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it's taking some effort to try to reorganise this, then give very short definitions


1) They have a different God.

     In effect they deny the Holy Trinity.

The doctrine of Theosis merges millions of other beings into the "one" true God. That is not the Holy Trinity. That is Eastern Orthodox heresy. What is more it feminizes God who is entirely masculine in Spirit (masculine not male) as females are "added to God".

It is also further proposed by some that the distinctly Eastern Orthodox doctrine that God is essence and energies, divides the Godhead into two Gods. one superior (essence) to the other (energies).

2) They say Jesus and the Holy Ghost have an origin.

The doctrine of Eastern Orthodoxy on the Trinity shows that the early heretics teaching sacerdotalism who founded their religion were third rate theologists. It is entirely theologically inappropriate to teach Jesus "has his origin in the Father", and the Holy Ghost has "his origin in the Father and Son". God the Son is as without origin as the Father, and the same with the Holy Ghost. 

3) "begotten (Catholic creed says born) before all ages" .Nicene Creed. infers Christ was drawn out of God the Father before time. Giving him an "origin in the Father"..

In Eastern Orthodoxy the inference is that Jesus was made (or drawn out of) the substance of God the Father, and that this is the definition of "begotten" and as it happened outside of time, it is not a creation or birth, he simply has an "origin" in the Father, but the Father has no origin. The Protestants I know of all think God the Son is "as is" eternally in his Godhead. 

It is clear to me the word "begotten" is in Greek rooted in the idea of being "shown forth" or "revealed" and that it means in effect "Jesus is the only revealed Son of God" as he is the great "I am".

Let me say plainly I believe the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all without origin, are one God together. are three yet one in unity of the Trinity, and the expression "only begotten Son" does not mean Jesus has an origin in the Father, he is the only eternal and thus "revealed" Son of God, the only Son who is deity. 


2) A False gospel "by which we are saved" adding works, priestcraft, theosis, and superfluous doctrines about the descent into Hell.

It is not so much a gospel a a self proclaimed "process of salvation".

3) Apostolic succession: the heretical belief that spiritual authority is handed down from bishop to bishop, resulting in the forging of historical "proof" of the concept in order to invent an unbroken lineage back to the apostles, such as the "fact" that Onesimus from the Epistle of Philemon became a bishop (when he never), and that heretic bishops are somehow holy, yet passing down their corruption from one to another like infectious disease is spread from person to person.

3) They deny Christ died as a substitute sacrifice.

4) They deny the imputation of the righteousness of Christ to the believer, and the concept of "The Lord our righteousness." 

5) Theosis (deification). falsely part of salvation gospel. There is no "spiritual equivalent" in the theological terminology of western bible scholars, and the shocking blasphemy of deification hides a triangle of united errors:

1) That men (and women) become God or a god as it is variously described in a process of deification (pure blasphemy).

2) The definite second heretical concept: "that the process of sanctification saves".

3) Works salvation.

(not sacerdotal but connected directly to the salvation "process")

6) To keep the so called Catholic Faith and be saved, you must believe their view of the "descent into  Hell."

regardless of the rights or wrongs of this doctrine, it is superfluous to the simplicity of "the gospel by which we are saved" and thus is yet another "add on" to make their gospel false.


7) They have not made the new and better covenant with God.

By inventing a fake meaning of what being born again is, and how it happens, and by rejecting the Jesus Saves gospel, the Eastern Orthodox church have not entered into "the new and better covenant founded on better promises." with God.

Four of these promises are:

1) Born again (circumcised heart of flesh not stony)

2) We shall all know God from the least to the greatest.

3) The law of the new covenant is written on our hearts (thus brought into mind by the Holy Ghost).

4) Sincerity as the consequence of the fulfilled Passover Feast.


PRIESTCRAFT HERESIES (Sacerdotalism) false salvation

8) Blasphemy of the Orthodox style Mass: sacerdotal

9) a 2nd Priesthood offering up physical sacrificessacerdotal

10) Baptism x 8sacerdotal

1) Baptism helps save. (co-Saviour heresy)

2) It makes you part of the church. (co-Saviour heresy)

3) Triple immersion (Moses should strike the rock once).

4) Of babies (belief is required)

5) A plethora or rites

6) Catechumen. With adults it only proceeds after a catechumen "exam" where some spiritually deaf, dumb and blind priest decides if you get to be part of God's church (power over the Laity).  

important: this means all triple baptized babies in Eastern Orthodoxy are considered full members of the church (through the work of a man) but in Roman Catholicism everyone (not just adult proselytes) go through confirmation before being considered "full" church members.

7) Exorcisms of babies (children and adults)

8) Part of a "process of salvation".

9) Connected to the man made rite of Chrismation.

11) Chrismation: the bogus idea the Apostles replaced the laying on of hands with this man-made rite, when being born again, or becoming part of God's church or body, is not connected to the laying on of hands.. This includes the concept of "magic chrism" a potion only their wizards are in possession of, the potion that brings eternal life, as well as inventing a false way to be born again that only their clergy hold power over,  sacerdotal

12) Salvation by works. your own good works supposedly help save your soul, such as feeding the poor, visiting the sick, sheltering the homeless etc. (reducing Jesus to a Semi Saviour and exalting themselves to a co-saviour).

13) Salvation by sin: people who claim salvation is a "process" (like the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholics, Judaizing cults, Mormons etc) are all characterized by sinful practices. As they say these false traditions and practices "save" they are saying you are saved by sinning.. Chrismation, infant exorcism, triple infant baptism, epiklesis, obeying the tradition's of Orthodoxy before God and the like do not even fit into "works" they fit into the heresy of  the "strange fire" error committed by the two sons of Levi (Lev 10:1-2).  sacerdotal


example: At one point in history the Roman Catholics therefore actually taught that nuns and monks torturing people in the holy inquisition were helping to save their own souls by doing "God's work" by torturing people to death and burning people alive.

14) Confessional: Quote:  "Behold, my child, Christ standeth here invisibly, and receiveth thy confession:  Wherefore, be not ashamed, neither afraid, and conceal nothing from me: but tell me, doubting nothing, all things which thou has done, and so shalt thou have pardon from our Lord Jesus Christ.  Lo, His Holy image is before us and I am but a witness, bearing testimony before Him of all things which thou doest say to me.  But if thou shalt conceal anything from me, thou shalt have the greater sin.  Take heed, therefore, lest, having come to the Physician, thou depart unhealed. " 

Quote: "Then the Priest add this prayer, making the sign of the Cross over the Penitents head, saying: May our Lord and God Jesus Christ, through the grace and bounties of His love towards mankind, forgive thee, my child, N., all they transgressions.  And I, His unworthy priest, through the power given unto me by Him do forgive and absolve thee from all thy sins, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Amen."

source - Service Book Of The Holy Orthodox Church by Hapgood


The humiliation of people by having a witness to your every confession of sin to God is another heresy in itself. It is by means of the embarrassment of someone knowing a history of your every sin they keep many trapped in Orthodoxy.  sacerdotal

15) Penances:  sacerdotal

16) Holy Unctionsacerdotal

17) Heretical definition of sacraments:  sacerdotal

18) Holy Orders and consecration.   sacerdotal

19) Born Again wrongly defined:  sacerdotal

20) Ancestral sinsacerdotal (& denial of original sin)

21) How they join "The Church" sacerdotal

22) Subterfuge about Grace.  sacerdotal

23) Catechumen:  sacerdotal

24) Epiklesissacerdotal

25) Extraneous baptismal requirements: sacerdotal

26) God-parent indoctrinators. sacerdotal

27) Defining the true church as Heterodoxysacerdotal

28) The Mother Churchsacerdotal  Orthodox.  That she alone has kept the true Christian faith, complete and unaltered (dumb - infallible heresy).

29) Bogus Consecration.  sacerdotal

30) False new identity.   sacerdotal

Name-day. instead of your birthday - certain sinner Patron Saints,

instead of a birthday party.


31) It is an Anachronistic Faith:

The early church described in the bible is identical to the modern day born again Christian Evangelical house group movement, it was nothing whatsoever like Orthodoxy with its plethora of hocus pocus rituals, rites, uniforms, traditions, and priestcraft. Their answer to this refutation is (believe it or not) to counter criticise the anachronisms of bishops in crowns etc by saying things like "you have drink machines in your churches, you own cars, you use projectors in church" and so forth. They are so drunk on religion (Rev 17:4) they are entirely serious about this as if it is a germane form of comparison. This proves false religion lobotomizes a person's spiritual intelligence. 

32) The Orthodox Pope.

(Or 8 Orthodox Popes?)

It is a matter of perspective as to whether the Orthodox have one equivalent to a Pope figure,  the "Primus inter Pares", or 8, I will group the two perspectives together. Mine is that they have one equivalent to a Pope figure, and that the entire 1054 Schism is a spiritual equivalent of the old Roman Empire splitting politically into two halves. 

33) A fake bible: for a start Bel and the Dragon makes their bible fake.

34) Denial of Sola scriptura: 1 Timothy 3:15 "And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus."

35) Adultery and Marriage x 10

1) Adultery: by divorce and remarriage ("porneia" misinterpreted). 

2) Adultery justified under Antinomianist principles, that is admitting it is adulterous second marriage by priests or bishops falsely empowered to allow it.

3) Marriage as a sacrament.

4) Invested Authority to marry a couple: rendering all other children in non Orthodox marriages bastards.

5) If the only people married are the Orthodox (meaning all the Popes are bastards, kings, queens, presidents etc of other countries) because only they have "invested power" to marry people, this leads to an interesting "loophole" to commit adultery, as if all such marriages were just fornication, leaving such people seen as "having never been married" then multiple divorcees can marry an Orthodox person and it is "not" an adulterous marriage to them.

6) Heretical definition of Bigamy. 

7) Hiding how Jesus himself banned polygyny (to justify adulterous remarriage).

9) Celibacy of the clergy: but not identical to Roman Catholicism,

9) Celibacy of some clergy.

10) Clergy Widow and widowers cannot remarry.

36) Mass murder, war and violence.

37) Ruled over by Pharisees 

38) Idols (see Shrines below):

"holy kiss icons".

39) Denial of eternal Hell: they have an entirely insipid concept of Hell, denying people are burnt forever in a Lake of Fire.

40) Forgery of History

41) Bogus saints:

42) Canonization: all Christians are saints, Romans 1. 

43) Churchianity.

44) Fake miracles - holy fire, myrrh dripping icons

45) Liturgical worship, and calendarization of lifestyle

46) Prayer heresies x10.

1) Praying for the dead.

2) The dead can pray for you!

3) Praying to the dead.

4) Vain repetitions in prayer.

5) Cycle of Prayer.

6) Jesus Prayer.

7) Mary as Mediator.

8) Prayer Books.

9) Hesychasm,

10) The prayer rope - the Orthodox answer to the rosary. 

47) Relics, artefacts, including "death cult" worship

48) Their definition of the church:

49) Jot and Tittle heresy - (don't understand the old law has gone, we do not pick, choose and reinvent bits to keep now, like "holy beards")

50) Filioque issues:

51) Ethnophyletism issues:

52) Bogus hierarchy / pyramid system: -

53) Celibacy of clergy: not identical to Roman Catholic but still there,

54) Married clergy cannot remarry after death of  the spouse: a further heresy, and the widow of a priest cannot remarry but becomes a celibate nun. This heresy is distinct from the first.

55) Fasting by rote:

57) Orthodox false prophets (as well as teachers)


51) Mary heresies and disputes x 8.

1) Mary as mediator.

2) Praying to Mary (a worshipful act).

3) Mary possessing attributes of God, 

4) The Dormition that is Mary Floated up to heaven 

5) Theotokos means "God bearer" and to be fair does not mean the identical same thing as the RC heresy of calling her "Mother of God". 

6) Mary never had "original sin", but they are Semi-Pelagian.

7) The perpetual virginity of Mary. 

8) Physical ovum disputes over Christ's conception.

9) Crowned "Queen of Heaven" in Revelation 12. (rubbish)

41) False "Equal to the Apostles" figures.

(eg The Emperor Constantine)

42) Ecumenicalism (division over this)

43) Heathen Calendars:

44) No music

45) Chanting:

46) Their version of the Talmud

47) NEPSIS linked with CATHARSIS

48) Burial issues: x5.

1) digging up the dead (burial money extortion racket).

2) cremation destroys the soul.

3) Orthodox Christian must be buried in consecrated ground,

4) Bogus man made burial rites of no importance - according to the Orthodox rites and service of burial (Nekrosimos). (anything about funerals is an emotive issue).

5) The Church may deny an Orthodox burial to those who have committed a mortal sin such as blasphemy, suicide, denial of faith, or acceptance of cremation.    In other words refusing to bury a person if he became a real Christian (for instance). Pure heresy and manipulation.

49) Chrismation Renunciation of Errors: renounce in public the Reformation and the Protestant / Evangelical gospel as false.

50) Call men "Father":


51) Hidden heresy in The Nicene Creed: (eg no salvation gospel definition, no definition of "the church")

52: Mortification

53) Cunning and crafty mystification of doctrine:

54) Swearing oaths:

55) Incense: a plethora of bogus rituals, and "powers" attributed to incense. (same with holy water)

50) Their definition of heresy is heresy!!!:

57) A heathen calendar as part of the Faith:

58) Shrines (eastern style):

59) Crypto-converts: their enforced pseudo "conversion" by threats

60) Christendom

61) The "laity".

62) Telling the Orthodox "laity" to avoid trying to understand the symbolism of the Book of Revelation:

63) The 7 Sins of Rome (Rev 18:1-24):

1) The fruits that thy soul lusted after  - world wide trade in artefacts, and dainty and goodly things.

2) pretentious religious music, in the case of Orthodoxy (a daughter of Rome) this takes the form of chanting heresy etc.
3) craftsman - idols, church finery etc
​4) millstone - the mass bread

5) candle burning rituals 
6) bride and groom - marriage falsely termed a sacrament
7) thy sorceries - the witchcraft of her heresies and practices.

64) The miracle of holy fire. (a totally obvious fake).


65) Angel heresies: x3.

1) They are superior in nature and intelligence to man; 

2) Unprovable Angelic order (tagmata): 

3) In the Orthodox worship, every Monday is dedicated to the angels.

66) They deny the Millennium Kingdom. as far as my studies go so far, the Eastern Orthodox religion are amillennialist in their theology.

67) Heretical definition of Blasphemy.

68) Man made Rites:

69) Three hierarchs

70) Sinner saints:

a whole ship full of them.

71) Candles: are considered sacrifices to Mary and saints.

72) The Canon Liturgical

73) Canons (or Canon Law).

74) Cathedrals

75) Leavened Bread & alcoholic wine in the eucharist


76) Communion of Saints.

77) the Repose of souls of the dead?

78) the Repose of souls of the dead?



80) The Unwritten modern heresy - two gospels save.

81) The heresy of Masquerading as Evangelicals.  .

82) Liturgical Language Limitation

83) Late date on the Gospels:

84)  The Authority to teach: Holy Spirit versus ordination.

85) Mysticism. The search through various prayers and practices to achieve unity with God in life (theosis) (see hesychasm).

86) Power of pseudo-consecrated items: "holy water" and "chrism" and "incense"  and "mass bread" and "church artefacts" and "regalia" and "cothing" etc all have magic powers indued into them by hocus pocus rituals and phoney clergy.


88) Denial of "the works of the flesh". The Orthodox are very tricky about this issue. They deny the doctrine of Catholicism of "venial sin and mortal sin" then try to go back on their denial of it.

89) Praying with head covered. The bible does not forbid a man reading scripture or preaching with his head covered (useful n very ho countries where you can get heat-stroke in minutes open air witnessing) but it does forbid praying or prophecy with a covered head. It is even worse when this is transgressed wearing a crown.

90) Female clergy.

91) God energies.

some of their mystic teachers sound as if they are saying mens souls were created out of "uncreated God energies and graces". By no means certain of this yet. I will keep trying to track this down.

92) Guru mystification of words.

100) Deceiving their own family into Hell.


102) Hank Hanegraaff and the Fifty Fifty Cult:

Hank Hanegraaff's apostasy from the Protestant Faith into Eastern Orthodoxy is of significance more because he is highlighting a new wave of heresy in the Orthodox religion, that might be best called "the fifty fifty cult" were the Orthodox do not exercise the discipline that is supposed to characterize their church, and allow people like Hank to preach a shape shifting new potpourri religion that is neither Evangelical, nor Orthodox. So just remember - every time you hear him preaching he is living proof of a lack of discipline in the Orthodoxy Faith (proof they are not in the Spirit in itself), and that they allow their novice proselytes to preach what amounts to a new fifty fifty cult that is neither Protestantism nor Eastern Orthodoxy just contradictory nonsense. 

103) write on 3 days in Hades doctrine

104) Denial if "The Works of the flesh"

106) 79) Ethnophyletism issues:???

107) 95) Ousia: the complex subject of the expression of the essence of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and how to explicitly state this. The heresy is not suggested in their doctrine on it, but that a convert in order to be baptized might be constrained to form a doctrine on it in order to be baptized. In real baptism, such as that of the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8, do you really think the underlying theology of the word homoousios had to first be expressed by him? Or he must confess a belief about the underpinning theology of Monophysitism, Dyophysitism, or Miaphysitism???

107) Uniforms

Mitre. (Gr. Mitra). The official headdress or "crown" of a bishop. In Slavic churches, some archimandrites are allowed to wear the mitre as a recognition of their service to the church (mitrateor mitrophoros). The mitre derives from the crown of the Byzantine emperor.

note: incredibly revealing! They confirm themselves the "scarlet and purple heresy" by saying these crowns derives from Byzantine Emperors!!!

Name-day. instead of your birthday - certain sinner Patron Saints, instead of a birthday party.

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for an old list I compiled

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