1) Do the Eastern Orthodox have an equivalent of 


Reparation is a theological concept closely connected with those of atonement and satisfaction. In ascetical theology, reparation is the making of amends for insults given to God through sin, either one's own or another's. The response of man is to be reparation through adoration, prayer, and sacrifice. In Roman Catholic tradition, an act of reparation is a prayer or devotion with the intent to expiate the "sins of others", e.g. for the repair of the sin of blasphemy, the sufferings of Jesus Christ or as Acts of Reparation to the Virgin Mary.


Do the Eastern Orthodox have an equivalent of 


Catholics say the bread and wine in holy communion change into the physical body of Jesus, but, when he begins to be digested, and starts turning into dung inside the stomach and intestines, "Jesus" is there only as long  as "the species subsists", and he vanishes out of it, but as matter still remains this is a doctrine of "reverse transubstantiation". Orthodox theology tries to evade the cannibalistic aspects of the mass, by being less specific about what happens, but..... do they also believe "reverse Metousiosis" occurs?