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When I started to make this video I thought it was sure that Orthodoxy was against the pill and abortion, but I have been truly shocked and appalled so far it seems they may not be, despite the modern pill secretly being an abortion pill.

Same thing with Hell. I thought they would get that right. My research so far is troubling. They are not describing a physical Hell a lot. This shocked me.

The Pill inside marriage (I am told) is not seen as a sin in Eastern Orthodoxy in any country. But I dont hear the Orthodox church telling off the Pope about it. One of their theologians I spoke to claimed that the Orthodox church all say contraception in marriage is a sin. Yet the same person said QUOTE "Any sexual relationship without giving birth as it's goal is sin"....... so if your wife menopauses it is "no more sex" in Orthodox teachings????   So you say Orthodoxy teaches its a sin to have sex with your menopaused wife? But she still goes to heaven, because she is weak. Sexual sins have names. NAME the sin? Its not adultery. Its NOT fornication, WHAT is it?

according to this link the so called "Infallible church" of Orthodoxy has changed its mind on contraception in marriage

I am shocked. Perhaps I can find a very shocking video that will prove to you that The Pill was CHANGED, and is now an abortion pill !!! This The Pill is a sin, watch this and see why.......



The pill was first made in such a dangerous way it was a health hazard, and it was later changed to a Progesterone pill. This means the sperm can ferilize the egg and can cause Embryonic Abortions. Perhaps the Orthodox Church, unlikle the Catholics, have neglected to tell their congregations about this. The belief of many is that these pills are just ways to have a chemical abortion.  See this YouTube video called: 

Birth Control Pills Cause Embryonic Abortions Pro-Life Video

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