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Eastern Orthodox  WITCHES

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TOP 20 "Holy" Witchcraft trappings and paraphernalia :

- potions, powders, items and substances.

There are in fact many hundreds of examples of this. For more examples please search through the half of the dictionary on this site called "The Dictionary of Eastern Orthodox Churchianity


which might alternatively have been entitled 

Dictionary of Eastern Orthodox religious witchcraft paraphernalia .


There are so many witchcraft practices entirely made up by the heretics and religious witches in the fake Eastern Orthodox church, that I found it necessary to split the dictionary about Eastern Orthodoxy in two, one dealing largely with the paraphernalia of religious witchcraft they have invented, such as items of clothing required to be worth in ceremonies, rites and rituals, liturgy items, calendarization items, church architecture, exorcism items etc etc 


Triple Witchcraft!

God in scripture calls the Eastern Orthodox Religion "Triple witchcraft!"


1) He directly calls it sorcery along with Catholicism when he says "for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived." referring in context to the cup of her whoredom, the Orthodox and Catholic mass, where a piece of bread is called God, and they bow the knee to it.

2) Preaching a gospel that includes works is to be "bewitched" Gal 3:1

3) "For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft" 

1) Mass wine and Mass bread -


   Hocus Pocus bogus miracle 

        of "holy cannibalism" by            

incantation, ritual and rite.             

  (sorcery and witchcraft.)

    Epiklesis is blasphemy

        of the Holy Ghost!

Without much doubt the number 1 witchcraft item of Eastern Orthodoxy is the Orthodox style mass bread and wine, declared sorcery, filthiness and fornication by God himself (see Rec 17). The fake cheap magic trick of holy cannibalism, in the blink of an eye, it "turns into God incarnate" It looks, smells, tastes, feels and sounds like bread and wine (because it is!) BUT it is actually God incarnate.  it is real leavened wine with water added. This liquid is then subjected to various rites and rituals amounting to sorcery. including the epiklesis blasphemy, when it supposedly becomes Christs entire body. As I understand it the Orthodox say the same thing as Catholics - the wine is not just his blood, but that in every drop is the entire body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ - which you will notice is therefore claiming they take it literally, but saying something different.. The bread is put into the wine then fed to people on a spoon, perhaps to stop people dropping crumbs and "standing on Jesus". The clergy however take "the elements" separately.


2) Their "witches brew" of salvation


Witches' Brew False Gospel .

works + priestcraft + the Orthodox mass + chrismation + triple infant baptism + Aerial Toll Houses + the mediation of Mary +  the interventions of all saints day (halloween) + prayers for the dead, and literally about a dozen other "eye of newt and toe of frog" add-ons.

= Jesus + hypostatic union bogus theological causations + works + priestcraft + Aerial Toll Houses + the mediation of Mary +  the interventions of all saints day (halloween) + prayers for the dead + an exorcism +, and literally about a dozen other "eye of newt and toe of frog" and "dead man's hair" add-ons, not to mention their categorical denial that the "Jesus Saves" and him alone gospel is anathema!.


"I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel:

O foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you?"

3) Voodoo Fake Bible .

The Orthodox fake bible is written from the LXX (pure racist heresy) that includes heretical books like the absurd "Bel and the Dragon" and "Tobit" that has voodoo in it!

4) Holy Chrism .

         The magic potion

  That helps give eternal life

        Possessed only by

        Orthodox Wizards!

The magic potion used to bring eternal life, possessed only by Orthodox priests, containing a tiny presence of original chrism from the apostles (ridiculous) plus dozens of ingredients, and then zapped into power by rites and rituals of only top rank orthodox wizards (mere priests and ordinary bishops don't have "the power"). Unholy chrism is possessed by the Catholics, as it has not had the right magic trick rituals done over it, by "the real" clergy of Orthodoxy.

5) Holy water :  

water empowered by the

incantations of fake clergy,

that has the same effect as

   nitric acid on demons.

Evil priests impart the power

    for the water to bless

       ordinary mortals.

6) Incense thuribles 

Incense hurling power weapon

against demons. Used in tandem

to increase the pseudo holy power 

   in rituals to impart anathema

      on people (voodoo).

Helps to cast demons out of church walls. (powder). Their Voodoo Anathema ceremonies​ are not their only Voodoo practice, the fake Bible Book called Tobit is full of Voodoo practiced by the fictitious "prophets" in it! 


7) Sign of the cross : 

hand sign that makes demons

quiver and shake.

Makes heresy holy.

Russian old style Orthodox believers

were executed or imprisoned for

refusing the new hand position,

(magic by gesture alone considered

    high form of witchcraft.)


8) Myrrh dripped from icons

The myrrh that drips from icons

has special powers to heal physical

illnesses, and can cure atheists

of their atheism. It is not even myrrh,

and yet is myrrh.  Copies of the icons

absorb the power of the original icon.

It often drips out of idols of Jesus

         (God in the flesh).

9) Mantra power (the hesychasm)

     The Jesus prayer mantra  : nag God into obeying you. Combined with the hesychasm (similar to Buddhist meditation) increases its mantric power and terrifies demons even worse than the "ordinary" Jesus prayer mantra.

knowing full well they are like mantras from Eastern religions Jesus strictly forbad repeating prayers. This is especially true of the Jesus prayer and hesychasm, a satanic equivalent of Eastern Guru meditation!


11) Magic uniforms - based on the fashions of the Roman Empire (thus splattered with human blood) and imbued with "holy powers" from hell sent rites and rituals.


"holiness power" based on the fashions of the Roman Empire. that was a butcher's shop of evil. Do not under estimate the heresy of dressing up clergy in uniforms, based on the Dagon / Babylon / witchcraft religions etc. It helps fool millions into Hell in a big big way! witchcraft rituals empower the uniforms with magic powers! If uniforms were part of new covenant churches God would give details about the design as he did in the old covenant.

​​12) Simon the Sorcerer ,

The first person to suggest apostolic succession when he said in Acts 

"Give me this power!"

13) Death Cult Relics

For hundreds of years the Roman Catholics and Orthodox fooled an uneducated public with their phony collection of relics (like John the Baptist's finger) which they laughably said "prove" they are the true church. Modern educated people can now see in fact the opposite is true, it is all so obviously fake it proves they are no churches at all !!! The false god Anubis had similar death cult practices! 

14) Miracle of Holy Fire .

A cheap magic trick, proving the Orthodox are witches and wizards, and freemason type heretics. Why freemason too? The trick is unlikely to be done with a lighter or matches, but by traditional fakery, proving a conspiracy among their clergy at the so called "tomb of the resurrection" (a fake holy site). This proves conspiratorial witchcraft, in other words they are a freemasonry like cult or coven of witches. This fake miracle was probably invented to seduce Zoroastrian fire worshippers into their religion.

15) High relief crucifixes : If these were ordinary Catholic style crucifixes the Orthodox believes they would be idols, but they are only high relief, so everything is ok.  They are Holy, that means set apart for God, often made of gold or silver (like Saint Peter said he had none of),. Blessed with the right rituals, rites and incantations by the right bishops, they are even more effective against all evil spirits. Being made of gold may also increase their power.

16) Votive Candle Power  :

Candles have been linked to witchcraft and Halloween for centuries. Orthodoxy has a special place to burn candles "for" the dead, and burn them in front of idols to justify them, and Catholics and the Orthodox have special collection boxes so you can make a votive donation, to help them make more idols with the profits. Use only traditionsal ones.

17) Exorcism power! On babies! (total witchcraft bunk).

In order to be made clean enough to be zapped with eternal life credentials, a baby (or anyone else) must endure a exorcism, and have "Satan" cast out of them.

18) The triple baptism of babies witchcraft rite .

Make no mistake, all the "sorcery" of Orthodoxy may have started by firstly baptizing babies against scripture (scripture says believe) then turning it into religious sorcery by tripling the event, to turn it into a Babylonian rite, securing their grip on babies and toddlers for later indoctrination. By saying regeneration comes through the sacerdotalism rites of exorcism, triple baptism, and chrismation, the Orthodox make eternal life dependant on the say so and rituals of bogus priests. and anyone not having bog-standard Orthodox lemming beliefs in a "catechumen period" is therefore (supposedly) denied eternal life from the "triple zap of exorcism, 3x baptism, and the magic potion of chrism.)  This triple baptism is often performed as a number 6, by dunking the head and feet 3 times each, turning it into a complete pseudo baptism.


19) Prayer rope :

An idea stolen from Hinduism. The Catholics and Orthodox seduced pagans into their fake church, by changing the worship of multiple gods into praying to saints, mother god worship into Mary "adoration", and by transferring the trappings and paraphernalia of their former religion into Orthodoxy. Thus they repeat prayers using this heathen bead counter, even though Jesus ordered us not to do this in Matthew 6.



20)  Holy Chanting :

So easy to underestimate. Chanting is also used by Islam. Its a type of audio religious hypnosis if you ask me. Evil heresy chanted somehow looks holy to people.  



21) An exorcism - as going through an exorcism is part of a babies baptism service, and an adult convert getting baptized, the Eastern Orthodox believe you cannot be born again without undergoing a baptism, or that such is usual. ​The exorcism itself is utter witchcraft rites and rituals!

research is ongoing......

**) other anointing oils .

gesticulations - note a new hand gesture was introduced into Russia which you could be killed or imprisoned for , if you contradicted it and opposed it, The reforms were by Patriarch Nikon of Moscow between 1652 and 1666. After 1685 = you could be executed.

Frankly this sign use is not only not in the bible, but it is used at the level of a Wicca hand gesture as it is often used to pseudo validate pure blasphemy and heresy (magic by the use of hand signals and incantations alone is considered a advanced form of witchcraft)


Incantations (hocus-pocus). (under construction)

research the following in regards to orthodoxy....

alchemy, astrology - disguised as calendarization, horoscopes, augury, devilry. diabolism. divination, enchantment, exorcism, illusion. incantation. legerdemain, magnetism, necromancy, occultism, power, prediction, soothsaying, sorcery, spell, superstition, taboo, thaumaturgy, trickery. voodoo (cursing people = bogus anathema ceremonies/rituals/incantation). witchcraft, wizardry, sortilege, fortune-telling, hocus-pocus​, putting hexes on people

research also:

Hand signals and gestures, hand wavings, beckonings. pointings, hand signs (they even say they have the very finger John the Baptist identified Jesus as the Lamb of God with) that amount to witchcraft and sorcery by sleight of hand, prestidigitation, cardistry, trickster fingers, religious misdirection, manipulations, related to hypnotism, equivocation, Equivoque, Psychokinesis, assaults disguised as casting out devils, magic wand croziers, etc. especially related to the blasphemies of the Orthodox mass, casting out devils etc.


linked to church services similar to seances - praying to dead

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