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A long long time ago the creators of the first priestcraft heresies discovered that the public will queue-up around the corner to see magic tricks, hocus-pocus, a museum full of relics, artifacts,  myrrh dripping icons, weeping statues, man made rituals, rites, and get a buzz from clouds of incense, and looking at weirdly distorted idols renamed icons, and in short do anything but have a personal relationship with God. They discovered that the more rites and rituals they invented, the more power it gave them, because the more it made it look like they were the co-Saviours of people's souls! 


The general public (now relegated to "the laity") would give all their money to it. It was big business, and the phony priests and bishops could even take over whole countries with it - by buying up land and and moving from religion into politics. It was an offer from Satan these false priests could not refuse! Power! Wealth! Religious glory! Where Jesus refused that kind of temptation from the devil the makers of Orthodoxy and Catholicism could not resist the temptations! And so the biggest ever pseudo christian movement in the whole of history was born! With the murderous Emperor Constantine as their new leader! 

These killer Christians began wiping out anyone not agreeing with their superfluous doctrines, and Europe and the world plunged into over 1,000 years of bloody religious wars - "for Jesus"!. The real non violent Christians who rejected people like Constantine had to go into hiding, often using the Ichthus symbol to identify each other. The Catholics and the Orthodox claim that for over 1,000 years no one believed the "Jesus Saves!" good new or gospel. Does that sound very likely to you? 

God compared these religious Empires to a Mother Whore and her daughters in the Book of Revelation, who together have murdered millions. They indoctrinated their children from an early age to believe their lies, making them confess their sins to priests, until by the time they grew up they were drunk on the wine of religion, spiritually, to the extent that they would be willing to murder or imprison anyone denying the hocus-pocus rituals of their bogus religion were true.


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