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The LXX .

(There is a lot of desire being expressed for a page specifically about the LXX,

this page is under construction only)

The fact is Jesus promised, in Matthew 4:4, the word of God would be preserved on Earth by God word for word, quote "every word", and that means in Hebrew for the Old Testament, and in Greek for the New Testament (with a little Aramaic in the old). Therefore anyone saying the LXX Greek is how God preserved the bible on Earth is a heretic, and is calling Jesus a liar in Matthew 4:4, and Revelation 6:9 also identifies the two languages as Greek and Hebrew. The LXX is at best simply a translation, and contains nonsense books like Tobit (voodoo) and Bel and the Dragon (absurdity) not found in the more accurate Masoretic Text, and rightly not recognized by Protestants as scripture either. (this important short paragraph will be repeated a few times on this site.)


In Matthew 4:4 Jesus Christ makes a promise that God has and will preserve the Word of God on the Earth, word for word. "Every word" he says we live by, so every word is perfectly preserved. Fact. When compiling the Hebrew Text the Jews did not leave out the plethora of prophecies like Isaiah 53, Psalm 22, Daniel 9, Deuteronomy 18:18-19, Jeremiah 31:31-32, etc, that prove the suffering Messiah who atones for our sins, and the new and better covenant. They preserved the old manuscripts they had. God also confirms this preservation of the word of God in two main languages in Revelation 9:11. The Orthodox are therefore complete liars when they say God in effect "lost" the word for word Hebrew, and only the Greek LXX (a translation) remains.

By saying the Jews corrupted the Masoretic Text (as the Orthodox sometimes do - to try to usurp the Hebrew with the LXX with its voodoo book Tobit) they are calling Jesus a liar in Matthew 4:4. Every word is perfectly preserved. Further, by choosing the bogus Alexandrian Greek for their translations of the Bible in English, littered with Orthodox footnotes, the Orthodox have once again proved themselves heretics and doctrinal dunces, who know little or nothing about the true texts of scripture, so busy as they are in reading their version of the Talmud, that is all the writings of their fake saints, pilarists, hermits, holy fools etc.

To prove this please see this video I made showing the huge amount of scriptures changed and omitted in the phoney modern bibles and the underpinning Alexandrian text:

Is the LXX consistently used in the New Testament

to quote Old Testament scriptures?

When asking this question you must also ask if the LXX is exactly the same throughout in quotation, and, if not. saying "the LXX was quoted" is a deception from the start, if you are cherry picking one quotation of a verse and leaving the other contradictory ones out (this will obviously take a lot of research to prove or verify from over 2000 ms.).

A Protestant who thinks the LXX was used by the Holy Ghost throughout the NT in the translation of OT scriptures into the inspired Greek New Testament (NT), needs to do more research on whether the two Greeks of the LXX and NT always marry up (and if you refer in the NT to the KJV type Greek, or the phoney Alexandrian Greek), and be aware that this false premise or pretext is used by Catholics and the Orthodox to include the deuterocanonical books into the bible as inspired scripture. Laughably however the Catholics and Orthodox then have two different deuterocanonical lists of so called inspired books. The Orthodox have no NT or Bible translation of their own (unlike Catholics) but when they do choose to make bible translations to use in their own English versions, they choose Protestant ones like the NIV, then add their own footnotes throughout.

This means when the Orthodox say the Holy Ghost used the LXX throughout the NT, to quote the Old Testament, and that it agrees perfectly (a bold unsubstantiated claim - able to be tested) they mean the LXX agrees with the phoney Alexandrian Text, which will not necessarily be exactly the same as the Byzantine Greek Text or that used to compile the Textus Receptus, which Greek texts differ in hundreds of places, as the Alexandrian Greek is the one they are heretically substantiating as best, by their use of modern bibles. 


If a verse is identical (and it must be totally identical) between the inspired NT and the LXX, it does not prove at all it was actually used. I hope soon on this website to include a complete list of all Old testament (OT) scriptures quoted in the New Testament (NT), to conclusively prove the LXX was not used by the Holy Ghost throughout, and remember it does not matter if the person writing or speaking the text is Jesus speaking in Aramaic or Hebrew, or one of the disciples writing the Epistles. the Holy Ghost inspired it all. And when making such claims, are you aware that the LXX consists of over 2000 manuscripts, and whether they all agree word for work when quoting the OT in koine Greek *?


I am presently researching famous Roman Catholic bibles, like the Douay and the Jerusalem bibles, to see if they used the Latin Vulgate, Hebrew or LXX to translate the Old Testament.

Bullet points:


1) Other Greek translations were made after the advent of Christianity.


a)  Aquila (128 AD). 


b)  Pope Symmachus (end of 2nd c. AD). a so called saint.

c)  Theodotion (end of 2nd c. AD).

*) LXX ms - .

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