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       "Sodom" script and dialogue,
of documentary by Arkady Mamontov

Script and dialogue, of the Russian documentary "Sodom" by Arkady Mamontov

link to video:

Part 1: Sodom - in history.

(in process of being edited)

Narrator: "This is a strange place

the chirping of the birds can be heard here, and the air is filled with mysterious haze, and the colour of the sea is unusual having a metal outflow.

These waters are 378 meters deep,

as the water evaporates the air smells of sulphur.


The Dead Sea is mostly consisted of chloride sodium, also known as salt, nothing can live in such Waters and that is why it's called the Dead Sea.

The Bible says that thousands of years ago at this very place there stood two cities Sodom and Gomorrah, the inhabitants were rich in vain, they mistreated all visitors, took away from them everything that they wanted.

They also loved each other, but a strange love it was, man loved man and woman loved woman. Among the residents there were some people who were especially praised, they used children, both boys and girls, as sex slaves. In modern times such people would be called pedophiles.


Once Upon a time three Angels arrived at the home of Lot, who at that time lived in Sodom with his wife and daughters.

As the sodomites found out they circled his home and demanded that he surrendered his guests to them for desecration. Lot answered: "Take me and my daughters, but don't touch my guests!" The sodomites didn't recede and surrounded the house.  When it darkened the Angels ordered Lot to leave the city. As soon as Lot's family left the city boundaries a sea of fire fell upon Sodom and Gomorrah from the sky.

(visual effects and music - Lot and his family watch destruction).

scene switches to a statue of a demon.

Narrator: Four thousand years have passed - but this Phoenician demon. sating his belly with human sacrifices, is still devouring youth and children today. The world is cultivating sin, justifying it officially as LGBT: that's lesbians homosexuals bisexuals and transgender.

These communities reject the moral principle of the traditional family. and evil is now called virtue and darkness light. Sin and debauchery are becoming a cult. Sin is being justified by Aesthetics.

The scariest thing that has happened with the European Christian civilization is the substitution of Concepts.


Part 2:  Pastor Niels Huchthausen - homosexual.

Homosexuals can now even become priests.


An Evangelical Pastor Niels Huchthausen (Berlin) believes homosexuality is normal. He is distorting the sense of the Holy Scripture.

Niels Huchthausen: "Homosexual and lesbian couples are divinely blessed, having the same blessing as a man and a woman have in a marriage. Male and female priests have a right to do this. I myself have been living with my husband in an official marriage for many years.


Narrator:  The biblical example of Sodom and Gomorrah - the perishing of the two cities, where perverts lived in the same way they're living today in Europe, doesn't seem to convince the priest.


Niels Huchthausen: "If you're looking at Sodom and Gomorrah, what's being talked about there isn't love either. The word love is actually absent, love in the sense of responsible partnership. The story talked about rape and abuse, people were humiliated, but that's a different story which has no connection whatsoever to what we're talking about now."

Narrator: It's written in a Bible that sodomy is sin, it's a mortal sin. Such men won't be accepted in the Kingdom of Heaven says Paul the Apostle.


Niels Huchthausen: "That's stupidity. I object. As I've already said, there are three places in the Bible. 


not sure of the German here:

In the New Testament there is one more, where Paul says that. (ref Romans 1?) Jesus had never said those things.


In the New Testament there is one more, where Paul says that Jesus had never said those things. (ref I Corinthians 7:12 ?)

We haven't heard anything like that from Jesus, but he does say love your neighbour as yourself.

Paul does say somewhere that homosexuality is not good, that it's a sin, but guided by the words of Jesus I can object to Paul and say:  "Dear Paul, maybe you are wrong!"

Archpriest Dimitri Smirnov:  "If he is denying the words of Paul the Apostle and has the impudence to misinterpret them: "You have been faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things."

Whatever you do, both God himself and Paul the Apostle have warned that such people would appear. Such people have always been around. but the church has resisted nevertheless. The truth is the truth. You can brainwash whoever you want, but they will always come to the truth eventually, in all denominations, all religions, this process is inevitable."

(cut to video footage of gay street parades).


Narrator: Sodomites pay attention to mysticism and different symbols.

So a Bible was published by homosexuals. especially for themselves. with a rainbow cross - a Bible in which the Holy scripture is modified.


in the real Bible for example it says: "Thou shall not lie with mankind as with womankind it is an abomination." in the Gay Bible: "Thou shall not lie with mankind as with womankind in the temple of Moloch, it is an abomination." (Leviticus 18:22). Which means that sodomites are saying that it's not allowed to conduct homosexual acts in the temple of Moloch but outside of it it's acceptable.


Another example: (1 Corinthians 6:9) "Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived, neither fornicators, nor idolaters nor adulterers nor effeminate nor abusers of themselves with mankind." In the gay Bible these words are replaced by "morally weak".


Part 3:  Scott Lively.


(Scott Lively holds up the so called "Gay Bible" to discuss.)

Scott Lively: This! This is an abomination before God, because there is no sacred ground for the homosexuals. There is nothing that they will not do to promote their agenda. There is no opposition that they will accept, at any level, they must conquer every opponent. See? And the spirit, the spirit that has produced this book, this false Bible, this gay theology - Gay theology is the the heresy of the modern world.


Narrator: For American homosexuals this person Scott Lively is Enemy Number One.


Scott Lively: Well let me explain how this works. There's a... it's a 

Five Stage Process of Cultural Conquest,

five steps.

1) It begins with a with a request for tolerance once the gays have have achieved tolerance (and tolerance is just simply the right to be left alone, right?) then uh

2) Then it's A demand for acceptance and acceptance means an equal status

3) Then comes Celebration that everyone must must accept homosexuality and promote it as a good valuable thing.

4) Then comes forced participation everyone must participate in gay culture and

5) Then comes punishment of everyone who disagrees.

(video of various homosexuals kissing, parades etc)

Scott Lively: "Russia and the and the countries of the former Soviet Union are at the first stage, where there is a demand for tolerance. and so most of the people in those countries they don't recognize, they don't think that there's a problem, but there is a problem because this.... it's just like a seed that gets planted in the ground. and the seed is, the seed is the anti-discrimination policy: an anti-discrimination policy based on so-called sexual orientation."


Narrator: The opposer of sodomites and pedophiles decided to show us the company which protects and promotes homosexual ideas in the whole world. Any criticism against the gay community in the United States is automatically considered a crime.


(video footage of Scott Lively getting into a taxi with the film crew, and travelling toward: The Headquarters of the Human Rights Campaign.)

Scott Lively: The average American is not in favour of homosexuality, but they're afraid of speaking out. because the gays have so much power - that they will cause harm to you.

So here's our Taxi Driver.

Film crew: You too? You too? are you agreed to that?

Taxi Driver: I agree with (indistinct reply).

Scott Lively: Yeah. He. Yeah, he knows, he knows if you speak up they will find a way to punish you. Most people are vulnerable to some kind of intimidation, especially anyone who's in any position of influence. or in the media spotlight, if they dare to say something against homosexuality they will be punished. So most people just keep their mouth shut. Right? and they just go along

and these people

yeah this our our taxi driver, I don't know him, but I said that, he's nodding his head.

he knows it's everybody at every level

(taxi driver shakes hand as if to deny)

are you afraid yeah

Human Rights Campaign just where we want to go,

Taxi Driver: Yeah that's you 

Scott Lively: Yeah thank you. We want to get over there

so uh 

We're here now in front of The Headquarters of the Human Rights Campaign.


uh one of the most aggressive uh homosexual advocacy organizations in the world this is the uh that the Human Rights Campaign envisions in America where lesbian gay bisexual and transgender people are insured of their basic equal rights and be open honest and safe at home at work and in the community this is the LGBT all over the world there are serious breaches of Human Rights people are being killed they're being tortured they're having to flee their their homelands and cross borders live in refugee camps and this organization instead of focusing on the on the true needs of people around the world they are trying to declare that homosexuality is a human right and they're devoting vast amounts of money to promote this agenda around the world instead of instead of addressing genuine human rights


Part 4:  A same sex marriage.

Narrator: 21st century in Germany. An ordinary marriage registry office.


Gordon Holland, Director of Registry Office: "Dear friends, welcome to registry office of "Tempelhoff Schoneberg" (Berlin). We gathered here, on this fine spring sunny day, for a special occasion. You want to join the holy matrimony. I hope my colleagues informed you in detail on this possibility of change of a surname. You decided to take the surname Lucas for your joint partnership, and I am obliged to ask have you changed your mind?"

Gay marriage candidates: "No." 

(Ring put on finger. They kiss.)

: Thank you.

Narrator (in person): Behind you are the photographs of traditional families. Did it seem possible back then that gay marriages would be registering today?


Gordon Holland, Director of Registry Office: I'm certain that they wouldn't have imagined it. I think that if I had asked my parents and they got married back then they wouldn't have been able to imagine it. Today same sex marriages are an everyday thing.

(video of same sex marriage,)

thank you


Narrator (in person): Soon the photographs of traditional weddings on this wall will be replaced by untraditional ones.

(video of same sex marriage,)


Part 6:  The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

              according to Daniel Estulin.

Narrator: The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is located in London during the war this building was occupied by British intelligence which was creating new methods of psychological War targeted not only against fascist Germany but also the Soviet Union

footage of the Institute is strictly forbidden none of the experts are allowed to talk about the activity in which the employees are engaged in however we were able to find a person who knows a lot about this institution, Daniel Estulin author of the book Tavistock Institute.

Daniel Estulin: Er Tavistock began as a clinic back in 1921. It became Tavistock Institute right after the second world war, when a memorandum understanding was signed between the Rockefeller family, Tavistock and Brigadier General John Rawlings Rees. He is the founder of Tavistock Clinic. The idea behind Tavistock conspiracy (I guess you could call it) is literally to change the Paradigm of modern society in all of its manifestations. in other words literally change everything we understand and know about Society.


Narrator: Tavistock is the place which created, and later imposed on the consciousness of European youth, such cultural accents as free love, orgy, and civil marriage. With the help of the CIA, Tavistock created the project called MK Ultra for the manipulation of people, it also can't be excluded that the psychological components of the so-called Ukrainian Revolution, chants behaviour models, slogans, were also created here.

(video clips of Charles Manson family, hippy culture, nudity, etc)


Daniel Estulin: we're talking about projects created by the elite these aren't things that I've done on a five-year basis we had in the Soviet Union you know the famous five-year plans now these people work on a 50 or 100 year period planning their structures from one century to the next in order to create what we have today you needed to start a long time ago which is why again a lot of the projects which are manifesting itself today such as homosexuality for example didn't begin you know five ten years ago they started right after the second world war you have man woman you have homosexuals transsexuals but then you can have trans-human you're gonna have post-human you're gonna have man machines such as the you know the Terminator you can have cyborgs you can have beings who are not totally human as a result of synthetic biology because today you can literally create a human being in a laboratory you don't need men women relationship you can create a being it's at a point where you can have genes not of men and women but of three different beings you can create a human being and in the future the idea of the elite is through the genetic manipulation to eliminate memory


Part 7: Surrogacy for Homosexuals.

Narrator: The Fertility Institute in Los Angeles this is the first Clinic which offered "surrogacy to sodomites".

Doctor Jeffrey Steinberg (head doctor of Fertility Clinic Los-Angeles): We've become world famous for being able to choose a boy or a girl

actually I have I have gay patients right now from Russia that we're speaking to.

Female interviewer: oh?

Doctor Jeffrey Steinberg: Yeah! I can show you the emails about having baby, first baby. Yeah.

Blue is a boy pink is a girl okay and you can see all the files

Female interviewer: And what's the green ones?

Doctor Jeffrey Steinberg: Green is um um genetic disorders like Down's Syndrome or they have a genetic problem, okay, most of them are boys or girls, yeah.


Female interviewer: Whom they want more? Girl or boy?


Doctor Jeffrey Steinberg: The male gays want boys, and the female gays want girls. And here's some of the Frozen Tanks. Let me get them out....

"Can one of you guys unlock? I got a film crew from Moscow here! Can one of you guys just unlock. Great! That's all I need. Thank you." Frozen embryos. Tanks are full.


Female interviewer: Can you explain what exactly you have there?


Doctor Jeffrey Steinberg: Yeah. We have sperm from the man - Frozen. We have eggs from the woman - Frozen. Put them together - we get embryos.


Female interviewer: human body yeah it's already er....


Doctor Jeffrey Steinberg: We take the embryos out. We warm them up. They come alive again, and then we give them to the mother. They're good for a hundred years there. They're taking the eggs and taking the sperm and putting them together to make, to make the embryo, and then we grow them for five days. We do the test to see if it's a boy or girl - or there's any genetic diseases -  and then we give it to the mother. So it's a very... it's called a clean room "Class 1000 clean room". Very very clean. We have to put on spacesuits to go inside.

(video footage of artificial insemination of a female ovum)


Female interviewerBut the baby in a homosexual family will never see his mother!


Doctor Jeffrey Steinberg: And the babies will be okay not seeing the mother.


Part 8: Gay Parade - interviews.

CUT - scene change:

(video of Gay Pride scenes U.S San Francisco 2014.)

Narrator: The U.S San Francisco 2014.

Tens of thousands of sodomites gathered to demonstrate their lifestyle

Ordinary People are staring at the event with interest.

(Open public nudity, costumes, body paint, many different participants.)

Narrator: Aren't you afraid that your child would want to become like them? Interviewer: Carlos and so on?

Spectators with baby: Oh! Really! No No! Yeah! We actually want to encourage him to see everything, everything in the world, like, it's all, it's a World's offer you know?


Narrator: The local television specifically chose a transvestite to be the host of the show. He's one of theirs. These two women belong to a new sex tribe. A new family in a new world.

Woman 1: I am 38.

Woman 2 : 52.

Male Interviewer: Do you have children?

Woman 2: One child.

Woman 1: I have one child. Yah.

Male Interviewer:  Together?

Woman 1: Yes. call Linda

Male Interviewer: How er, how is uh living without men?

Woman 1: Delightful!

Male Interviewer: laughs.

Woman 1: It's lovely. That's what I want!

Male Interviewer: How many homosexuals in America now?

Woman 2: Well, they say ten percent, but probably many many more.

Male Interviewer: Ten percent? Yeah? Many more? How do you child result a man? (unclear)

Woman 1: Same way there is a child for everybody. We love her. Yeah. We love her, and provide for her, then everything's fine.

spectator: ? (I just switched it )

Male Interviewer:  I mean you needed a man to get to child.

Woman 1: Oh! I see! Biological. Yes yes um. I have a friend who gave me some sperm in a cup, and that's how I made my baby.

Male Interviewer: Who is Papa and who is Mama?

Woman 1:  what is your guess? Who do you think? Who is Mama?

Male Interviewer: You.

Woman 1: Yes.

Male Interviewer: She? You are Papa (indicates woman 2) and you are Mom (indicates woman 1)

Woman 1: No. But I am Mama.

Male Interviewer: Okay. Mama, Papa, Mama, Papa, what you tell your child?

Woman 1: Mama.

Woman 2: She calls me YouYou. That's what the baby calls me.

Woman 1: That's her name.

Male Interviewer: What do you think as a child when if he grow up will he not ask: "Why I don't have a real papa?"

Woman 2: No she has lots of other people in her life that have two mamas, and she has lots of great uncles and Grandpa and Oppa (?).

Male Interviewer: it's a daughter?

Woman 1: Yes.

Woman 2: Yes.

(video of crowd)

Narrator: Sodomites unconsciously understand that what they're doing is wrong; however on the surface everyone makes an effort to express joy.

(Change in interviewees.)

Male Interviewer: Excuse me.

Gay woman 1: Yeah.

Male Interviewer:  Are you happy? Are you happy?

Gay woman 1: Yeah.

Male Interviewer: You have asked also your friends already. homosexual affairs.

Is this your child? 

Gay woman 2: Yes. This is our daughter.

Male Interviewer:  What do you think? Is she happy that she has two moms and no one pop.

Gay woman 2: Yeah! of course! 

Male Interviewer: So. 

Gay woman 2:  And She's a little shy right now.

Male Interviewer: yeah yeah.  

Narrator: Children and homosexual families don't look happy. The child's soul feels that everything that's happening around them contradicts Nature's Law.

(Various images at gay parade.) 


Narrator: Bus driver at gay parade. Frightening dialogue.

Male Interviewer:  What do you about about this?

Bus driver: What do I think about this? Very interesting.

Male Interviewer: What do you think if God saw this?

Bus driver: God?

Male Interviewer: Yeah.

Bus driver: Which God? Which God? What's that?

Male Interviewer: What does he think?

Bus driver: I don't know.

(Image: Bay Area Reporter)

Narrator:  This is a newspaper man. He has a specific attitude towards everything that's going on.

Newspaper Man: It's bigger every year. 20 years ago it was sort of small, and it keeps getting bigger and bigger, because the word gets out around the world. Even get people coming from China. According to the Bible the original people were Adam and Eve,

Male Interviewer: Yes.

Newspaper Man: Not Adam and Steve. Ha ha.


Part 9: Interview of 2 gay men with 2 tiny boys.

(Film of various gay venues)

Narrator:  Los Angeles. Hollywood. Dream Studios. A place full of homosexuals

(Film of various street scenes)

Narrator: Two American guys are walking down the street, no girls nearby. Where there is no woman, there is no continuation of life, but sodomites try to bypass the laws of nature. Large sums of money are spent on exactly this: father father: mother mother. Today in the world 2 million children are being raised in same-sex families. and this is only the beginning.

(miscellaneous film, including bibles, scene of birth)

Narrator:  There's a substitution of moral Concepts. Instead of mother a trendy bio container. Maternity ward. The surrogate's newborn twins have just been taken away from the mother. Terrible footage for any normal person. The homosexual is trying to take over the role of the mother.

Man with two babies on his chest: This is what I've been waiting for!!

Narrator: The sodomites have paid and received Living Goods for their money. We all know the expression "to be nurtured on the mother's milk". What are these children nurtured on?

(scene: Two homosexual men with two babies.)

Homosexual man 1: For them - they took our sperm, and one of my friends eggs. and we put it into a third woman. She has no biological connection to the children at all.

So, sometimes people say: "Well - you know - do kids not need a mother?" Well the research shows that they don't. Two parents is better than one parent - always! Part of the reason for that is - we only make kids when we're ready to make kids. We don't make them by accident. So we're financially ready, we're emotionally ready. you know - we're prepared for the Journey of being parents, and that has an advantage to just "Oops! We got pregnant!" We absolutely wanted two children, without a shadow of a doubt. we wanted two kids. We put two eggs in, we were hoping to get two eggs pot, er.... two kids out."

(change of scene: same two homosexual men with two boy children)

Homosexual man 1 There are a lot of advantages to being gay parent families. it's not their choice. it's not our choice, whatever they turn out to be, we will love them just the same.


Part 10: Mark Newton and Peter Truong.

Narrator:  One detail - homosexual men always want boys and lesbians want girls. For what? For perverted acts? The following happened in New Zealand.


Amanda Abate:  This was just a terrible story involving two men, Mark Newton and Peter Truong, who was his long-term boyfriend. They were essentially living double lives, so they were masquerading as a loving couple, as loving fathers, even to a young boy whom they adopted from Russia. The battle that they had to adopt a child as a gay couple -  well - obviously as we've now learned, an investigation that wrapped up last year found that these men were not in fact the loving fathers that they had painted themselves to be, that they had adopted this boy purely for the reason of sexual exploitation, and it went on for many years, from when the boy was a young baby. as we... as we know... from two weeks old. and it went on up until the age of him being six years old. They sold the child to several men, up to eight men in different countries around the world....


Narrator:  The pedophiles met the pregnant woman in Moscow Russia having registered a formal marriage with one of them the soon-to-be mother agreed to sell the stepfather parental rights upon force all for eight thousand dollars she gave birth to a boy and gave him to those two homosexuals after that to leave the country with the child pose no difficulty to the men a mere technicality.


Amanda Abate: it was horrific. Authorities describe it as the most heinous acts they've ever seen in their lives, and not only was this child abused, he was also brainwashed from a very young age to think that this sort of behaviour was acceptable. and that these two men had in fact trained him to tell authorities - to lie to authorities - and say that nothing strange was going on in his household. to cover up the abuse.


(cut to TV News)

Female newscaster: Most disturbing cases of child sex abuse authorities have seen

Queensland Police Official: They have traveled the world and sexually exploited that young boy.

Narrator:  neighbours thought that this family was really happy they have a child they travel plenty the local radio station ABC even interviewed them on this topic.


ABC Radio Broad cast:

Peter Truong: Hi my name is Pete, and this is Mark, and we are gay dads. And we decided that we would have a child, that it was time for us to to have a family....


Queensland Police Official: it was blatantly apparent that these two males have effectively brought this child into their lives for the exclusive purpose of sexually exploiting him.

Narrator: The scandal with Truong and Newton shocked the world last year. These pedophiles ended up getting what they deserved, 40 and 30 years in prison accordingly.  But this is only one case which was investigated and publicised. How many of such boys and girls suffer in same-sex so-called families? Nobody knows.

(image of Taskforce Argos Child Victim Identification Unit)


Part 11: Luca Di Tolve - gay icon converts to hetero.

Narrator: Meanwhile in Europe the anti-gay movement is gaining momentum more and more. People who were able to get out of the vicious grip of sodomy have a hard time realising what trouble they had been in.

The same happened to an Italian Man by the name of Luca Di Tolve. He grew up in an incomplete family. His parents got divorced right after his birth. He obviously lacked the kind of upbringing that only a father can give. Schoolmates often bullied Luca, and this generated in him a complex of inferiority. Eventually he caught the attention of homosexuals. It all began with the beauty contests.


Luca Di Tolve: I entered this world as if mesmerized. it all seemed so bright to me at first. Very soon, I became known. I won Beauty contests. Became Mr Gay. I gained huge popularity. I entered ARCIGAY. Worked for the International Group I.A.G.T.A. the International Association of Gay Travellers in America. I believed that I was the ideal homosexual. But for some reason everything that had been happening around me revolved around sex. I understood whatever I did. if I don't engage sexually. everything will fail. I'd lose everything. Thus sex was the only engine of the homosexual life.


Narrator: Everything changed in a matter of one day. When Luca understood that he had AIDS, and had only a few months left to live.


Luca Di Tolve: I was brought to the hospital and told "Luca. You have AIDS!" I had many friends who one after another died of AIDS those years it was heartbreaking to see these guys especially the last of them who died right after looking me in the eye and say why and there's only Something in My Heart turned over as if I was hit I understood it's a natural it's not what God created us for not where he directed us I wanted to get rid of my sufferings to commit suicide because I continued to have strong panic attacks that day which I remembered well I didn't kill myself and saw a prayer book in the window I grabbed this prayer book and started praying when I started praying I felt an incredible love which led to a surprising transformation I returned to a church I asked for help I received it and was told that there are ways how I can get rid of the sin of homosexuality I confessed about everything that had happened in the past and I started to feel better when I started praying and following the gospel my last left me I managed not to have any more homosexual desires and I asked the Lord I asked you give me the last gift help me find a woman that will be the one for me I'm already married for five years now we have a wonderful daughter together there is a gender idea which seeks to destroy the nature family somebody was always attacking me when we arranged seminars for the first five peoples in a close Christian Center a group of Archie gay men pulled up with a truck with the slogans you will never recover thank God police arrived to rescue us with pageants

in God and I believe that God is the truth and life and homosexuality is a natural.


Female interviewer: Are you happy?

Luca Di Tolve: I'm very happy I'm in peace and harmony with myself.


(Luca Di Tolve on stage speaking foreign language)



Part 12: Italy Resists LGBT attack on family Values.

Narrator: The creation of the new Sodom is moving at a very fast rate. the thought that a family is a certain incubator is being imposed on people all around and the concepts father and mother already became outdated so for example in the Department of Education of Milan a school application form was improved the obligatory fields of which state parent number one and parent number two. Barbara Bianchi. a simple employee. revolted against this. She crossed out the inscriptions parent number one and parent number two. 

Barbara Bianchi: I'm proud of the fact that I'm a mother and not "parent one". This application was created for so-called new families. where there are homosexual parents - two mothers, or two fathers. therefore the field mother and father were inconvenient for them. However this is discrimination against normal people. who wish there is a majority; whereas the gays. of whom there are less. have the advantage. They are most certainly a minority. I'm not sure whether or not they can have children in Italy already. but the application was changed in order to suit them.

(Film of demonstration in Rome)

Protester shouts: One father! One mother! This is the real freedom!

Narrator: This is a demonstration of thousands of people which filled the Italian Capital. These people are against sodomy, which has overflown the world.

Male protester: We are on the threshold of the destruction of the family and its values. This Is the End!

(Film of Pope addressing a large crowd)

Narrator:  Participants of the March, a large Italian family, Esmeralda and her spouse Roberto have 11 children every year the whole family comes to the March for Life


Esmeralda Burgos: And this is Kitchen. Today we have guests. We are trying to serve everything while it is hot.

Narrator: These people are incredibly beautiful they were brought up an old Italian Traditions they are Christians.


Esmeralda Burgos:  These People should think, establishing these artificial families.

They show themselves to be happy with the child who was born by means of various Technologies, surrogacy etc. but for this child to be born. it's necessary that other children embryos are destroyed. These embryos could also become children. Tt's an unnatural process.

Patricia Burgos (daughter): The generation the generation before us sought to implement divorces and abortions into the society I don't blame the generation but I blame those who are older the part of the society which doesn't fight for the survival of mankind do I have to be tolerant do I have to respect such laws no because I can't see my future um.

(say grace over food.)



Part 13: Rob Ingersoll vs Baronella Stutzman - USA.


Narrator: And on the other side of the world, in the United States of America, Baronella Stutzmann refused to serve a wedding of homosexuals. This is an old American woman, a talented florist, Baronella's old client. one Rob Ingersoll, offered her a big order, to decorate the wedding of him and one other sodomite. Baronella refused.

Baronella Stutzman: it was a real struggle to to decide what to do with that my husband and I talked it over and you know as much as I love Rob I just couldn't.


Kristen Wagner (advocate): The Attorney General's action in this case is unprecedented from Washington State we have never had an attorney general take the position that this attorney general is taking now the aclu's piled on and the same-sex couple have sued her as well and interestingly they have sued her interpersonal capacity as well as her business so she is at Great risk as a result of serving someone lovingly and admittedly in a kind way for nine years and because you won't do one same-sex wedding you're going to lose your house or your business and she's been working in this business for 40 years.

Baronella Stutzman: Marriage is a sacred very sacred thing you want flowers for your anniversary your birthday or whatever that's fine but I just cannot do a same-sex marriage.


Kristen Wagner: if you look in the Tri-Cities area there's like three pages in the Yellow Pages of florists that could have served this couple.

Baronella Stutzman:  I have to have faith that he's going to protect me and give me the courage and the knowledge and the wisdom to to stand firm on this but it's also helped me understand what obedience is and what we're going to cry

and what following Christ is you know you can't you can't sit on the fence like you said you can't be lukewarm.



Part 14: Germany.

Eugen (or Evgeny) & Louise Martens (Eslohe - Germany), he jailed over resisting school sex lessons for his children .


(scene change. Germany.)

Narrator: according to German law if you're a parent and you forbid your child to visit the sexual education lesson at school you can be imprisoned. Eugen Martens was jailed for this for 24 hours. When Martin's left he was met by a whole demonstration of supporters who celebrated him as a hero. Certainly a day in jail isn't a whole lot. but this is only the beginning - today 24 hours and in five years? Who knows? Maybe 24 years! The youngest of the Martins is only 11 months old a fact which served as a delay for the jailing of the mother (Louise).

Eugen Martens: The poster children need love not sex.

Narrator:  There are thousands of such families in Germany, they take part in demonstrations, protests, but their voices disappear in a sea of perverted counter propaganda as soon as homosexuals hear of protests they immediately create counter protests.

(film of street speakers - German language)

Narrator: Perverts knowingly fall under the feet of the moving crowd of protesting parents and to attract the attention of TV cameras they pose as if humiliated and offended.

Eugen Martens: This is a global problem we fight for our kids who these people want to pervert. We can use an example from nature: imagine a female bear let anyone just try to come close to her, if she has a baby she's tear you apart, we as her refuse to give our children to such people whoever they are.



Part 15: USA worldwide promotion of LGBT.

(film switches to gay wedding of two men in USA)

Narrator: Gay wedding. (President) Obama is congratulating over the phone.

Gay person: Thank you Mr President!


Gabriella Kubi (sociologist Germany: On the Human Rights Day Hillary Clinton delivered a speech about human rights in the Palace of nations in Geneva in 2011. She said that - everything's great! We need to further promote the rights of LGBT.


Hilary Clinton: I am talking about gay lesbian bisexual and transgender people.....

Narrator: (voice over) The modern slogan of the World Elite "Homosexual rights equal human rights" but why are the rights of all the other people violated in light of the first?

Gabriella Kubi: They sent certain instructions to all American embassies worldwide, and this toolkit says how you can change culture. and what is necessary in order to change the system of values, and culture of the country, and this occurs around the world. Behind it stands the big money of the billionaires of our planet : all of them promote these things.

Narrator: The American government no longer hides their idea of promoting homosexuality throughout the planet the ideology of low culture everything that speaks sex is spreading as plague as cancer in an organism all moral foundations Christian dogmas Chastity decency and traditional family are being rejected. Yuri Roshka, (the former deputy prime minister of the Republic of Moldova) found in himself the courage to oppose the Homosexual Lobby in his country, now he's an outcast for the emissaries of the West.


Yuri Roshka (Leader of The Christian-Democratic National Party): Based on my experience I can tell how aggressively and persistently the American Embassy behaved about two years ago a new gay parade was in preparation on the eve of this event

(film of Gay Parade in Kishinev)

I organized a press conference at which very distinctly accurately proceeding from my religious and political convictions I expressed a disagreement a protest an hour passed and I was summoned to the deputy of the American Embassy the name of this lady is (??????)  who has by the way even worked at the American Embassy in Moscow during the Soviet Times Europe can we meet I tell her that yeah yes of course I mean we've known each other since the times of Perestroika when are you planning to come I asked her now she said throughout my long political career this is the first time when a diplomat of such status demands to meet immediately our conversation lasted four hours it was a very unpleasant conversation this lady tried to talk some sense into me to explain about the true Western values but she didn't manage to do that too well.


Narrator: Yuri told us how the equal chance law was being adopted in the Moldavian parliament from now on any sodomite and pedophile can get hired at a kindergarten or school it's not a problem anymore


Yuri Roshka: The argument which was publicly started by European bureaucrats and Commissioners was the following we give you a liberalized Visa regime in the European Union but don't cancel it and you give us the law of anti-discrimination which was later changed to the law on equality of chance and also the law states that upon unemployment the employer has no right to refuse the person if the letter declares his so-called non-conventional sexual orientation. It's very scandalous thing because we're talking about kindergartens and about schools here about the Army about churches and so on it is clear that the West today or the Western Elite or the Western establishment

is developing a very strong powerful wave against the whole world and the Republic of Moldova became the victim of this wave on destruction of Traditional Values.

Narrator: WikiLeaks: the Declassified documents of American diplomacy. the memorandum published by the U.S government guaranteeing full financial support to non-governmental organizations and other establishments advancing tolerance and the rights of LGBT. White House Office of the press secretary to immediate distribution December 6th 2011 work on human rights lesbians gays transsexuals and transgenders worldwide. The struggle to end discrimination against lesbian gay bisexual and transgender persons is a global Challenge and one that is Central to the United States commitment to promoting human rights:

1) Combat the criminalization of LGBT status or conduct abroad.

2) Protect vulnerable LGBT refugees and Asylum Seekers.

3) Swiftly react to violations of LGBT rights.

4) Engage International organizations in a fight against LGBT discrimination.

(Film of Protest against Gay Parade in Tibilsi 2013)

Narrator: But there is no document instruction by which Mikheil Saakashvili an American puppet, which had ruled Georgia for nine years. skilfully punished seven and a half percent of the Georgian men.

(Film in "Gldanskaya" prison Tblisis) 


Narrator:  Saakashvili's followers practiced the following:

1) Everyone not concordant with the regime was imprisoned.

2) To further break the prisoner's will the chasteners subjected them to rape.

Former prisoner (visits jail): It's such a noise when it opens and closes, as if it is getting hit on the head. Really messes with the nerves. Another psychological moment - they didn't allow the detainees to sleep normally. When they came around to check the first thing they did was rip and throw out any pictures or icons the prisoner might have had on the wall.

Narrator: More than 330,000 people were subject to this. Everything was filmed. You can see this terrifying footage now. There was one goal: To break, diminish and humiliate.


Former prisoner: It's terrible just to tell the story. Over there was a man, he was naked and they used a bludgeon with a condom too. I don't know what kind of people they were - as if the Devil Himself!


Narrator:  This method was borrowed from the American Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. Here is footage from a prison in Belisi.... and here from Baghdad.

(horrifying film footage of torture)

Narrator: For a Georgian man such humiliation is worse than death.

The same thing awaits people who aren't concordant with the regime in the Ukraine. The pro-American regime will use the same methods in jails and prisons there are currently thousands imprisoned from Kiev to Odessa and only God knows what's being done to them.


(location switch - film footage of Georgian Orthodox Church)

Narrator:  Georgian Orthodox Church. father Mikhail tells us how this plague gets around the people.

So called father Mikhail (prior of the Saint Georgiy Temple Tiblisi):  You know from my observations I can say you with confidence that all this is being done in such way so as to prepare Society to accept it in the long run these methods are very well thought up especially in mass media and other sources I observe the following:

1) Everything begins with a harmless character in a movie or a sitcom. this man is obviously homosexual but he is funny witty. and then it stops. He disappears.

2) Then another film.

3) Then a few more.

it's like a poison in small doses. it won't do anything to you right away - but with time it gets bigger and stronger, and the tolerance of the system weakens. accepting it more and more each time.

Screen Shot 2023-01-21 at 04.02.11.png

If anyone knows the name of this female deputy of the American Embassy (to Moldova?) that appears in this documentary,

who opposed Yuri Roshka (Leader of The Christian-Democratic National Party) in Moldova, please contact me via the "Lets Chat!" facility on the right hand side of any page here and tell me. Thanks!



Part 16: Homosexuals and disease. Inference of "the judgement of God"?

Narrator: in the summer of 1981 a young man with strange red and blue skin stains gets admitted to a hospital in the gay capital of the U.S San Francisco the doctors are horrified it turns out to be the rarest type of Skin's cancer Kaposi's sarcoma up until that moment it was only associated with old patients the doctors first assumed that he got this tumour while working at a radioactive plant however they were mistaking the patient turned out to be a homosexual prostitute he lacked the immune cells needed to battle the tumours which resulted in sarcoma.

By September 1981 107 cases of the new disease are observed in the United States among the sick 95 homosexuals, 7 heterosexuals and 5 bisexuals. Having consulted scientists give this new disease a name GRID (Gay-Related Immune Deficiency). Homosexual Immuno Deficiency. That's the same name that the plague of the 20th century had, also known as AIDS. The Cure still hasn't been found.


Our holy fathers warned us that the infernal Community would envy Mankind and want the death of God's creation this is the reason why anti-moral and anti-civilizations are being created they're urged to replace God's faith

however despite all influence of the powers of Darkness faithful people stick to the order established by the Creator. Russia occupies one of the leading positions here the law Banning gay propaganda have returned to Traditional Values and the strengthening of the Faith Of The Nation all this postpones the end of times. A union between a man and a woman granted by God gives Humanity a chance to continue life. There's a rightful reason behind the biblical passage be fruitful and increase in number and fill the Earth.




This documentary, despite the controversial presentation, gives a lot of facts useful to exposing what is becoming an LGBT+ tyranny across the globe, of that I am sure. Jesus himself predicted the prevalence of homosexuality in the last days in Luke 17, comparing it to the Days of Lot, and confirming the judgement of God on the sin. 

However - this documentary is continually being removed from Youtube, then it reappears later, and is removed again. Why is this? At first I thought this was because of its written/spoken content, and woke LGTB+ snowflakes complaining as they so often do,  taking advantage of what might be best termed a "complaints culture"  linked to wokeism. Then I thought perhaps it was removed because insinuations were made, but not enough effort was put in to prove them (like the percentage statistical links between homosexuality and child abuse). Then I thought perhaps this constant removal was because of the very controversial and shocking visual imagery.


But then it occurred to me..... the maker of this documentary is said to be a supporter of Putin, and I think Arkady Mamontov  is banned from the Ukraine (?).

A "plot" is described in the documentary "Sodom" to bring in a new world order, partly based on destroying the moral foundations and family values of worldwide society, so a dictatorship or new Empire of draconian control and tyranny can be ushered in, but not much proof of that is actually offered, and it sounds like an opportunistic premise, not supported (at least in the documentary) by enough facts. Perhaps (I say only perhaps) it is therefore also often deleted from YouTube because it is also a cunningly disguised propaganda film, that is being used to make Putin and Russia look more "moral", just because Russia, (like many other countries) has stood more firmly against the LGBT+ movement? Scarring the work of everyone who has suffered to oppose the tyranny of the LGBT Agenda? You decide. It is frightening to think this "plot" or "agenda" to destroy family values and our perception of morality might actually be true, (that Putin found out about it, and is cynically using it for his own simultaneous and independently almost parallel evil devices and objectives), and that it might be linked to the phrase in Revelation 13 "and they worshipped the dragon"!

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