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1) If Eastern Orthodoxy is so God blessed why is Constantinople under Muslim control occupied by Muslims?

2) Why was Haggia Sophia destroyed by an Earthquake and had to be rebuilt?

1) Did the merchants in Acts 2 go back to Catholic churches, full of idols, with Catholic priests "feeding them on Jesus"? Rubbish! They were saved by grace through Faith alone, by believing in Jesus (John 3:16).

2) Bogus Apostolic succession - like the bishops of Antioch? The first two are St Stachys and St Onesimus, both characters clearly stolen out a list of bible names (Acts 16:9 & the Epistle of Philemon) about whose doctrines we have no writings, so how do you suppose them proven to be Catholic in doctrine?

3) Why do you think that there is no proof the Evangelical House Group Movement is closest to the first church, when it matches THE BIBLE, as if that is no proof. Its only "no proof" to you because your churches are based on man made traditions made up LATER.

4) The Protestant and Evangelicals jus about ALL believe in one church, that is all those born again, it is just we believe you are born again after accepting Christ, not because a priest brings about a baby being regenerated via acts of priestcraft.

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