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How the Greeks failed God.

The psychology of the Greek people has been very deeply affected by the Battle of Marathon, the brave stand of the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae, and the military genius and conquests of Alexander the Great. They want to make a strong stand also for their religion, without realising that their religious leaders have deflected them from the honour God has given to their nation, and the core centre responsibility God gave them. The new testament is written entirely in Greek. Even sound for sound literal translations of words are written in the Greek alphabet in the new testament, not in Hebrew or Aramaic. Not matter how the Greeks may choose to fail God today in this present time, by following religion, not the new testament that is forever written in Greek, no one can take that honour from them. So how can a people so historically famous for their intelligence, bravery and a great blessings from God, be tricked into a false mission in this way? Tricked out of defending the beliefs of the Greek new testament, written in their language for everlasting time? 

The basic scheme of history is this:
1) God chooses ISRAEL as his witnesses. They were not  chosen out by God for salvation, but to take the message of salvation to the Gentiles. The nation of Israel was then split into two kingdoms, the Jewish kingdom (Judah and Benjamin) and the Kingdom of Israel (the other 10 nations). The Kingdom of Israel was then scattered throughout the nations, losing their identity. The kingdom of Judah was taken captive in babylon, and so corrupted they forgot how to pronounce the name Yahweh (so would not say it) and adopted the Calendar of the Babylonians. 


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