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The Evangelical born again Christians (of which I am one) emphasise greatly the need for a saved believer to have a personal relationship with Christ. The word "saved" among Evangelicals is twisted by the Orthodox, who frankly pretend Evangelicals do not make it clear they have more than one use of the word "saved" that is


1) The day you believed in Christ

2) In a state of salvation now, should you die today

3) Saved on the Great Day of Judgement

One great proof of the surety of our salvation is our personal relationship with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is described in Romans as the "Abba! Father!" relationship, as a person becomes spiritually reborn, he is adopted by God as a spiritual son of God or daughter of God. In this rebirth a person receives a new nature, described in the "new and better covenant" prophecy in Jer 31:31-34 as the taking away of the stony heart (a nature tending toward evil)  and replacing it with a heart of flesh (a softened heart - a nature tending toward kindness and toward doing good). 

This is a massively important subject, as it means Evangelicals look to the Holy Ghost to guide them understanding the bible, and do not look to groups of old men with scraggly beards dressed up in pretentious uniforms to teach them, and suc men always but always simply teach heresy ad sin. 

Orthodox "spiritual" relationships


The skeleton of Mary!         (still dead- not resurrected)

The corpses of the dead!    (still dead- not resurrected)


When you look into the beliefs of Orthodoxy about "spiritual relationships" you will soon see (if you are spiritual yourself) their teachings amount to the same evil practices and beliefs as spiritism and spiritualist mediums.


Praying to the dead

Why do you think the Catholics invented the dogma of the Assumption of the Ever Virgin Mary as late as 1950? Is is because Reformation Christians were converting millions of Catholics by pointing out facts like - Mary is dead! She has not been resurrected yet! You are saying you are praying to and "having a personal relationship with" the skeleton of her dead body! For the Catholic doctrine and similar Orthodox doctrine of the Assumption of Mary is a complete lie.  



the reception of the Virgin Mary bodily into heaven. This was formally declared a doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church in 1950.

• the feast in honour of the Assumption, celebrated on 15 August.

communion of saints:


a fellowship between Christians living and dead. 

In other words the Orthodox believers and clergy are like spiritualist mediums in their relationships, who either fake or a deluded into thinking they have personal relationships with the dead, or they are actually being influenced by demon spirits!

Ironically many of the pseudo saints Orthodoxy call saints are so evil no one would want a relationship with them even if it was available. How many of them claim to have a personal relationship praying to Constantine the Great (a saint supposedly equal to the Apostles)? He even murdered his own family!

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