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The Canon of Scripture


The fact is Jesus promised, in Matthew 4:4, the word of God would be preserved on Earth by God word for word, quote "every word", and that means in Hebrew for the Old Testament, and in Greek for the New Testament (with a little Aramaic in the old). Therefore anyone saying the LXX Greek is how God preserved the bible on Earth is a heretic, and is calling Jesus a liar in Matthew 4:4, and Revelation 6:9 also identifies the two languages as Greek and Hebrew. The LXX is at best simply a translation, and contains nonsense books like Tobit (voodoo) and Bel and the Dragon (absurdity) not found in the more accurate Masoretic Text, and rightly not recognized by Protestants as scripture either. (this important short paragraph will be repeated a few times on this site.)

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Jews & Protestants:

Old Testament Identical

Catholic & Orthodox add:

1) Tobit

2) Judith

3) Additions to Esther

4) 1 Maccabees

5) 2 Maccabees

6) Wisdom of Solomon

7) Sirach (also called Ecclesiasticus)

8) Baruch

9) Letter of Jeremiah

    Prayer of Azariah

Additions to Daniel =

10) Susanna

11) Song of the Three Children

12) Bel and the Dragon

Orthodox only:

1) 1 Esdras

2) some claim - 2 Esdras

3) Prayer of Manasseh

4) Psalm 151

5) 3 Maccabees

6) 4 Maccabees (in appendix)

7) some claim - The Book of Odes

Protestant, Catholic & Orthodox:

New Testament = books identical.  

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