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         over war in Ukraine



The Russian Orthodox Church is even more heretical

and a now separate church. 

Fact facts - all this talk of "Schisms" in Orthodoxy is a spin. The church in Russia (and Belarus?) are now effectively a different church than other Orthodox churches, with very different doctrines about the huge issue of murder and war, designated in Galatians 5 as a "work of the flesh" to which damnation is promised.

General discussion of the phrase "The church".

The Protestant, Orthodox and Cathollcs churches are very similar in this regard, all 3 say there is only ONE church: 

1) Protestant definition: the church are all the people born again, and this happens through direct personal relationship with God alone, by faith, without priests.


Churches that go astray into heresy and "the works of the flesh" can expect damnation, and not to be part of the bride of Christ. So in Protestantism there is also ONE CHURCH, but there are denominations that wish to make themselves distinct because they take doctrine seriously.

2) Orthodox: the church are:

a) Babies caused to be regenerated through baptism by a priest.

b) The people vetted by priests through the long process of Catechumen, and only become members through baptism by a priest (priestcraft) and Orthodox confirmation.

The difference with Orthodoxy is that they have exactly the same kind of massive doctrinal divisions, making their slur on the Protestant denominations largely pedantic (that is continually saying "churches" instead of "denominations"). The actual two issues are

1) How does a person become a member of the church of God?

2) What errors are serious enough to separate you from salvation.


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