and believed in FREE WILL

The word Pro-Testant does not mean to Protest, it means For (Pro) a testimony (testant). He did not have to say what he did and be stoned. He chose to reprove a dangerous mob, in the Spirit. 

He said to them "Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do always RESIST the Holy Ghost: as your fathers did, so do ye."


I think probably, in the end, when all is said and done, most every church, sect and cult, would simply try to claim the word Christian, believer or saint, even if not exclusively for themselves. Just about everyone is willing to qualify a word like Christian, in order to make an effort to be clear on who they are and what they believe. I choose to distinguish myself primarily by the words "Evangelical Christian" or a "Good News Christian" as it is made clear in the new testament many times that our primary goal on Earth is to preach the "gospel by which we are saved" (1 Cor 15: 1-4 & Luke 24: 44-48 & John 3: 16).


I believe the original church were called Christians, believers, and saints, no need for add-ons. But many heresies began to form even then, like Antinomianism, Judaization, and the Nicolaitanes.  

The Catholics and Orthodox believe the Protochurch was called "The Holy Apostolic Catholic Church" from the beginning.  So they say. That is their fantasy. Then in the so called Great Schism, Rome somehow wrested the word Catholic for themselves, and the Orthodox chose the word Orthodox to distinguish themselves, yet both words are not in the new testament. Quite how and why the word Catholic was obtained by Rome, without a struggle with the Byzantines, is not clear, for some strange reason (the word Catholic is in the Creed). But notice even they today try to distinguish themselves by qualification of the words Church and Christian.


IS PROTESTANT (for a testimony) IN THE BIBLE

Saint Stephen, the protomartyr, was not the first Protestant, but he was the first "for a testimony martyr" other than Christ himself. So in that sense he was certainly a Protestant Martyr. It is only when the three words "for a testimony" are presented as one qualifying word "Protestant" that sparks begin to fly theologically, but I would say that it is a more biblical attempt to qualify the words church and Christian. That the word Protestant means to Protest against  Romanism and Orthodoxy, and thus must be something that came AFTER them, is one of three goofy lies told by the Pope and the "Primus inter haereticus", the others being - that there idol ridden, ritual infested, heresy riddled pseud church is anything like the first church at all, and also - the Protestants and Evangelicals believe in thousands of churches, when it is almost unanimously believed among them all that there is ONE church, those who are born again by belief in Christ alone, the diversification being taking responsibility for their other doctrines.



  And quite how the Orthodox Primus inter pares came known by a Latin phrase is mind-boggling.