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The Orthodox have no bible.


Protestants are divided over two different Greek texts, one of the Textus Receptus kind (as one expert I spoke to asked me to phrase it) and the Alexandrian Text, both of which are vastly different.

Catholics often translate from Latin manuscripts, but the bibles they officially produce (like the Douay Bible) are very similar to the King James version, 

Context: I believe one of the biggest mistakes to make is not to recognize as a teacher you cannot answer every question. I could spend years researching if specifically Orthodox bibles or new testaments exist in twenty countries where Orthodoxy is prevalent, but I do not feel driven by God to do so. I cannot really answer the question of Orthodox bibles universally therefore.

The Orthodox are not like the Protestants and Catholics, who both give firm, clear answers on everything. To get a bible in English that is officially ratified by the Orthodox Titular Head and so called top bishops, I would think is extremely unlikely, as then it would be a clear answer like Protestants and Catholics do. The Orthodox prefer their theology to be like jelly, on almost everything except their traditions, and this includes "the works of the flesh" to which damnation is promised.

I will examine on this page two English versions written by Orthodox scholars, that are available in the Apple app store, and on Amazon. However..... if I prove the underpinning Greek is wrong, or its translation, over and over again, or the version of the LXX. any pretense this was an "official Orthodox Bible" will almost certainly disappear in a cloud of smoke, and comments will be made by the Orthodox like "Sure! That bible was written by Orthodox believers, but its not officially verified by our top bishops." The reason for this has already been given - the Orthodox Church are essentially theology cowards, who make stands on almost nothing but man made creeds and man made traditions.

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