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basically the Catholics and Orthodox are insulting the Jews and saying they threw out about 10 books out of the bible, but Jesus and the disciples never quoted any of those fake books. The Protestant bible and Jewish bible are exactly the same, regarding the books of the old testament, except not in the same order.

Including the absurd book "Bel and the Dragon" into the Catholic and Orthodox bibles shows their scholars are idiots in comparison to Protestant and Evangelical scholars. The Jews have never accepted that silly book as holy scripture.

The new testament is the same books in the Protestant, Catholic and Eastern Orthodox bibles.


For those of you wanting to verify the finished analysis, there are at least two apps available in the Apple store for iPhone / iPad / iPod, of the Orthodox Bible.

Quote OED:

Dead Sea scrolls:

a collection of Hebrew and Aramaic manuscripts discovered in pottery storage jars in caves near Qumran between 1947 and 1956. Thought to have been hidden by the Essenes or a similar Jewish sect shortly before the revolt against Roman rule ad 66–70, the scrolls include texts of many books of the Old Testament; they are some 1,000 years older than previously known versions.

If the many changes the Dead Sea Scrolls make are to be believed, Protestants and Evangelicals never had a real old testament until they were discovered, and neither did the Jews, and neither did the Orthodox either if they took them on board.

THE LXX or Septuagint (version of the 70):

Quote OED:

Septuagint |ˈsɛptjʊədʒɪnt|


a Greek version of the Hebrew Bible (or Old Testament), including the Apocrypha, made for Greek-speaking Jews in Egypt in the 3rd and 2nd centuries bc and adopted by the early Christian Churches.

Firstly not only Jews potentially used the LXX. Berea is in Greece, and the KJV bible does not say the same thing as the NIV about the identity of the Bereans, making it pl;ain many could be Greeks not Tribe of Judah or Benjamin. The question is, if the LXX was "discovered" in 2nd or 3rd centuries, how were they using it in the 1st Century? Thus is that not Orthodoxy self imploding their own theory their bible is the same as the early one, when they use the stupid idea to translate the old testament from a Greek translation of it, that differs from that used by Jews. They expose themselves as heretics by this, as false translators of the bible, as racists. It may have been actual hatred of the Jewish people that made them turn to the dumb idea to translate the old testament from Greek, after terrible Jewish persecutions. Or maybe it appeased the Jews if the heretics who translated the old testament from Greek stayed away from Hebrew?


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