God".



"the Christian doctrine that there were two separate persons, one human and one divine, in the incarnate Christ. It is named after Nestorius, patriarch of Constantinople (428–31), and was maintained by some ancient Churches of the Middle East. A small Nestorian Church still exists in Iraq."

Eastern Orthodox theology states that "Jesus was fully God and fully man, yet without sin. He has two natures (not one) human and divine, yet is one person, not two (Nestorianism - see above)."

I entirely agree that Nestorianism is incorrect with certain pedantic nuances emphasised. They state things like "Nestorianism was named anathema by the Church in the Council of Chalcedon". If you deny that the phrase "Mary is the Mother of God" is correct, and you emphasise the unique new facet of Christ is his incarnation, not his Godhead (that is that he pre existed Mary eternally, and was her creator) they will accuse you of the Nestorian heresy, or at very least Nestorian sounding statements, even if

a) You say point blank Nestorianism is serious error.

b) You Mary gave birth to a person who was fully God and fully man.

428-431 - Nestorianism  is error in Orthodoxy, but, it came from patriarch of Constantinople Nestorius (428–31), and thus is a schism in their church, however some blame instead Cyril of Alexandria who is said to have been a jealous crank and slandered Nestorius. Christotokos some would argue is the general Protestant interpretation (??), but one must be careful, as the subject is peppered with pedantic nuances, and is related to the subject of whether Christ had two natures.


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