The Top 10 Orthodox Lies about Protestants.

1) Orthodox lie: "The word Protestant means a person who protests, and therefore as they protest about Orthodoxy and Catholicism, that means they both predate them, thus either the Orthodox or Catholics must be the original church not the Protestants."

answer: The word Protestant is rooted in two words "Pro" which means "for" and "Testant" which means "testimony", thus it means they are "For a Testimony". Jesus used this cluster of words many times by saying to his disciples "for a testimony unto them". Furthermore the entire underpinning concept of Evangelicalism and Protestantism is that it is they, (not the Orthodox nor the Catholics,) who are most like the early church. Furthermore it was the Catholics and Orthodox who later forced true Christian believers into hiding by threats of murder, imprisonment and victimization. By missing out the entire premise of what Protestants protest about when they do protest, that is that Orthodoxy is nothing like the early church, but the modern day Evangelical house group movement is identical to it, they cunningly try to turn protesting against them into an anachronism, which it is not.

2) Protestants do not have one universal Church -


answer - Protestant do have one church, defined by "all who are born again". The denominations we have are simply open and honest about divisions. Orthodoxy are dishonest about it. They have supermassive divisions but try to present a facade of "one chummy united church".