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Without doubt the Orthodox religion is the most oxymoronic religion I have ever studied. Without apparently realising it, the people in the religion are constantly employing the Orwellian thought process called "doublethink" the complete acceptance of two entirely contradictory beliefs both at the same time. A non Orthodox example is "I am a vegetarian meat eater". a complete contradiction. Here I hope to compile a long list of these contradictions.


They will argue until they are blue in the face that in the Epistle of James he says we are justified by our own works.

     They will argue until they are blue in the face that triple baptism, chrismation and the eucharist all contribute to actual salvation (the heresy of sacerdotalism).

      They will argue until they are blue in the face that salvation is a process.


Then when challenged that this means they therefore theologically have a Semi Saviour, and deny salvation by grace alone, then insist "No Christ is our Saviour, and we believe in salvation by grace."




They will admit that there is no evidence the early church described in the bible constructed purpose built so called "churches" full of idols, gold plated walls and strewn with idols (renamed icons), that the bishops did not wear uniforms, crowns, miters or gold, and that golden artifacts like chalices etc did not exist......


Then insist "we are identical to the first church!" when clearly all the evidence therefore points to the early church being identical to the Evangelical born again Christian house group movement.


Where Catholics usually stand on an issue and defend it, it is far more common in the Orthodox Faith to use doublethink, sophisms or oxymoronic theological statements. This causes mental confusion in Orthodox "laity" and they walk away without resolving the issues and stay captive in heresy. It is a technique that works for people not seeking thus not finding (seekers do not give up on resolving truth) thus though provably false the Orthodox persist in this technique of deception. In short their theology consists of statements similar to "We are vegetarian meat eaters". They want to "have their cake and eat it". 

WAR: we are pacifists, with warmonger saints, and priests who bless guns.

PRAYER: We ask the saints for their intercession; we don't pray to them.

IDOLS: it is an icon of God not an idol.

SALVATION: We are saved by grace and works.

THE ORTHODOX MASS: we eat the flesh and blood of Jesus but that is not cannibalism. 

JUDGING: only in the Orthodox Faith is salvation found, but we do not make the judgement as to whether other people in other denominations are or are not saved.

more to follow.......

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