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                       I BELIEVE

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Usual teachings I have (distinctive within Protestantism):

1) The gospel by which we are saved is salvation by grace through Faith alone, by believing in (to trust in and rely upon) Jesus for salvation, crucified, buried and resurrected. I cannot emphasize enough that the resurrection is part of our actual salvation. I believe all who truly believe in Christ repent, but that repentance is the quality indicator of belief, not that God counts it as some work that makes you now "worthy" of eternal life. Worthiness is found alone in the finished work of Christ. The "gospel by which we are saved" does not include baptism, that is part of "the great commission" not the glad tidings of salvation in Christ alone.

2) Killing in wars, capital punishment and abortion are very serious sins, outlawed in the new and better covenant.

3) The evidence is overwhelming that Christian to Christian marriage is for life, and the corruption of modern Alexandrian text type bibles to add adultery as a cause for divorce and remarriage is heresy. 

4) I defend the KJV Greek over the Alexandrian Greek, however I do not accept the KJV translation of that Greek is totally perfect and cannot be improved, and is on a level of perfection similar to the original Greek and Hebrew. The sycophantic introduction to the KJV is enough proof of that. 

5) Like Anabaptists I believe swearing oaths to be a serious sin.

6) I believe people commonly make a catastrophic error in thinking Romans 13 is saying Governments are righteous. The correct interpretation is that God uses secular government in the same way as he used sinners like Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar, and even Jonah as an alternative to the chaos before the flood, for the objective of stopping things like riotous behaviour in society, 

7) I believe man has free will, and that hardline Calvinists are slandering the nature of God. Billions of children are not born without the means, hope or opportunity to be saved, as Calvinism states, we all are drawn by God and given a chance of salvation.

8) I am non ecumenical, as I feel the phrase "unity among the world's Christian Churches" in reality means "unity among the world's Christian and fake Christian churches" which simply leads to unholiness and compromise of fundamentals. 

9) Unlike some Protestants I avoid pictures and statues of God or any false god, or such images as lead people into gazing upon them idolatrously. This is a complex subject. I do not however believe in iconoclasm, that is invading other people's property and smashing and destroying images they have and they own. I am remember pacifist.

10) The Holy Spirit is our teacher on an individual level, but that young Christians, as yet unskilled in the word of God, are sometimes less sensitive to discern the teachings of the Spirit, as the teaching of Christ is in the Parable of the Sower, the deeper the roots of the believer in his relationship with God, the better, and thus Holy Scripture advises people in the ministry usually to be older believers or "elders".


11) There is only one church - all the people in the world who are born again believers.

12) The early church met in houses, and in nature (e.g. by the river in Acts) thus the building of churches and Cathedrals can be counterproductive. Example are waste of money,  and the powers that be forcing sexually active homosexuals and transexuals into church building, which they cannot do in houses if you don't feel safe with them in your home for your own personal reasons. 

13) Unrepentant homosexuals are not Christians. God is not a compromiser, but he would have to be if homosexual "marriage" was right with God, as there is not one example in the entire bible from Genesis to Revelation. Adultery, divorce and remarriage, abortion, swearing oaths and homosexuality are all legal in most of western society, that does not mean they are not sins. 

14) I do not think drinking alcohol is a sin. The sin is drunkenness and also "surfeiting" which is interpreted by some as getting drunk on only relatively tiny amounts of alcohol as you are a beginner at tasting booze. Banning all booze is associated more with Muslims.

15) Sex inside a legitimate marriage between a man and wife is not only permitted, but is a natural expression of love. That sex becomes a sin after a woman ceases to be fertile is prudery, wrong, meddling, and being a busybody in other people's business, and likely to help cause adultery from frustration.


16) The Diotrephes Heresy: I am against the concept of "heavy shepherding" or the Diotrophese heresy, where a pastor goes too far in being too invasive into people's homelife. An example is a pastor going into a member of the congregation's home, seeing books about cults (because the person wants to research how to witness to people trapped in those cults) and then falsely accusing them of involvement and excommunicating them from church. Worse he night say "I don't care why you are reading that book. I am the pastor, You are a sheep. I'm telling you not to read it. obey me, or you will be put out the church!" He might as well expel everyone from the church who owns an encyclopaedia. They are dictators over every facet of your life. 



My more unusual doctrines, teachings and persuasions :

1) Millennium Kingdom -  It is very common among Evangelical Christians be believe Jesus will return to Earth, as we know it now, and will reign here for 1,000 years, with the saints who refused the 666 mark, and that after this Satan is released, who tempts those reigned over by Christ to attack Jerusalem. Those who follow Satan's attack are then damned, and he finally joins the Beast and the False Prophet in Hell. Jesus will create a complete new Earth. I believe all this too.

However I believe there is strong evidence by extrapolation from scripture, and spiritual logic, that as Calvinism is wrong, and man is a free will being, that babies, children, and some others, will be resurrected into the 1,000 year reign of Christ, so that all humanity may be tested as we are now, along with the babies and children still alive at the return of Christ. This explains who the people are who are "ruled over with a rod of iron" by Jesus and the saints, who are later seduced into attacking Jerusalem by Satan. I believe people will probably have very long lifespans in this time period, like that of Methuselah. 

I have never read this before, and I think I may have received it as a spiritual revelation from God. note: anyone whose teachings are not claimed as being the Holy Spirit teaching them, is simply claiming to have their own carnal guesswork about the bible. The bible specifically says the Holy Spirit is our teacher.

2) An Eclectic School of prophecy : It is commonly said there are only 3 schools of prophecy 

1) Historic

2) Futurist

3) Preterist

I believe none of these "schools" has it perfect, but that all of them are believed because each has some truth in it. If I am correct about this, then the correct way to interpret the Book of Revelation is to identify the truth in each school, and put them together in an eclectic school.

4) The Eclectic School : I believe there is strong evidence the interpretation of the Book of Revelation, and prophecy, is that history often repeats itself, and moves around as it were in a spiral of similar events.  Examples are:

a) When Jesus taught about the End Times, he often seemed to make strong comparisons with the 70 AD attack on Jerusalem, when an attack on Jerusalem is also part of the End Times.

b) The volcano (mighty burning mountain cast into the sea) has a strong case for being an historical event, as well as a future event predicted around this time.


c) In Revelation 12 the bible says spiritual Israel (the church - see Romans 11) is forced out into the wilderness, attacked by the devil, and helped by the Earth, but the time period seems to span from the time of the ascension of Christ, right through to the "mark of the Beast" which is an end time event. As the churches in hiding (like the Lollards) came out of hiding some time ago, but will be forced into hiding again or will be executed for not receiving the mark, name or number of the Beast, this has a dual aspect to it.

d) The similarity of the present danger of a Chinese attack, and that of Genghis Khan is startling.

3) Doctrine / Dogma / Extrapolations / Persuasions / Traditions / Theologoumenon / Ex Cathedra (the differences): 


Where I divide teaching into

1) Doctrine, a 100% definite teaching, for which one must answer to God.

2) Persuasions, not a doctrine, but something you believe is perhaps true to % of persuasion less that 100% (and it is best you quantify your degree of certainty where possible).

3) Extrapolations - logical deductions, but not doctrine, such as Milton saying "If Satan's angels were cast from heaven, they must have been cast into another place, what is that place, and should we give it a name."

Doctrine /

Dogma /

Extrapolations /

Persuasions /

Traditions /

Theologoumenon /

Ex Cathedra

The orthodox think along the lines of church doctrine, and traditions, established outside of scripture by their bishops, and something they call Theologoumena: / a theologoumenon  : a theological statement or concept in the area of individual opinion rather than of authoritative doctrine. 


1) I think Milton may have it correct in Paradise Lost, Book 1, when he extrapolates from holy scripture that Satan and his angels were cast into a place quote "Fitliest called Chaos" and he escaped or wandered from there to attack Adam and Eve, perhaps under threat of Hell if he ever tried it.


2) Hades certainly contains these places

a) Abraham's Bosom

b) The waiting place of the damned.


3) A Dungeon of Chains. That some of the devils angels who were particularly intelligent or evil were kept in chains by God, unable to attack Earth with Satan. Thus is described in the Epistle of Jude. This may be also in "Chaos", another special place, or Hades, it is not made clear.


4) Hades is not the Lake of Fire. Hell is the Lake of Fire. Hades is cast into the Lake of Fire, thus proving it is not Hell. Hades is loosely to be thought of as "The Underworld" (the actual original Greek concept of it) where dead souls reside before the Day of Judgement.

5) Therefore amalgamating these things Hades might be split into 4 places:


a) Abraham's Bosom

b) The waiting place of the damned.

c) A place Milton called Chaos, where Satan and his angels were thrown (he extrapolates even further with a place called "Pandemonium". which I think goes too far in biblical extrapolation,)

d) A Dungeon of demons in chains, demons God decided to edit out of Satan's army. so his attack on Planet Earth was not as bad. This is described in the Epistle of Jude. It is further supported by the fact that God seems to have confined other demons in the River Euphrates, only allowing them to escape at the End of the Age, just before Armageddon. 

e) Tartarus - The proper interpretation and meaning of, when the non biblical use of the word is "part of the underworld where the wicked suffered punishment for their misdeeds, especially those such as Ixion and Tantalus who had committed some outrage against the gods." so is it possible this word .


Tartarus occurs in the Septuagint translation of Job into Koine Greek, and in Hellenistic Jewish literature from the Greek text of 1 Enoch, dated to 400–200 BC. This states that God placed the archangel Uriel "in charge of the world and of Tartarus" (20:2). Tartarus is generally understood to be the place where 200 fallen Watchers (angels) are imprisoned.[23]

In Hypostasis of the Archons (also translated 'Reality of the Rulers'), an apocryphal gnostic treatise dated before 350 AD, Tartarus makes a brief appearance when Zōē (life), the daughter of Sophia (wisdom) casts Ialdabaōth (demiurge) down to the bottom of the abyss of Tartarus.[24]

Tartarus also appears in sections of the Jewish Sibylline Oracles. E.g. Sib. Or. 4:186.

In the New Testament, the noun Tartarus does not occur but tartaroō (ταρταρόω, "throw to Tartarus"), a shortened form of the classical Greek verb kata-tartaroō ("throw down to Tartarus"), does appear in 2 Peter 2:4. Liddell–Scott provides other sources for the shortened form of this verb, including Acusilaus (5th century BC), Joannes Laurentius Lydus (4th century AD) and the Scholiast on AeschylusEumenides, who cites Pindar relating how the earth tried to tartaro "cast down" Apollo after he overcame the Python.[25] In classical texts, the longer form kata-tartaroo is often related to the throwing of the Titans down to Tartarus.[26]

The ESV is one of several English versions that gives the Greek reading Tartarus as a footnote:

"For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell [1] and committed them to chains of gloomy darkness to be kept until the judgment;"

- Footnotes [1] 2:4 Greek Tartarus

Adam Clarke reasoned that Peter's use of language relating to the Titans was an indication that the ancient Greeks had heard of a Biblical punishment of fallen angels.[27] Some Evangelical Christian commentaries distinguish Tartarus as a place for wicked angels and Gehenna as a place for wicked humans on the basis of this verse.[28] Other Evangelical commentaries, in reconciling that some fallen angels are chained in Tartarus, yet some not, attempt to distinguish between one type of fallen angel and another.[29]


The problem with extrapolating from the bible in this way is I can be accused of creating "traditions of men" in my teachings, or rather strong persuasions. (in progress..... )


Are the two greatest gospel preaching nations on Earth:

It is my belief God said the UK will be called "Great Britain" in Genesis 38. Probably largely after the Romans left Britain the wandering Tribe of Ephraim settle here. We became first born before the USA as a nation (Manassah are USA) even though Ephraim the man was born second, and this explains why Ephraim became "firstborn" in Genesis 38.. The crossed hands of Jacob represent that the UK and USA would become the two greatest Gospel preaching nations on Earth (sign of the cross). The British Israel movement say this as well, but I believe most of the other things they say are bunk and absurd add ons. I also believe the way this is historically timed shows that Greece failed in just the same was as Israel (the bible is written in both their languages) by being deceived by almost identical pharisees figures, and God therefore turned to the multi ethnic countries of the USA and UK to preach the gospel most in the world, melded with the two tribes of Joseph, 


 (under construction)


1) Stratospheric theology question 1:

Can things be done by Christians that would usually be viewed as sin, if a complete breakdown in law and order happens, a World War, or they are being unjustly hunted to be imprisoned or executed? 

example 1: Trespassing. If an angry mob of murderers is chasing you, and you run across a person's land, and hide on it (normally trespassing and sin) is this permitted in new covenant law? My answer is YES.

example 2: Taking food from a field. If the 666 police are chasing you, to catch and execute you and your family for not taking the mark of the beast, and you run across a person's land, and hide on it, is it permitted in God's law under these circumstance to take apples, potatoes and the like, and fish from the farmer's stream (normally considered poaching and stealing). If you are starving can you do this?


I think the answer may be yes to this.....

1) Jesus said it was lawful for David, when Saul was chasing him to unjustly murder him, under of covenant law, to eat bread forbidden to the public in God's law. This was a special circumstance.


2) Again under old covenant law it was a law of Hod that a farmer "When thou comest into the standing corn of thy neighbour, then thou mayest pluck the ears with thine hand; but thou shalt not move a sickle unto thy neighbour's standing corn." Deut 23:25. Thus the farmer had to allow poor people to eat his crops. by law of God, indeed the disciples did this (Matthew 12:1, Mark 2:23) in the new testament.


3) "The earth is the LORD'S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein." Psalm 24:1.


4) The new covenant law I believe reflects this in "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." The circumstances I am talking about here is very specific. Someone is trying to unjustly kill you and your family, you are hiding, can you fish from the stream? I say YES. The thing is, if you were starving, next to an apple tree, could you really resist eating them? And just how much do you think God would condemn you for it?

There are Christians who would emphatically say they would give themselves up to die before taking a potato from a field, an apple off a farmer's tree, or a fish from a stream. So answering this question probably YES is very irksome to me, and for the first time in all of my theology it bothers me to try to be real about this. The Eastern Orthodox believers would find it amazing I have no qualms whatsoever in calling their rites and rituals sorcery, but I feel uneasy saying you can eat a farmers apples from his tree, or from public land where they now forbid you, if being hunted by murderers.

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