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The Protochurch was the first church as it was in the time of the Apostles. This was perhaps more like the present day Evangelical house group movement than any other church, and was certainly nothing at all like the pompous, gold plated, idol ridden, ritual infected religions of Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy we see today. To get you away from this dazzlingly obvious fact Orthodox clergy divert your attention into spurious historical documents about so called saints found nowhere in the bible who may not have even existed.

Evangelical churches and Protestant churches believe the bible can be read and understood, by relationship with God - it is called reading and understanding the scriptures. Something the Orthodox are apparently incapable of. The absurd claim of Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy is that the historical record of early christian writers proves their particular religion is correct, not the other, and yet both churches are massively different in doctrine, a fact they continually disguise as it shows up the falsity of the bogus history they have forged,


so let us now prove how different the Orthodox and Catholics are, by showing a list of doctrines they both differ on, and in so doing show up the idiocy of the fact that they both claim, in contradiction of each other, early writers prove them exclusively correct ...... a laughable claim by them both...... and by doing so they both prove that Evangelicals are correct to trust the bible instead of distorted quotations.

If I now give a list of doctrines that are different: 

1) between Eastern Orthodoxy and Catholicism,

2) different sects of Catholicism,

3)  totally different types of Orthodoxy, like Oriental Orthodoxy

4) and divisions in Eastern Orthodoxy


we are then left with the pathetic claim that early historical church figures agreed with them all, even though they are all radically different, and that each of them makes the same absurd claim, that it can be proven that people like Justin Martyr believed the identical same things as them, in other words he believed in hundreds of things that all contradict each other, he believed in Purgatory, and denied Purgatory, etc. All this shows that the history the quote is bunk, and to coin a phrase "better to believe the bible than bunk."   



1) The papacy & "First Among Equals" (both heretical).

2) Papal infallibility.

2) Priestly powers - the mass.

*) Insist the mass was always done in Latin - the others Greek

3) Hell (Eastern Orthodoxy denies a literal Lake of Fire).

4) Purgatory (Catholics believe in this)

4) Limbo,

*) Infant sprinkling versus infant triple baptism (both unbiblical)

5) Divorce and remarriage - Eastern Orthodoxy are extremely heretical on this.

6) Filioque. 

7) Mary never died

8) Mary floated up to heaven (the assumption)

8) Mary never had original sin

9) Mary never sinned (then why call God her Saviour)

10)  Mary's mother - Catholicism

11) the conception of Christ (using or not using an ovum with original sin - various issues)

12) Original sin versus ancestral sin

13) Catholics change the 10 Commandments. In order to erase the 2nd Commandment about idols, Catholics shove the 2nd Commandment into the First, and Split the 10th Commandment into two. Orthodox do not do this, as their idolatry is perhaps less extensive as it usually has no statues involved.






Non-Chalcedonianism (& miaphysites):

1) Oriental Orthodoxy.

a) Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria,

b) Syriac Orthodox Church (sometimes referred to as "Jacobite"),

c) Armenian Apostolic Church,

d) Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church,

e) Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church 

f) Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.

g) Nestorian church in Iraq.

The Assyrian church:


The Christology of the Church of the East (i.e., Nestorian Christianity) may be called "non-Ephesine" for not accepting the Council of Ephesus, but did finally gather to ratify the Council of Chalcedon at the Synod of Mar Aba I in 544.

[so Justin Martyr, (and all other so called "Fathers") was Nestorian in their belief.]


5) Uniates 

6) Left wing ecumenical

7) Old versus new calendarists


The absurd thing is, that Eastern Orthodoxy, and Roman Catholics believe radically different things, yet BOTH claim all the early so called fathers like Justin Martyr believed the same as them, and they can PROVE it with quotes. So he believed in Purgatory for instance, and he totally denied it.


When you then add all the sects of Catholics, all the dozens of different types of Orthodoxy like Oriental Orthodoxy, and all the divisions in Eastern Orthodoxy itself, and you then realise all those hundreds of different sects, cults and divisions all make the same type of claim, they can PROVE early church history proves THEM right, you see why we must trust the bible, not obscure manuscripts about saints we dont know really even existed, that were in the hands of the popes and Orthodoxy for 1,000 years to twist, distort, forge and fake.

There were so many early heretics I dont care much what early fathers (who may often of not even existed) said. But absurdly all those different religions say the record of early ms all PROVE that exclusively THEY ALONE are the real Faith. How preposterous. BELIEVE THE BIBLE! Matthew 4:4 promises God will preserve it WORD FOR WORD!

SOURCES OF SUSPICION (doctoring quotations):

1) Also some of the quotations are very false sounding, like Justin Martyr supposedly saying "transmutation". Misquotations are not quotations.

2) Most of the"proof" early writers were Catholic in doctrine is simply them saying "the bread is my body, the wine is my blood" which is simply a repeat of scriptural analogy, not some expounding of the blasphemy of the mass. 

its not recorded who wrote the early ms down. Latin is an immediate corruption


Did Justin martyr believe the bishop of Rome had authority over the whole church above all other bishops?

Basically anyone who doesn't believe the bible over tradition that contradicts the bible is a fool.

the doctoring of early quotations is largely simply mistranslation NOW and quoting OUT OF CONTEXT. For instance many Evangelical Christian singers sing songs saying "the bread is his body the wine is his blood" but emphatically deny transubstantiation, and are simply referring to the biblical analogy, called clearly a REMEMBRANCE.


the Evangelical house group movement matches the early church EXACTLY. Not so the pomposity, extravagance,  and ritualism of Romanism and Orthodoxy.

do you bow the knee before the "changed" bread (Catholic) or prostrate yourself before it (Orthodoxy)


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