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Why most protestants will go to Hell.


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I recently had a comment here by an Orthodox believer who said "In my humble opinion you guys are all heretics."

It is this expression "you guys" I wish to address. By this I take it the person means Protestants. I don't mind being identified with the word "Protestant" as it mean pro (For) testant (a testimony) and Jesus told his disciples to bear testimony many times, using that exact expression "for a testimony". However I wish to point out people called Protestants are often very very very different!

It was largely Protestants, as well as Catholics, who persecuted the Early Anabaptist Christians and Quakers, who unlike them decided to obey Jesus concerning his revolutionary teachings in the Sermon on the Mount, including "Love your enemies" and "turn the other cheek" and his teaching not to swear an oath. These early Quakers were much different to the pathetic club or "society" we see today, they were a church, a church of nonviolent believers in Jesus, who also had the guts and courage not to be sycophants to the state or the Government and refused to swear oaths or go to war. God blessed them essentially by helping them to found the modern day USA as we know it now.

It is this refusal to obey the first chapter of the Sermon on the Mount that will send most Protestants to Hell, along with most Catholics and most Eastern Orthodox.


Take swearing oaths as an example. This is no small matter. Because most Protestants, Catholics and Orthodox compromise on this issue, Adolf Hitler was able to much more easily force soldiers to swear a mind controlling "oath of allegiance" to him, with utterly devastating consequences in World War 2.


If it is a small matter to swear an oath, why does God tell us in the inspired word "above all things do not swear an oath"? The people reading this are probably so indoctrinated by the authorities and public attitudes, that even though I am making a strong case here for how extremely serious this issue is, the penny will not drop in their mind for them to appreciate and understand this. Once you start finding excuses to do the opposite of the word of God, and then call it "obeying the word of God" it can be a slippery slope into destruction, when you next find yourself for example, interpreting "love your enemies" means "kill you enemies" with a compassionate look on your face as you do it.



As you know, I claim on this website to identify over 200 errors or heresies of the Eastern Orthodox Church, but the heresy that dismays and disgusts me most is Calvinism, as it slanders the very nature of the kind and truly loving God we are all very fortunate is ruler over the universe. 




As they preach the same gospel


As many Protestants become heretics themselves, and Gal 5 includes in the list of works of the flesh, that are the outward visible sign of impending damnation, quote "heresy"























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