Schisms - an overview.


Some things in Orthodoxy are presented as Schisms, but when one side or both declare exh other anathema, or that they "have graceless sacraments" or that the other side has "no authority to baptize or marry people" etc, its presentation as a schism is false, really you have two groups claiming to be two very different churches. Right? The reason the Orthodox will not accept that reality is that if they do Protestantism will jump into second place as the world's biggest Faiths claiming to be Christian.

The Orthodox Church loves to repeatedly say that there are many major Protestant denominations,  but they have one church going back to Christ. As you will see from this section on Schisms the Orthodox Church has plenty of schisms, resulting in what are in reality denominations, indeed different churches altogether, and beside this both the Protestant and / or Evangelical churches almost all hold the same belief, that there is one church that is defined as "all the born again believers". The Orthodox are therefore spinning a web of lies, including the lie their idol, ritual and rite infested false church goes all the way back to Jesus, who warned us clearly never to believe in traditions that contradict the word of God.